Phenibut for benzodiazepine withdrawal

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Is it good idea?

Bad, bad, bad idea in my opinion. Like someone else mentioned, phenibut doesn’t act on the same receptors as benzos and while it may give you a little short term relief of withdrawals and anxiety, it can cause severe rebound anxiety and worsen withdrawals. I’ve actually tried phenibut for benzo w/d’s and it made me too stimulated and and worsened symptoms in general.

The effect of phenibut on GABA B is pretty much negligible. It’s effects are due to how it affects calcium channels. Phenibut won’t really help you here unless you used it in conjunction with benzos for a rapid taper. It might help with some of the anxiety, but it won’t help much with the other effects of withdrawals

Benzos require a taper. You can’t stop taking them without severe withdrawls. No good substitute at the moment. Phenibut is GABAergic so it may slightly lessen the feeling but that’s it. Definitely taper your benzo intake and it may be best to consult a specialist. Benzo w/d’s are nothing to mess with.

No, its not a good idea to substitute one addiction with another. The best option is to gradually taper using a benzo that has a long half-life. Diclazepam is suited for this.

Phenibut acts on GABA-B and VDCCs, not on GABA-A like benzodiazepines. Therefore, it wouldn’t work and you would make yourself susceptible to serious withdrawal symptoms, including seizures.

You need to use benzodiazepines to perform a gradual taper. There is no other option. Failure to do would be extremely dangerous and potentially life threatening.

I’ve actually experienced firsthand how phenibut can relieve some of the symptoms of benzo withdrawal. At higher doses, phenibut acts on GABA-A as well as GABA-B. My initial post didn’t take this into account and, out of concern fo the OP’s safety, and since using phenibut alone isn’t as safe or effective as using a benzodiazepine, I stated it in a way that promoted harm reduction, but wasn’t the full truth. And not because I was intentionally trying to misleading, but because I didn’t give my answer enough thought.

Benzodiazepines DO work on the same receptors as ethyl alcohol, the GABA-A receptor. But you’re right about GHB, which works on the GHB receptor, and on GABA-B.

i successfully withdrew from ~0.4mg clonazolam per day with 1000mg phenibut a day for 2 weeks, 750mg for a week, 500mg for a week, i’m at 250mg a day now

no seizures, but a lot of brain zaps, anxiety, crying, whatever

one time the 1000mg wore off it was pretty bad, other than that decent.

to state it more accurately, without phenibut now i feel 15% as bad as i did while on it during my 1000mg a day phase. It’s not efficient, not too good

It can help with the first few days after a taper. You still have to taper though. What I recommend for people coming off of benzos is to taper (obv.) and once you finally jump off, take a week off of work if you can afford it. Then once you go back to work, take phenibut and gabapentin on alternating days for no longer than a week. By then you should feel 70% normal

Terrible idea unless it was now and then on really hard days. Even then I would have the next day rebound making my benzo WD worse.

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