Plugging tryptamines

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Hi there, I was wondering, how many of you plugs stuff regularly/sometimes? I can’t find much info about it and I’m concerned with dosages, as I assume they are usually lower than oral doses. Which are your favourite tryptamines to plug? How do you calculate your doses for drugs where the only available reference point is oral? Any other advice when plugging tryptamines?

After boofing 4-ho-met for the first its the only roa I go with when dosing trypts.

I would say it’s about 50% stronger (very rough estimate since I usually have some residue tolerance). Also quicker comeup which might be a bit uncomfortable but on the other hand there is zero nausea which I sometimes get when doing higher oral doses (30mg+).

Can only recommend. 20-25mg up the ass usually has me tripping huge balls. 10/10 recommendation

4-ho-met is one of my favourites and I was fighting with the desire to plug it for a while. Definitely will try, thank you. What dose of is do you usually take orally then? (If you ever do xD).

Without tolerance 25-30mg. With some tolerance (like 4-6 days between trips) 35-45mg.

Can’t go wrong with boofing 15mg or so for a first time if you have no tolerance.

I usually boof 4-ho-met. It’s not dramatically better than oral administration, but it definitely gets you a little more bang for your buck, especially compared with a less than empty stomach. In my experience the trip will be maybe 20% stronger compared than oral administration on an empty stomach. The comeup is a little faster too I think, though I haven’t done it enough times to be certain. Also never get nausea, which I have gotten through oral.

Always wanted to test it, never actually did. I think it could possibly be harder as it’s not as tight. But shove a pill up there and I’m sure that would work.

Pills make sense, and I’ve heard of that being done before (with MDMA). But good point about the tightness… didn’t consider that. Thanks for your insight!

Report back If you ever get around to trying it!

Boofing is also my preferred ROA on 4-ho-met. My go to dose is 25mg, and it is significantly stronger than 25mg oral. I’d say 50% sounds about right. 25mg rectal results in an almost overwhelming visual experience, the whole world becomes cartoon like, and I have a difficult time keeping track of what I’m saying. No nausea at all.

I actually found I get less anxiety boofing the chemical. 4-ho-met doesn’t have bad anxiety for me at all in general. When plugging the come up is so fast, there’s no period where I’m wondering if I’m under the influence or not, it just hits me at once and it’s glorious.

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