NEP, 3-MMC, and Body High

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I did a total of 45mg NEP by mouth two days ago and, about a month ago, I did 3 x 20mg lines. The problem I have with this drug is the body high. It’s actually more like a body load. It’s very pronounced and it distracts from the stimulation. I really do not like it.

I have never done pentedrone and so I didn’t expect this. It lends strongly to the belief that it has serotonergic activity. Does everyone else experience this effect? If I were to increase the dose, would the stimulation perhaps make the body load less pronounced?

I’m considering trying 3-MMC tomorrow for the first time. Does it have a similar body high or is it different?

Finally, during my most recent NEP experience, I began to feel noticeable discomfort in my liver. This did not happen the first time when my ROA was intranasal. Oral was actually substantially better in my opinion. Has anyone else experienced liver discomfort with NEP?

Any and all input, suggestions, and advice are much appreciated!

Based on my personal experience with NEP, using various routes of administration (oral, nasal, inhalation) and multiple dosages, I am confident that NEP has very limited, if not zero effects on serotoninergic receptors, and is a pure dopamine-noradrenaline oriented substance (NDRI). On the other hand, if I am not mistaken, 3-MMC is not only an inhibitor but also a releaser of dopamine, noradrenaline and serotonin. To me, 3-MMC feels way smoother, more pleasurable and less edgy than NEP, as it exerts much less side effects on the body (extreme tachycardia, feeling of anxiety, vasoconstriction are typical of NEP). However keep in my mind this is my personal experience and it will obviously vary from one person to another.

All these weird ass reactions to NEP. I can blow through a gram in a day or two and feel fine. You are either having psychosomatic symptoms or cut/fake NEP.

Maximum I took was 0,1g in a session but I also felt fine. Rush was lower than with 3-mmc. It is calmer and the comedown is not as bad as with 3-mmc. Not sure wich one I prefer.

Reading all those bad reviews these days I would not buy it if I wouldn’t have tried it already…

Thank you all for your responses. From what I read, I didn’t expect NEP to feel at all like it does. I’m pretty confident in saying that I either have a bad batch or my biochemistry doesn’t agree with it…or perhaps both.

I think I’ll give 3-MMC a try either today or tomorrow. I’m hoping it will prove to be a better experience.

You might not have NEP but some other cathinone. I’ve blown through grams in a session before and no side effects other than inability to sleep, even after being up for 2 days. Takes a good 5-6 hours of stopping to sleep, which isn’t hard to do. But there’s no body load/body high I’ve ever experienced. 20mg is too little of a dose, you need 30-40 per line imo

I revisited NEP again, yesterday and today, with very different results. Somehow the body load I was getting has mostly disappeared and I have been able to play around with larger doses.

Insufflated, obviously, is significantly stronger than oral. But the energy I get from it is chaotic and it makes focusing extremely challenging. Oral is much smoother, but the doses need to be much higher to be worthwhile.

Overall, I’m not entirely sure I like this drug. It would probably be better as an adjunct to other drugs, to heighten an experience. I feel so dead inside on it; or lost. I feel like I don’t know what to do with myself and something about it is very strange to me.

I’ll continue to play around with doses and ROA for awhile longer before I decide to retire it for good.

Edit: I don’t want to misrepresent this drug. I do enjoy a great deal of euphoria on the come up, particularly orally. There is definitely a place for this substance, but it doesn’t feel much like the NDRA drugs I’m most fond of. It doesn’t feel clear and clean enough with its stimulation. Hard to explain.

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