Nano 1T 1-Testosterone Prohormone–5 Tips For Better RESULTS

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Nano 1T (also known as Nano 1 Testosterone) is a new prohormone that comes in liquid form.

It is a nanoparticulated version of 1-testosterone, an anabolic steroid that serves as the base for the fast-acting Methyl-1 Testosterone.

Generally speaking, prohormones were legally sold online in the United States until 2005 and are now considered a Schedule III drug—specifically as anabolic steroids.

Like many prohormones, Nano 1-Testosterone is highly androgenic and anabolic, even without becoming metabolized.

Nanoparticulation combines compounds with nanocrytals in order to enhance delivery.

Researchers have shown that this process reduces the time for users to feel the effects of the medication.

Nano 1-Testosterone Review

The bioavailability of 1-testosterone supplements, which hovered around two to three percent, was one issue that nanoparticulation attempts to solve.

Oral supplements provided very little 1-T that the body could use and synthesize to create new muscle tissue, which meant that users had to take very high doses, upwards of 600mg on a daily basis.

Before nanoparticulation, topical 1-T gels became popular because the bioavailability dramatically increased to ten percent, leading to faster results.

Dosages & Cycle Logs

For bodybuilders, Nano 1T should be used for only short periods during a bulking cycle, at a maximum of eight weeks.

After a cycle, users should take at least eight weeks off. The maximum number of cycles per year one should use Nano 1T for is three.

In terms of a Nano 1T dosage, one can take 0.5mL in the morning and 0.5ml in the evening with food in order to maximize absorption.

Although side effects are minimal, Nano 1-Testosterone is still a powerful steroid, so if a user feels that he needs to increase his dosage, it should be done at 0.5mL increments and stop at 2mL per day.

The Nano 1T supplement should only be used by men over the age of 21 who have hit a maximum point in natural muscle gains, but are looking for the prohormone advantage.

Specifically, this means a dramatic increase in strength and muscle gains. Protein intake should be increased to 4g per kg of body weight in order to get these desired gains.

One can stack the Nano 1T prohormone with other prohormones including Androtest, giving users testosterone and 1-testosterone.

By doing this, this synergy between the two drugs will improve a user’s mood, give him a higher libido and an increase in energy levels, as well as provide an increase in muscle and strength.

Liver toxicity would not be a concern, so another prohomone could potentially be stacked, but should only be attempted by advanced users.

Nano 1T Results & Benefits

Nano 1-Testosterone is extremely anabolic, reportedly 700 percent more anabolic than testosterone.

Users who take Nano 1T may experience huge increases in strength and muscle mass in a short time.

You might not like the Nano 1T taste though.

Unlike other anabolic steroids, where conversion to estrogen due to the aromatization of free testosterone in the bloodstream can occur, Nano 1T has no estrogenic effects.

This ensures that users’ muscles become bigger and stronger but also thicker and denser as well.

This drug provides lean muscle mass gain without water retention, and compared to topical medications, Nano 1T absorbs even better.

There is no conversion to DHT and users can sometimes increase muscles by as much as one kilogram (2.2 lbs) on a weekly basis. If you’re facing a training plateau, Nano 1T can help to push past it.

It can be stacked with a variety of prohormones. If a user wants to get a thick, ripped look, Fusion Supplements Androtest or Nanodrol prohormone can be stacked with Nano 1-Testosterone to help achieve it.

Others people stack with include Liquitren

Side Effects

Nano 1T is noted to have only one side effect, which is lethargy (lower energy). But since it is considered to be an anabolic steroid, the following side effects are those that one can find with most anabolic steroids.

If a user encounters these symptoms, then doses should be reduced.

Androgenic side effects can include accelerated male pattern baldness/hair loss, acne, and oily skin.

Cardiovascular side effects can include high blood pressure, an increase in unhealthy cholesterol (LDL) and a decrease in healthy cholesterol (HDL).

This can promote arterial plaques, which can in turn, increase the chance of experiencing a stroke or a heart attack.

Many anabolic steroids are known to cause an increase in liver toxicity, which can permanently damage the liver.

Other side effects could include psychological issues such as an increase in anger or depression, lowered libido, lower sperm counts, and testicle shrinkage.

Nano 1T PCT

Most of these can occur when natural testosterone production is suppressed, which makes having exogenous testosterone and/or post-cycle therapy an essential part of a user’s training regimen.

Specifically, PCT is a vital way to end a prohomone cycle to accomplish a number of tasks.

These include: minimizing fat gains, recovering testosterone, suppressing estrogen, decreasing cortisol levels, and restoring overall health, which may have deteriorated during a training cycle.

Depending on a user’s needs, there are supplements that can help.

Nano 1T for Sale

To buy Nano 1T and Nano 1-Testosterone tablets, users can search online and find at least one UK retailer selling the drops for around $84. Otherwise, it does not seem to be readily available anymore.

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