New Lysergamide – 1cP-LSD

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A well known european 1P-LSD vendor based in Germany is going to sell 1cP-LSD ( 1-cycloPropionyl-Lysergsäurediethylamid ) in a few weeks. It looks like they found a way to bypass the new coming law which will ban nearly everything in Germany.

Here is what they say:

“The properties of the substance 1cP-LSD are described as almost identical to those of the classic LSD 25 and 1P-LSD. This gives interested chemists a huge range of opportunities to explore this class of compounds, even without the BfArm’s approval. The substance is still legal because the substitution is with a cyclopropylcarbonyl group. This residue is very similar to a C4 residue on R1 as mentioned in Appendix 5.2 a) of the NpSG Amendment Ordinance. However, an alkylcarbonyl group has the empirical formula C4H7O, whereas the cyclopropylcarbonyl group corresponds to a molecular formula of C4H5O. Accordingly, one can not call the cyclopropyl as alkyl radical and thus the substance 1cP-LSD is not affected by the NpSG amending Regulation.”

Why are they the only one selling/mentioning this chemcial? Shouldn’t there be atleast someone who already mentionend this structure? They are resellers of the canadian reptile and they also don’t mention this new chemical…

Yeah it’s not like it’s going to be marginally easier than LSD to manufacture (I’m assuming anyway, since it has such a similar structure), meaning the price is not going to be any lower than real LSD. 1p right now is more expensive online than real L is(ime). Legal is great and all but paper isn’t exactly hard to hide lol

None of the 1 substituted lysergamides are easier to make, considering they are all made from LSD. That’s why they’re always going to be more expensive. A chemist has to buy LSD, do another reaction which is going to cause a loss of product, and then purify it to make sure there is no unreacted LSD which causes another loss of product.

I thought the reptilians had found a way to make these compounds without lsd, which is also part of why al-lad and eth-lad are no more. I think they posted about it on their blog, tho posting that here would definitely be sourcing lol

My bad, my comment was definitely misleading. I’m at work rn and trying to be brief. I’m not trying to say LSD has to be used as an intermediate, but that the reaction to get to LSD from lysergic acid has to be done along with an extra step to get to 1P-LSD or whatever 1- substituted lysergamide you’re making, so the cost of making the 1 substituted analogue will always be higher than the lysergamide itself. I have not heard of what you’re talking about though.

Does not seem a good bussinesplan to me, would it not be easyer to make some? Or am i wrong here? Could be i’m an idiot and i woulnd’t be surprised if i ‘m ignorant

I’m not really sure what you’re asking. Would it not be easier to make what? Pull up pictures of the lysergic acid molecule, the LSD molecule, and the 1P-LSD molecule and compare them side by side to see what I’m talking about. Lysergic acid is the common precursor for all lysergamides.

It is actually a good business plan for the most part because there’s a huge market of people who are willing to pay extra to buy their acid from the clearnet with a credit card with no legal repercussion. It sometimes does become too expensive to make, which is why last I knew that one large lab was talking about ceasing sales of AL-LAD

i have no doubt in my mind that anything you say is acurate. And i’m asking nothing. i was really that self depricated, i have no bussiness posting here since i don’t know what i’m talking about. So anything i say makes me look stupid. fascinating stuff though. would you take the position that making LSD is really difficult because of the pre cursors one needs? i never done acid but plenty of shrooms

Quit being so hard on yourself man, you’re not an idiot for asking a question. I just didn’t understand the question. I do think LSD is one of the harder drugs to make, mostly because of the precursors needed. Lysergic acid can only be practically aquired through ergot, and from my understanding finding the right kind that can grow in a liquid medium is damn near impossible. Then once you get that, growing and extracting the alkaloids out of ergot is a whole other operation on its own. HBWR seeds are too expensive with too little yield to be a viable option. I’ve heard of certain ergot alkaloids being available but I have no idea where one would source that. On top of that most of your options for chemicals that can pair diethylamine with lysergic acid are going to be near impossible for the amateur to obtain. Chemicals that are too dangerous to handle with too niche of uses to order to a home and too difficult to synthesize without at least a proper fume hood. Then there’s the fact that lysergic acid and LSD are sensitive to acid, base, oxygen, light, and moisture, plus the sheer potency of the drug all make it difficult to work with. LSD is literally hundreds of times more valuable than gold, so one little spill can be detrimental.

