Oral DMT Alternatives?

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Does anything resemble a pharmahuasca trip when combined with the same MAOI (Syrian rue)? I’ve researched into a few simple tryptamines but I’ve found that serotonin syndrome is more likely to occur. Is there anything safe that you guys recommend?

I also LOVE visuals!

Base tryptamines? DPT, MET, MPT, EPT

Are these all orally active in fair doses with Syrian rue without much concern for damage? The only one of those I’ve looked into was DPT. And I read that DPT + MAOI = Serotonin Syndrome.

Maoi’s + cheese can potentially be dangerous. Hes saying any of the base tryptamines bulkier than dmt work orally WITHOUT an maoi

maoi and cheese ? is cheese a slang term or you literally mean cheese ?

There are a lot of ‘dangerous’ combinations with MAOI’s. Please research and read as much as possible!

Especially any drugs (like medication or recreational) you’ve used in the past months . If you use certain things like MDMA or methylphenidate it is recommended to not use an MAOI’s for at least three weeks.

Don’t quote anything I said, just do your own research

Would you know which one is most visually similar to oral DMT?

They are all snowflakes. MET sounds the closest, but RCs are not about replacement rather unique experiances. Go smoke some dmt if you want dmt

Where did you read that DPT+MAIO is a risk for SS? Ive heard of people doing it and never thought there’d be a risk as I thought it acted similar to DMT

Somewhere on another popular forum site. I don’t think anyone reported serotonin syndrome, but I did read that someone believed it was a much higher risk. So I could be completely wrong.

Well it’s definitely not a DMT alternative, but definitely worth giving a go, as the trip is prolonged and the visual activity becomes way more dmt-like. Try mushrooms with harmalas, in the same order how you would take pharmahuasca. Visual shift is towards dmt and imo this is the way to take it. Start with lower amount of shrooms like 3g and if you feel comfortable there, go for 5g plus your normal harmine/Harmaline dosage and be up for a nice ride.

On shrooms i wouldn’t bet on handling a lot.whatqould you recommend?

Yes to marijuana at this point ime?

Harmalas add depth and visual activity to shrooms, weed could definitely make it a little bit more challenging, buy it’s reccomended to take a little less shrooms than usually when adding MAOis, as the intensity increases quite exponentially with those substances. For me 4-5g of shrooms plus harmalas give a nice headspace, nothing too challenging and still able to have a walk outside, talking. If looking for more to handle, try 7g plus harmalas, but that can get really intense. You have to know yourself.

I’ll definitely research and try that. It never came across my mind that shrooms, as great as they are, could be enhanced with harmalas. Thanks!

Nothing really replaces DMT, but AL-LAD has stoopid complex visuals. I took 450ug and it was on par with my near breakthrough with vaped DMT and oral syrian rue. The only problem with using something to match the intensity of DMT is the duration of the other things you’ll have to tolerate. DPT would have a similar duration to pharma/ayahuasca, but its NOT the same drug. People describe it as much more sinister and it sounds like it has a hell of a bodyload.

Vaping dmt after oral Syrian Rue is simply the best way to have an ayahuasca trip. No nausea and a couple rips and you’re in outer space.

I really want to try Al-lad! My favorite vendors don’t carry it at the moment but I look around for it every so often.

Yeah sadly i think 6 subbed lysergamides are gonna be hard to find for a long time. I actually ment to grab eth-lad the few years ago that I tried al-lad, but I messed up in a good way

Yeah as far as I know they’re no longer producing Al-Lad. I had some of the last of it, it was great

How about 4-aco-dmt?

I never understood why people say 4-aco-dmt is like dmt in higher doses. The most I’ve done is 30mg and I had some interesting CEVs for a few hours. Is this really comparable to oral DMT? I’ve never done pharmahuasca or smoked dmt. My only attraction to dmt is the insane visuals I hear described from it taken orally and smoked.

Why looking for alternative to begin with? DMT is great and nothing will really compare to it, so if that’s what you are going for, stick to it.

High doses of psilocybin or 4-subbed tryptamines (Say, 80 or 100mg of 4-aco-dmt) are said to be similar to oral or smoked DMT insofar as intensity of visuals

Dosage is important. One can also have a single inhalation of smoked DMT and have intricate fractals overlay external reality for 5 mins. Which is much different than 3 big inhalations, which will shoot you into unimaginable dimensions. 30mg of 4-aco-dmt is different than 90mg

50mg of 4-ho-met hcl orally was my most intense experience. It would be nice if it had the duration of dmt. But after 9 hours of tripping HARD, I blacked out for 5 hours. I’m scared to do a high dose again.

