Panic attack symptoms ON clonazeLam?

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I tried some clonazolam today, about 250 ug. and it gave me really bad panic attack symptoms. I could keep it in check but basically, my day has been ruined now and I’m over anxious with a pretty huge headache. I’ve had this on 2 occasions now and I’m wondering why does this happen? they work almost every time but sometimes I get anxious on them and I don’t even know why?

EDIT: I kind off figured out why it happend, i thought i was going to black out from it and that made me stress more resulting in the panic attack symptoms. when i got home i started to relax and it went away

Maybe this is your body and brain trying to tell you something.

This might not be your jam.

Have a friend who’s horribly anxious sober, and he insists he must try 4-aco. This kid is wildly anxious, borderlimg paranoid. I give him 10mg, good set and setting, all of it. He gets past the come up, curls into a ball and just cried and screamed for HOURS. He was refusing trazadone saying he just “needed to accept it”. He comes down, and instantly starts blaming the drug, saying it’s a garbage substance, etc. Told him he couldn’t handle it, which just pissed him off. Now he’s taking a quarter of a tab and considers himself a psychonaut, listening to Terrence McKenna nightly n shit. Dude can’t accept he isn’t cut out for it, but so desperately wants to be some fucking philosophical drug genius but he can’t even smoke weed without freaking out lmao

Damn I needed to hear this. I quit the Psych game years ago after a rowdy LSD trip & am diagnosed Bipolar, General Anxiety Disorder, Clinical Depression, etc. I’ve been debating on 4-ho-met for a long time… To see if I can handle it & slowly get back into the groove of things. I know it isn’t as potent as 4-aco-dmt, but tbh I am fairly content with mental health right now & don’t see why I should risk that. So thank you!

This kid is FUCKING CRAZY. I think it’s really rare to be so functional and vocally anxious. I’d say give it a shot, I have an anxiety disorder and mdd, but I’ve benefited greatly from psychedelics. Don’t expect it to “fix” anything, and be prepared to do some real work to make changes afterwards, things don’t just fall into place

Yea I get that, I’m just not quite ready to “let my guard down & make that change” if that makes any sense. I work well with dissos as long as I keep it recreational. They’re obviously not as “enlightening”, but I still feel like I can get a different perspective on things for awhile, which is nice… kinda like a vacation from yourself. I will give it a shot again some day, just not right now. Thank you for replying though.

Edit: I just relate to the crying while frying thing too much if I’m being honest. I cried the whole time while K-holing once & felt better afterwards. I’m not so sure it would be the same on Psychs. My last acid trip left me mentally unstable for months.

Sounds like a good decision. If you’re at a good place right now psychologically, just keep doing what you’re doing and don’t rock the boat. You and I both know that it takes a long time to crawl your way back to “normalcy” after experiencing a major set back (e.g. major depressive episode).

Yes. Believe it or not, not everyone can take psychedelics.

I don’t understand why everyone has this notion that psychedelics are this big experience that anyone and everyone can and should partake in.

They’re drugs just like every other drug. They agree with some people, others not so much. People react badly sometimes, just like people react badly to other drugs. Doesn’t matter if they have a prior mental illness or a predisposition to one. Doesn’t matter if they do everything right. They just won’t be good all the time

Ah, I have never heard of psychedelics directly causing anxiety before and have just figured it was all a mental thing when people freak out

I definitely don’t think psychedelics are an experience that anyone and everyone should try, but I had previously figured that if you were nothing but excited to try them and had no predisposition to mental health issues then why not?

Because having high baseline anxiety counts as bad set. Yes it’s a “mental thing”, but that’s crucial when it comes to drugs isn’t it? High baseline anxiety means you will pretty much always have a bad set, so you are precluded from taking part in psychedelics safely.

I totally agree with what you’re saying.

I am really wondering about the part about psychedelics directly causing anxiety for some people rather than causing it indirectly from forcing them to experience things they are uncomfortable with.

Some people are simply predisposed to anxiety and certain mental illnesses, and psychedelics do not agree with that, it’s not simply them being uncomfortable with the things they’re confronted with it’s that their brain chemistry is completely incompatible with the experience. It doesn’t have to do with how well they’re consciously handling it, it has to do with how it interacts with their normal mental state, one that they cannot change by simply “accepting” the effects or by preparing themselves to be comfortable with confronting anything. It’s not so much what the psychedelics confront them with, but moreso about how the substances interact with their mind, I think that if you agree with this this comment thread likely stems from a misunderstanding, it’s not unbrave to be anxious, it’s simply something that certain people cannot help and no amount of preparing to “accept” the experience will change that.

They’re an inherently anxiogenic thing I believe. I don’t think you need to have issues you haven’t yet confronted to have a difficult experience. People respond differently to stressful situations and some people just have the personality/brain chemistry to take psychs. There’s a spectrum of anxiety response, and I’m at one end of it. Acid/weed, acid/coke, any stim/weed, I’m all good. Other people could do these substances alone or together in controlled doses but otherwise might be overwhelmed. It’s known that these combinations are liable to cause anxiety: their pharmacology predicts it. For some people it takes less drug/simpler combos to induce that anxiety.

I had never had a panic attack in my life until the first time I took phenibut. I became dissociated and thought for certain I would overdose and die or that it had fent in it, long before the onset should be.

Now I have to fight a bit of panic every time I dose, I start panicking within 30 seconds of taking it (too soon to be from onset) but I feel fine when it starts working.

It’s probably similar for you? Purely psychological?

Never liked clam for anxiety. Not that it gave me panic attacks but it didn´t seem to reduce effectively anxiety, not as well as etizolam for example at much lower doses. But at the same time I could become a bartard on it. Not my cup of deal clonazolam. Probably yours neither

I’ve had problems with this. First time I try and non psychedelic drug I start worrying, especially if it’s a research chemical. First time. Clonazelam I started worrying I would black out or stop breathing lol but after I tried it once or twice and came out okay then I could use it for anxiety. Xanax and it’s analogues tend not to do much for my anxiety though, more make me tired.

The only consistently useful for anxiety benzos I’ve used are klonopin and diclazepam.

Well I’m that case it’s probably almost entirely psychological. You could always try it again at a low dose and know that you’re gonna be good this time maybe you could relax now. It could also be that the dose was just a tad too low so you aren’t able to feel the anxiolytic effects.

But if not, being opposed to benzos isn’t the worst thing ever lol. If you’re looking for one for anxiety management that you would use sparingly I’d recommend diclazepam at 1mg. Still functional, just wipes anxiety. But be careful.

I know, right? I went in to Walmart the other day and asked where I could find the Clonazolam blotters and hexen vape carts and this bitch ass old lady had the nerve to say some gay shit like, “I have no idea what you’re talking about sir. Sorry.” The absolute nerve of some people.

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