Norditropin SimpleXx—Dosage & Side Effects for Bodybuilding

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Norditropin® SimpleXx® is a brand of growth hormone manufactured by Novo Nordisk, a globally known and highly reputed pharmaceutical manufacturer.

The product is given the name because it’s a cartridge ready injection of growth hormone that is used with the NordiPen injection device – hence making it simple to use.

Bodybuilders interested in growth hormone may come across a number of products.

While traditional needle and syringe delivery methods are most common with used by bodybuilders and athletes, other options in regard to administration methods are out there.

Whether they’re beneficial or in adequate doses to meet specific needs of bodybuilders is something to be taken under consideration by potential users.

Before considering Norditropin SimpleXx or any other brand or form of growth hormone, be aware that it’s a prescription-only drug.

It is definitely not recommended for individuals who have not been diagnosed with the growth hormone deficiency.

Even individuals diagnosed with such deficiencies are not always good candidates for treatment.

What Exactly is Norditropin SimpleXx?

Norditropin cartridges contain synthetic growth hormone for injections – the synthetic hormone is created with recombinant DNA technologies.

The pens come in a variety of milligram strengths that include:

5 mg/1.5 mL

10 mg/1.5 mL (Norditropin SimpleXx)

15 mg/1.5 mL

The hormone, defined as a polypeptide hormone, is manufactured by combining a specialized strain of E. coli bacteria modified with a plasmid pituitary gene for human growth hormone.

As such, Norditropin comprises the identical 191 amino acid sequence that occurs in growth hormone manufactured by the pituitary gland in the brain.

The Norditropin cartridges contain solutions in a ready-to-administer cartridge or a pre-filled pen.

What Does it Do?

Norditropin SimpleXx is a synthetically developed form of human growth hormone.

Synthetic growth hormone is known as somatropin, while body produced (endogenous) growth hormone as produced by the pituitary gland in the brain is known as somatotropin.

Norditropin in any form is designed for use of growth hormone failures in children, and is also used, depending on situation, for adult growth hormone deficiencies, in the treatment of chronic kidney disease, and a number of childhood disease processes.

Growth hormone is responsible for more than linear bone growth.

The hormone is extremely potent, and when combined with other hormones in the body, triggers growth, differentiation, and development of many different cells in the body.

Bodybuilders interested in growth hormone are looking for:

Increased and accelerated development of lean muscle mass.

Enhanced retention of nitrogen in muscles. This contributes to stamina and also aids in healing of injured or damaged muscle tissues and fibers.

Boost in metabolism, which may contribute to some weight loss. This weight loss is not excessive, and averages a few pounds with adequate diet and exercise.

In spite of the benefits provided by growth hormone of any kind or milligram strength, it can also trigger a number of undesired side effects.

It is important for any bodybuilder or athlete considering use of any form of growth hormone to carefully research that specific growth hormone for contraindications and drug interactions.

What About Dosage?

Legitimate and reliable instructions for dosage recommendations for use with adults is applicable only to individuals diagnosed with deficient growth hormone production.

Starting doses average between 0.2 mg and a 0.5 mg daily, and dosages are continually adjusted until benefits are seen and/or to achieve benefits with the least number of side effects.

Starting dosage may even be lower if the adult experiences a deficiency in adulthood, such as damage or disease to the pituitary gland. In such cases, starting dose begins a 0.1 mg and up to 0.3 mg daily.

Maximum recommended dose of Norditropin SimpleXx (or any other form) is 1.0 mg daily.

Bodybuilders and athletes commonly use higher than recommended dosages to achieve faster and more impressive benefits. In many cases, a bodybuilder will inject twice the recommended amount, and sometimes three times as much as that recommended by the manufacturer of Norditropin.

About Side Effects

Are side effects really that bad?

Side effects associated with Norditropin SimpleXx range from mild and transient to more severe, long-term, and sometimes even life-threatening.

Side effects may also be influenced by use of other substances with growth hormone including anabolic androgenic steroids, prescription drugs used to treat a medical condition, and in some cases, over-the-counter products and supplements.

Some of the most common side effects of use can include but is not limited to:

Complaints of headaches, often severe

Disrupted hormone levels that affect not only that of growth hormone, but growth factors, thyroid hormones, and insulin. Higher than normal blood glucose levels in the body result in hyperglycemia. Lower than average levels cause hypoglycemia. Another side effect of growth hormone on insulin is the increased risk of insulin intolerance, which may develop into Type 2 diabetes mellitus

Muscle, bone, or nerve pain


Fluid retention in the extremities

Before considering use of Norditropin SimpleXx, of any milligram strength, proceed with caution. Often, the side effects outweigh temporary benefits.

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