My penis makes me delirious

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I had an interesting expirience when trying MAL for the first time. Spent the comeup just chilling and after i felt comfortable with the substance i was watching a few vids on youtube. suddenly this sexual energy started taking over. every time i was looking at a female i would get an instant bodyly response, so i was like fuck it. lets try watching some porn. pulled my dick out and was suprised. ive never seen him like this, like a warrior ready for battle, harder then ever, might have changed colour, but that couldve just been the visuals. so i did the usual buisness, but as i was enjoying my body i felt my energy drfiting away. my vision started to blur and my mind became foggy. this little fucker seemed to have taken all my blood from the brain and put it to use. he took some time afterwards to calm down and i regained my full psychedelics conscioussnes.

proabably couldve gone for a second round, but i felt like i wouldve just lost my conscioussnes if i did so.

otherwise awesome substance, very insightful and awesome visuals

yeah I get blue and purple tint to my vision, with cool tracers from Viagra. I like Cialis more for its actual purpose, I mean it lasts 36 hours! but the visual effects from Viagra make it my favorite if I’m taking it with a fun drug. I really wanna trip and/or roll, and take a nice big dose of Viagra to see what it does to my visuals!! of course I’d take advantage of the hard-on I’d get too!!

i only had nbome once, was my first tab and i didnt know they werent supposed to be bitter. had no problems, id say only side effect for me was temperature regulation was off. i had to wear a winter jacket in summer. might have been the vasoconstriction.

dont really check my bpm and blood pressure, never been an issue.

I ended up jerking off for 4 or 5 hours on Monday when I took a tab of lsd. I’ll do it sometimes on the comeup because I get anxiety sometimes and it usually helps my mins focus on just the porn for the first hour but this time that hour doubled, took a break and then beat him more. Dude hurt the next day but he’s recovered

all present throughout the expirience and troughout the body, quite tense and energetic. it wasnt uncomfortable at any point, but i guess higher doses or the same dose for someone else could be uncomfortable. it wasnt energetic enough to get me to do a walk tho (way too cold).

the bodyload was very interesting when eyes were closed, made everything feel more real and impactful, some moments a fight or flight response seems to have been triggered. Definetly not for first timers.

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