Then maybe plain ol dmt is what you’re looking for. Orally active version of the drug last longer because of the ROA. When taken orally you’re signing up for a 6-10 hour trip depending how you dose. Dmt is the only short active compound, but it’s experience far surpasses shrooms or other tryptamine derivatives

I took 50mg by myself at night when everyone else went to sleep. The goal was to keep my eyes closed the entire time. Within 15 minutes, everything was extremely bright. I started to see crazy fractal landscapes form in my CEVs and I think I saw an entity before the 1 hour mark. After a while, I thought I turned into a mycelial mass. I was a mushroom! At about 4-5 hours, I finally came to and I became myself again. I was still tripping wack, I just regained my mental control. From around 5-8am (I dropped at 11pm), I tried to go to bed. I kept checking the time because I couldn’t sleep. It went something like this. 5:30. 6:30. 7:00. 7:30. 8:30. 2:30???? What happened to 5 hours??? I was still trying to go to sleep. It was a crazy experience and I’ll maybe try it again but under a different scenario.

4-AcO-DMT can be described as very DMT like if you IM or IV it, there’s some posts that have talked about it in more detail I believe.

I have done both and the two really are comparable, high dose 4 aco dmt feels like a typical low dose of smoked dmt, I say low and high but these are subjective as they last different durations so the typical dose of smoked dmt is extremely high

4-Aco-dmt is more like a mushroom trip. Noticed a lot more CEVs etc but was very mellow and a nice RC intro.

Dmt is like a super fast LSD trip. No time to really comprehend who or what you are, you’re pretty much letting the trip guide you.

4-ACo is fun. DMT we use more “spiritually” to see what’s hidden deep down. (Meanwhile ur completely aware and coherent if needed to be)

Dmt will always be my favorite, you will get those insane visuals and all but 4-aco will not give the same intense CEVs or visuals. 4-Aco felt mellow. DMT strap in.

Semi agreed.

That part is personal interpretation in my opinion.

I’ve had up to 25+g of penis envies (typically just 3.5, the 25 was an accident lol)

Shrooms tend to fuck with my perception of gravity and my brain feels like It’s absorbing the tv and music and any other factors all at the same time.

I feel shrooms have the ability to have a chance of having a more negative trip than DMT, only due to the fact it last much longer.

Shrooms as much as I love them are very hit or miss for me, and 4-aco is very similar.

I agree with your statement it can be dmt like but it’s definitely a totally different experience.

Different sets and settings for each imo 🙂

Either way you’ll enjoy whichever you chose 🙂

EDIT: DMT tends to always want to tell me a story, while shrooms want me to explore and discover nature.

How do you eat 25+g of mushrooms by accident?

Long story short, young and uneducated at the time. I knew the regular Rosing’s and was used to b+ Cubensis.

We ended up getting super fresh (not fully fried yet) penis envies.

I ate a good amount as he recommended since they were wet and contained water or whatnot.

Once the horrid trip was over and the remaining shrooms dried out it seemed roughly 20-25+Gs of “dried”

Never Reccomend it and totally practice safe harm reduction techniques as well as know your body, the substance you’re taking, and how to prepare or handle it Incase of any mishaps!

Be safe!

I heard that 5-meo-dmt didn’t have visuals and I haven’t heard of it used with an maoi. And I read that DPT can cause serotonin syndrome with an maoi. But I didn’t look into either so much.

Do not use 5meodmt orally with an maoi it commonly reported to be a dysphoric experience with very strong body load.

Is there any reason you don’t just make some changa or pharmahuasca? Usually when I hear people asking for alternatives it’s because they’re having trouble getting the thing they really want. But DMT is the easiest classical serotonergic psychedelic to source because it’s in literally like 60 different species of plant, some of which are very easy to purchase on the clear net. You don’t even need to use crypto. Extracting it is a bit of a hassle, but it’s not difficult and doesn’t require any chemistry expertise or special equipment.

Acacia bark contains DMT and can be used to brew ayahuasca.

Some people will tell you that the masons use it in their initiation rituals and it’s an odd coincidence that the ark of the covenant was made of acacia. O_o

Also… it’s legal. Do some research and check out the right dosages. This probably isn’t the proper forum for a discussion surrounding this topic but It’s fascinating and you should probably look into it

IME, the 4-AcO-DMT experience seems to be closer to oral DMT than psilocin.

If you love visuals I recommend 4-ho MET Or 4 Aco Met … believe me iv tried nearly everything and they are super visual with a clear headspace… the only thing more visual was really high doses of 2c-E but the head space was a nightmare


i hope you all know that 4-AcO-DMT is a prodrug to psilocin and thats why your 4-AcO trips are so mushroom like…. literally turns into the same drug that mushrooms does when you digest it

People compare aya to dmt as a longer duration version of it. I would have to say the same with shrooms. They both share the same component which is dmt. Ime high doses of shrooms were very dmt like, of course not with the intensity and entity encounter but still somewhat similar, especially the CEV. But yeah if OP is looking for intensity and alien encounter dmt is the go to hands down

Why do you insist on using an maoi for the experience? You NEED to use an maoi for dmt orally, you don’t need to with the majority of these substance, just dose accordingly you never know how much an maoi could effect the drug

As for dmt, why don’t you just make it yourself? It’s a really easy process with like no background information available there’s a whole subreddit dedicated to it lol

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