Oxandroland Review, Side Effects & Price Guide

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Of all the different types of steroids used in bodybuilding, Oxandroland is one of the lesser known brands.

However, this drug also known as Oxandrolone or Anavar comes highly recommended, with many reviews praising its effectiveness and relatively low side effects.

It may have originated as a medical treatment for a variety of conditions, but the way this medicine affects the body can make it an ideal bodybuilding drug.

How Oxandrolone Works

The way that Oxandrolone works to increase muscle mass is that it causes the body to retain nitrogen and increases red blood cell count.

When observed at the microscopic level, nitrogen retention in the body causes it to enter an anabolic state, meaning it will conserve energy and gain more mass.

The benefits of extra red blood cell production is that the muscles will have greater endurance, and overall cardiovascular activity will improve.

The results these effects have for bodybuilders is that when taking a cycle of this steroid, it will be easier to work out for longer periods of time and more mass will develop on the body instead of being burned as energy.

Benefits of Oxandroland

The many positive effects of Oxandroland make it an ideal medication for a variety of conditions. Due to its ability to increase the body’s mass gaining abilities, it is highly effective in treating victims of serious burns.

Dosage of this steroid has also been linked to increased bone density, which is ideal for treating degenerative bone conditions such as osteoporosis.

In the case of bodybuilding, however, usage of Anavar or other steroids containing this ingredient is primarily to take advantage of its ability to reduce recovery time and retain muscle tissue when burning fat.

Here are the main Oxandroland benefits for bodybuilders:

Decreased recovery time

Reduced muscle loss

Stronger bones

Increased fat loss

Increased cardiovascular ability

Oxandroland Dosage

Anavar is popular among women because it can be effective at low doses that don’t cause androgenic side effects.

For women, satisfactory results can be achieved with a daily dose of 10 to 20 milligrams a day for 8 weeks; men will need doses of 50 to 80 milligrams a day.

Oxandrolone is best used in a cutting cycle, but it can sometimes be effective when bulking as well but only for women.

Since cutting involves more cardiovascular activity, the increased red blood cell production makes it easier to engage in this activity for longer periods of time, achieving greater results from each exercise session.

Cutting also involves a diet with a caloric deficit that can cause catabolism.

So the anabolic effects of Oxandrolone ensure that muscle tissue won’t be lost when losing weight.

Side Effects

Since this is a milder form of steroid, the side effects from taking Anavar are milder as well.

However, they are still present, and can be damaging to an individual’s health and quality of life.

Some of the main Oxandroland side effects include:

Negative affect on blood pressure

Negative changes to cholesterol levels


Hair loss

Heart failure

Virilization in women if taken at too high of a dose

Studies have also indicated that using Anavar can suppress a user’s libido.

Where to Buy Oxandroland

Oxandrolone is a Class III controlled substance in America. This means you will need a prescription in order to obtain it legally, or else you are violating federal law.

More specific laws regarding the purchase and use of steroids will vary depending on the state. However, Oxandroland is easily obtained in South America, with sellers in countries such as Brazil and Paraguay.

Some websites where these drugs are for sale will require you to have a prescription when ordering, but others will sell it to you without depending on which country you live in.

It is up to you to determine whether it is legal for you to buy these drugs, and it is not recommended that you break the law in purchasing them.


The standard price for Oxandrolone is roughly $2 a pill. It is important to compare the prices listed for this product with the amount of pills included. Additionally, the amount of Oxandrolone in each pill is important, since the $2 rate only applies to 10mg pills.

It is possible that some retailers will sell for higher prices then this, but anything below this price is most likely illegitimate.

Many online retailers will sell fake Oxandoland tablets, so it is important to only buy through trusted sites and services.

Be sure to do a great deal of research when picking a retailer: look for reviews, a return policy, and a phone number for customer support.

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