Oxandrovar | Can You Buy Anavar Pills?

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Oxandrovar is a prohormone substitute for Anavar, one of the most widely used anabolic steroids available.

Although it used to be unregulated by United States law, Oxandrovar is now banned.

This is what you need to know about the drug: Like Hexadrone or Pheraplex, prohormones are designer steroids, and many aren’t regulated.

Once in the bloodstream, they become activated by some sort of chemical reaction, such as enzyme alteration, which turns them into anabolic steroids.

Are they effective? Yes, you can get positive results from them just like you can from regulated anabolic steroids.

But you need to know what you’re getting yourself into in order to determine if they’re the right choice for you.

Oxandrovar Review

So what exactly is Oxandrovar?

It is comprised of numerous chemical compounds that have benefits for bodybuilding stacks.

The ingredient list is as follows:





The fact that some of these substances are now banned under the Steroid Control Act is the reason that Oxandrovar is illegal in the United States.

Ingredients Review

But what are these substances, and what do they do to your body?


Methylclostebol helps in the creation of lean muscle growth and increasing strength. However, as a methylated chemical, it is much harder on the liver than non-methylated steroids and prohormones.


As an anti-estrogenic compound, Epistane will help users pack on lean muscle mass, bolstering the effects of Methylclostebol.

And here’s the great thing: it doesn’t aromatize.

This means it won’t create estrogenic side effects such as gynecomastia.


A prohormone that is 10 times more androgenic in nature than testosterone, Trenavar is converted into Trenbolone once in your body.


Hexadrone is a prohormone that leads to strength increases and dry gains, which means your increase in mass will possess minimal water weight.

It also has another great benefit: it’s not methylated.

This means that it puts less strain on your liver than oral anabolic steroids and prohormones such as Methylclostebol, as mentioned above.

Oxandrovar Results

With a combination of four different prohormones in its formulation, this is a very potent formula.

So how does that translate into results?

Given the compounds above, you would expect strength gains, increases in lean muscle mass, and boosts in strength.

But the reality is Oxandrovar reviews are hard to find. So confirming whether the science behind it actually translates into concrete results is hard.

Regardless, if you’re still willing to give it a go and wondering where you can buy Oxandrovar, we can help you take the first steps.

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