PEG MGF Peptide—Dosage, Price & Side Effects

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The PEG MGF peptide, also known as Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor, is a synthetic variant of Insulin-Like Growth Factor (IGF).

It is one of the most popular forms of the IGF protein.


It’s nature is to be beneficial for bodybuilding because of its effects on muscle recovery and growth.

But is it safe?

As of now, a lot of information on the side effects of this chemical are lacking, meaning it’s difficult to say how it’s going to affect your body in the long-term.

Below, we’re going to go over all of the ups and downs of this peptide, as well as the available natural alternatives.

PEG MGF Peptide

The PEG MGF peptide is built upon a base of Mechano Growth Factor.

This factor is created in the liver and from there it is released into your blood.

However, without the addition of polyethylene glycol it only remains in the blood for around five to 7 hours.

After this time, it is broken down.

That’s where pegylation comes in:

By modifying it through the addition of polyethylene glycol, the final form of this peptide has a half-life of several days.

Ultimately, when it comes to comparing PEG MGF vs MGF, the former is the most commonly used form.

Buy PEG MGF Peptide

If you’re looking for PEG MGF for sale, you won’t have much trouble.

Googling this peptide will bring up numerous research laboratories that carry this chemical.

As a research chemical, it is not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This means it is legal to purchase for research purposes.

However, purchasing and using it for bodybuilding is illegal.

And here’s another thing:

Since research labs aren’t regulated, they have no strict quality control procedures. This means that the composition and quality of the chemicals you are ordering are going to depend on the reliability of the lab.

The best way to find the most reliable lab is to ask around bodybuilding forums for the most reliable supplier.

But even this isn’t a foolproof method—the quality can always vary from batch to batch, which is why ordering and consuming research chemicals is always putting your health at risk.


The reason why people take this risk is simple:

PEG MGF gains can help improve your bodybuilding.

As you probably know, muscle growth happens after you tear them in the gym and they heal and grow to a bigger size.

Using this peptide following a workout, you can help your body repair damaged muscle tissue even faster.

In fact, this peptide is known to be even more effective for this purpose than IGF-1.

And that’s not all:

It also sends signals to satellite cells that are located close to damaged ones, allowing them to grow similarly to damaged cells.

In other words, you are not only helping your muscles recover, but also creating new ones.

PEG MGF Dosage

If you really want to see some drastic before and after PEG MGF gains, you should inject around 200 mcg bilaterally after workouts.

This can be done either subcutaneously or intramuscularly.

Dosing should be conducted after workouts and before rest days.

Since it has a long half-life, you can spend a whole day without dosing and it will still bind to receptors and boost your body’s healing process.

In terms of the PEG MGF injection site, you should be administering it to whatever muscles are recovering.

If you just worked out your quads, then administer it into this area.


Like we said above, the price of this peptide will vary depending on the supplier.

One of the most commonly used suppliers is Peptide Sciences, which sells it at $59.50 per 5 mg.

This is a fair price point, although some suppliers might be more on the expensive side.


The PEG MGF + IGF-1 LR3 combination is a common one within bodybuilding circles.

Typically, the latter is taken pre-workout, while the former is taken after your workout, as we discussed above.

LR3 is basically a more powerful version of the IGF-1 polypeptide hormone. It leads to cell proliferation in the areas that it is injected.

Pre-workout dosages of 40 mcg to 80 mcg around 1 to 2 times per day are common.

PEG MGF Side Effects

As of now, no side effects of PEG MGF have been noted.

Irritation or pain around the injection site is the only common adverse effect, which seems to stem from needle use.

Does this mean it’s safe?

Definitely not, especially when you can never be sure of the quality of research batches.

You can also never be sure of the long-term effects of using these drugs, as more research needs to be conducted to determine them.

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