Pfizer Genotropin Pen—What is Growth Hormone Prescribed For?

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What is the Pfizer Genotropin pen and how is it used?

The pen-like device delivers doses of growth hormone to patients (mainly children) without the need for often frightening images of needles and syringes.

Pfizer is just one of the many manufacturers of high quality, genuine, and effective synthetic growth hormone (somatropin).

The pen-like device was designed to reduce stress and anxiety in children and teens (as well as some adults) who require regular growth hormone injections.

About the Pfizer Genotropin Pen

Pfizer is a major pharmaceutical manufacturer of prescription-strength drugs, Genotropin growth hormone among them.

Genotropin is one of over two dozen brand name growth hormone products available on the market today.

It’s manufactured by utilizing complex, highly technical recombinant DNA (rDNA) technologies.

The Pfizer Genotropin pen 12 is actually a device that easily mixes the Genotropin lyophilized powder with a diluent already contained inside the pen.

It contains two-chamber cartridges – one for the growth hormone powder and the diluent in the other. It contains 12 mg (1 mL).

Needle sizes can differ (29, 30, or 31-gauge specially designed needle).

This pen is also called the Pfizer Genotropin GoQuick pen. The Pfizer Genotropin pen is designed for subcutaneous injection methods.

The Genotropin pen delivers different milligram dosages (1.5, 5.8, 13.8). The MiniQuik pen is a single-use syringe device that delivers single doses ranging 0.2 mg to 2.0 mg, only to be increased in 0.2 mg increments.

Genotropin cartridges are color-coded and intended for use with specific pen delivery devices:

Green Tip: 5 mg two-chamber cartridge (5 mg per milliliter concentration)

Purple Tip: 12 mg chamber cartridge (12 mg per milliliter concentration)

Genotropin MiniQuick delivery device provides different dosages as well ranging from 0.2 mg up to 2.0 mg.

Bodybuilders tend to take performance enhancement products in larger dosages than recommended by medical experts.

Dosages in such cases differ depending on the type of growth hormone, expectations and results, used in combination with anabolic androgenic steroids, and of course, personal preference.

What is Genotropin and What Does it Do?

Genotropin lyophilized powder containing somatropin of rDNA origin is defined as a polypeptide hormone.

It contains the identical 191 amino acid residues found in human produced growth hormone.

It’s manufactured by synthesizing strands of two DNA origins: E. coli that has been modified by the gene for human growth hormone.

Following a subcutaneous injection, users can expect the half-life of Genotropin to average three hours in adults being treated with the growth hormone deficiency.

Subcutaneous injection methods slow down the absorption rate over intravenous or intramuscular methods, providing longer activity.

Most studies involving Genotropin as a growth hormone replacement therapy are conducted on individuals with deficiencies or inadequate production and levels of growth hormone in the body.

Bodybuilders using a Pfizer Genotropin pen (any device) may not receive the same benefits nor experience similar side effects, depending on dosage, frequency of dosage, and usage habits.

Side Effects and Contraindications

Medical professionals do not recommend nor condone the use of growth hormone in a person who is not diagnosed with the deficiency.

Such use increases the risk of disrupted hormone levels and sometimes alarming side effects and adverse reactions.

Common side effects associated with Genotropin and other growth hormone products include but are not limited to:

Peripheral edema

Pain in bones, muscles, or nerves

Upper respiratory infections


Stiffness in the extremities contributing to reduced function and range of motion

A sense of chronic fatigue

Back pain

Use of Genotropin does increase the risk of glucose intolerance that may develop into Type 2 diabetes.

An individual may also develop antibodies to the protein, which not only eliminates efficacy, but may also trigger the body to perceive its own growth hormone as a foreign body.

This can cause serious and long-term ramifications for immune system function.

Note: Bodybuilders should be aware that much of the HGH manufactured underground today is counterfeit or is not manufactured safely nor properly.

Recombinant DNA technologies require expertise, precision, and high-tech equipment. The majority of underground labs do not have any of these.

Recently, some HGH products are marketing themselves as even better and more potent than the original, containing an extra amino acid (192).

This version of HGH can be extremely dangerous, as its modification does differ from that produced by the body. Antibody reactions commonly occur, and as mentioned, can permanently damage immune system function.

A Good Option for Bodybuilders?

The Pfizer Genotropin pen is not particularly beneficial to bodybuilders, as the pre-measured delivery doses may not be considered adequate for their needs.

Most bodybuilders using growth hormone injections for physical performance enhancement, bigger muscles, and a more muscular physique tend to go the traditional needle and syringe route.

Pfizer Genotropin pen devices may be convenient, but they are not intended for use by bodybuilders or athletes, nor for non-medical purposes.

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