O-DSMT Quality By Region

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I’m interested in trying some O-DSMT. The thing is, I know of more than one place to get it. It’s a fairly expensive RC and I’m strapped for cash so I’m wondering if anyone has experience with this substance from different sources. My question is: Does the quality vary a lot from different areas?

I’m not looking for sources, I’ve got them. Just want to know if there is a big enough difference in batches to justify being selective.

Despite the surface appearance, the majority of RCs come from a single lab in EU or the labs in China (I’m guessing there’s a lot here but that’s a bit more obscured in publicly available information).

So generally, of all the places a given chemical is available it will likely come from the same place as all the vendors are are companies buying bulk from the same labs and then selling in smaller quantities.

It’s very possible that all of the O-DSMT currently available comes from 1 or 2 sources

Thanks. I wanted to know about any differences between China vs EU, but I’m more experienced with EU so I’ll probably just go with that. Just thought I’d see if anyone has experience with both continents.

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