RC lysergamides will always be more expensive than LSD, by design. When RCs are cheaper than illegal drugs you get people importing kilos of methylone to sell as “molly”, or cutting fu-fentanyl with lactose and selling it as heroin. Nothing kills RCs faster than being sold on the street. So the lab has always sold AL-LAD, 1p-LSD, etc at a higher price point than street LSD.

edit: I upvoted you bc Germany is not liberal, our libs are fucking nearly every vote up, and everybody knows why. FDP is neo-liberal. Hardly any votes.

Left?! (E: sry for the causation/rudeness) Are a Reichsbürger or just politically an imbecile? We have a conservative and social democratic party in a coalition, ruling 17y in a row. Who is the major coalition partner you ask. The conservative party? CDU. We don’t have a split 2 party system, that creates two fighting party that can and do what they want, as in Germany)?!

State”Senators” are powerful and at least 5 partys that sit in the Bundestag(legislature part). And the Senators are voted by State votes, too. But people change often their mind so the BundesRAT where the senators go, could be majorly different bc depending on the Bundesland(State) you have different more or less votes. Say a big Bundesland really changes their mind and just blocks until it is okay for them, new law.

The judicial branch is completely separated and it needs special cases that legislation interferes with legislature

But your system is impractical, with the non-direct voting system. I had special (better course) in politics form year 10-13 in school, and biology was my other pick.

It’s not meant in a bad what I they to word-walled you.

Gerrymandering is crazy, we strange stuff too like Überhangmandate, duckduck.go it if you care! Really different. Take look on wiki to get a grip on that. British Lords and commoners house is strange in a way,too. You see T. May is rocking it

What about 1B-LSD

It’s still available if you know where to look. I dislike it compared to 1P-LSD though. 1P gives me muscle spasms that are manageable. 1B makes me spaz out like I have Parkinson’s. Eve more odd? Regular old LSD-25 doesn’t do this unless I get into the 300+ microgram doses. Even weirder than that? I’m a paraplegic and when I muscle spasm from any of these substances, my legs twitch as well. I can’t feel my legs twitch, but if I place my hands on my thighs, I can feel it in my hands. My wife and a few close friends all confirmed it.

We are in the process of talking to my neurologist about this. He is very interested to see exactly what is happening and why.

I can think of a few reasons this happens though. First: street LSD (even darknet supplied) is under dosed to the point that 3 street tabs equals 1 tab of 1P/B. Second: 1P/B produce a metabolite also produced by LSD-25 but in larger quantities that somehow is reacting with my severed spinal nerves. Third: I have no clue what is happening and we all just were tripping balls and imagined the leg twitch, but I seriously doubt this because my brother confirmed it while being sober. I suppose he could have been messing with me, but I doubt it. But, all possibilities must be considered. So…

I expect I’ll write a post here once my neurologist figures it out. He’s a super chill older guy that I’m pretty sure smokes weed on his personal time. He said as long as I don’t actively take the drug while in his office and I’m coherent, he’s peachy running some tests while I’m spaced out.

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One thought on “New Lysergamide – 1cP-LSD”

  1. Hey. I think it is legit man, a real, genuine new legal lysergamide. I have seen at least one other vendor offering it, in Germany too I think of Holland. And I expect there are more but we just don’t know about the moment and soon it will be very widespread I’m sure.

    Initial reports suggest it is an upgrade on 1p & Co and matches or superceded Lucy herself. Regardless I think it is all true. Space to watch.

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