My 3-HO-PCE experiences

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This is my personal experience and I also have high tolerance for dissos so this can be very different for other people.

I just want to tell how this substance great benefits but also huge down sides.

First of all. I find it impossible to hole with 3-HO-PCE. It’s extremely sedating. Big doses make me robotic and my vision is very blurry. So I don’t use it that way anymore. That’s done.

Having energy and motivation is where 3-HO-PCE shines!

On very low doses I can exercise, socialise and do things I’m interested in, like music.

I would compare it to ketamine somehow. Low doses of ketamine does the same.

What is most interesting: When I do a small bump I get instant energy. After that 3-HO-PCE metabolizes into something else! It takes even few hours to get to the peak. It’s very interesting for me.

First energy, then sedation. You have to know your limits with this substance.

One other thing is that 3-HO-PCE makes noices more intense. I get distracted always. Humming sounds, tinnitus. Sounds from outside… This is the very negative side and I’m worried about that. Does it affect my hearing in the future?

Great substance for motivation. Very clean and nice (low doses).

If you really have to do something uninteresting… Do a bump (yes I watch myself)

Pure motivation and little euphoria.

There’s clearly dopamine release in this and maybe even u-opioid receptor agonism?

When I wake up I think of this substance.

I won’t lose control. I lost it in the past. Be mindful.

These are my thoughts and experiences.

How would you compare it with other dissos? How would it rank among your favorites?

Be careful and make sure it’s 3-ho-PCE. I got a 3-ho-pce batch that ended up being O-DSMT. It was from the same vendor that sold a batch of 3-meo-pce as O-DSMT. O-DSMT starts with energy/good mood and gets way more sedating as time goes on.

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