Preparing benzo capsules. How do they do it?

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I get capsules of benzos regularly, Etizolam, Diclazepam, Nifoxipam, etc. Just wondering if anyone has a clue how they are done? The doses have always been on point each time and I’ve used them for years. He mentioned something about wet-granulation method and told me not to attempt unless I have basic knowledge of whichever path of science this falls under. It must not be that easy to do if there’s so little of the stuff on the market?

Look up geometric dilution. It’s a method to mix a small amount of an active powder into a larger amount of inert powder while greatly reducing the risk of hotspots.

It could be as simple as individually putting a known volume of solution onto ~100mg piles of a carrier and capping it up after drying, if we’re talking about lower volume websites or street dealers

Well I couldn’t find it on the sub but I remember they talked of using an inert powder that mixes evenly with other powders so if you had 900mg inert powder and mixed in 100mg of your active compound and mixed thoroughly you would know 10mg of the mix would have ~9mg inert and ~1mg active. I wouldn’t be comfortable using this method for my own use though I’d only trust a pharmaceutical lab that has regulations and tests their batches for accuracy

The powder would also have to be the same density of the active compound you’re encapsulating too, yea? Or at least similar in properties. And for mixing you’d have to use one of those fancy fuckers with the high-tech mixing thingers.

Holy fuck I am dumb.

Nope, this is where the “wet” part of wet granulation comes in. You dissolve your active ingredient in a solvent that the other powder is insoluble in. You then thoroughly mix the solvent into the powder. Because the active ingredient is dissolved in the solvent if you mix the solvent and the other powder evenly it will evenly mix the active ingredient as well. Then you just need to spread the powder out so that the solvent evaporates evenly, leaving behind the active ingredient perfectly dosed into the powder.

Think of it as laying blotter, just with powder.

Thanks for explaining that so well, really! Do you have experience in this field or? I’m really interested in this kind of stuff as I’m too inept at understanding organic chemistry or really any chemistry related subjects. I should honestly start using Khaan Academy or a related program that does the whole “free online studying” since I spend all my time at work bored out of my mind sitting on my laptop. Any suggestions on what to start with?

I don’t believe they would have to be same density because youre not measuring their size just their weight, it doesn’t matter how big the 10mg sample is just that it weighs 10mg right? Don’t beat yourself up we all have to start learning somewhere

Every powder, well I mean most powders have different densities making them nearly impossible to properly mix together without getting “hot spots” or w/e. For example.. 1 gram of salt, mixed with 1 gram brown sugar in a plain mixing bowl from your kitchen. It may appear mixed homogeneously but really isn’t. Or that’s how I assume it is.

Erm maybe this is it.

You’re looking for geometric dilution, there are video tutorials online 🙂

Edit: to help pass the intuition test and convince yourself that geometric dilution is viable for potent drugs, consider using the technique to mix a tiny droplet of brightly coloured dye and a handful of fine white powder; a consistent colour in this case is equivalent to a benzo-mannitol mixture with no hotspots.

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