PEA-P and N-methyl-cyclazadone Reviews

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I’ve been searching for a stimulant to replace Dexedrine. I never took it every day but my relationship with it was unhealthy. I wouldn’t take it every day. I stockpiled it. I had a paid remote journalism internship that started at 7am. I normally work til 10-11pm and while my boss was cool with me having my off days internship days, he wouldn’t adjust my schedule on the days before them. This led me down a path of stockpiling, staying up all night on 40-60mg of IR Dexedrine (8-12 pills) with me taking doses in the middle of the night and redosing to be able to work 7am-2pm. Since it was remote my boss wouldn’t seem me all spun out but maybe she’d hear it in the phone calls. I finished and was given contributor status.

Pea-P is a substituted phenylethylamine (PEA). PEA is a mild stimulant but substitution allows it to bypass MAO and become a stronger stim.

It’s very moreish I took 350mg every half hour three and dosed a total of 1050mg. Quite stimmed atm, but it is no where near as strong as amphetamines or N-methyl-cyclazadone which I’ll get into next.

N-methyl-cyclazadone was taken on Saturday, also moreish and a midpoint between Caffeine and amphetamines.

From memory I believe I took 25mg with 45mins to an hour between them topping out at 100mg I was stimmed out of my mind. I recommend half that amount.

Warning regarding PEA-P: it’s structure highly resembled newer MAO inhibitors like selegiline and rasagiline. Dietary issues should not be a problem, but coadministration with other sympathomimetic amines could be very dangerous.

Thanks. I’ve been combining it with my other supplements (Tianeptine FA, F-Phenibut, N-methyl-cyclazadone, and Flualprazolam [or Diclazepam]) as well as my RXs Kpins, Dexedrine, Gabapentin, Lyrica, Olanzapine. I take a lot of shit. Not much in the morning so I’ll look into the half life of this substance and possibly make it exclusive to morning or just take N-methyl-cyclazadone or Dexedrine in the morning. You may have just saved me some serious bulldhit. Thanks.

What about Bromantane? p-Cl-Phenylpiracetam? How would you compare the euphoria to amphetamines (adderall), and the comedown?

I haven’t had p-Cl-phenylpiracetam, but I’ve had normal phenylpiracetam and it has no euphoria, and cyclazodone doesn’t have euphoria either. I didn’t notice a comedown for either.

I’ve noticed some definite euphoria with both of these stims, but nothing like d-amp. I know from my times doing coke that I’m kinda sensitive to stims. I also have to take tons of benzos during a d-amp comedown. Also your name makes me guess you take RC stims seriously. I’d never give up my D-amp. Just want something for my days off. I have more of them now.

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