Proviron & Testosterone Stack To Get Lean & Buff [Dosage & Cycle Guide]

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A Proviron and Testosterone stack is great for beginner bodybuilders seeking dense, lean muscle growth.

Proviron is one of the oldest anabolic androgenic steroid which is still in the market.

This steroid is a product of the giant pharmaceutical company known as Schering.

The steroid was known as Mesterolone but has been sold with different brand names over the years.

The name “Proviron” being the most dominant.

Notably, this anabolic steroid is one of the most misunderstood amongst steroid users in terms of performance.

To shed some light, it is important to understand that this steroid doesn’t lead to large mass buildups, but it plays an integral role in treating sexual dysfunction.

On the other hand, testosterone is considered to double up as an anabolic steroid and the primary male sex hormone, and the combination of the two can increase the overall output of these anabolic substances.

Proviron & Testosterone Stack

Proviron is a very versatile steroid and can be paired with virtually all anabolic steroids.

One main benefit of this PED is that it helps reduce sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG).

Elevated levels of SHBG can interfere with muscle growth.

So the reward of cycling Mesterolone with Test isn’t so much that Proviron will drive increases in mass.

Instead, the promise of this cycle is that Proviron will enhance the benefits of Testosterone by reducing SHBG in the body and allowing for an increase in the level of free testosterone.

The outcomes of a testosterone cycle that incorporates other anabolic steroids will be greater when you add Proviron.

Mesterolone is adept at binding to the androgen receptor and unlocking the androgenicity of other PEDs to a greater degree, and this leads to a physique of lean muscle with the viscosity and hardness bodybuilders dream about.

Because Proviron has an added advantage of improving the sperm count and quality, it is very important for athletes who wish to gain a good physical appearance without compromising their sexual life.

Stacking Dosages

The ideal dosage of Proviron should be approximately 25-100mg daily.

However, you might opt to increase the dosages to between 50 and 150mg daily.

Notably, when stacking this steroid with testosterone, your weekly dosage of test should be 250 mg per week.

We want to be clear that wrong dosages can lead to joint pains due to an inadequate amount of estrogen.

When swallowing these drugs, avoid chewing them but instead, swallow them with a full glass of water.

Because there are several health risks which can result from excessive use of steroids, it is advisable to seek expert advice from your doctor before you start using these drugs.

In case you are suffering from high blood pressure, impaired kidney function, migraine, porphyria, diabetes, epilepsy and other heart complications, you should be very cautious before taking the drug.

Also, if you have an existing or previous liver tumor, high calcium levels in the blood, you should not take Proviron as it may interfere with the absorption of treatment drugs such as Warfarin, Thyroxine, and Cyclosporine.

Proviron Profile

Apart from the ongoing uptake by bodybuilders, Proviron has some significant health applications.

Notably, Proviron can be used to rectify disorders such as depressive moods, disturbances of sleep, irritability, disturbances of potency and libido, weak memory, lack of concentration, fatigability, and declining physical activity.

Below is a detailed explanation of how these conditions can be rectified.

Potency Disturbances: potency disturbances are caused due to the deficiency of androgen but the use of Proviron can rectify the situation.

Hypogonadism: The function, growth, development, and of the target organs which are androgen-dependent is significantly stimulated by the use of Proviron. The drug also promotes the development of the secondary male features in the case of development prepuberal hypogonadism.

Infertility: The main cause of infertility is deficient Leydig-cell secretion and Oligozoospermia. However, through the use of Proviron, the sperm count and quality can be improved, and the fructose concentration can be raised to normal levels which increases the possibility of procreation.

Notably, the drug is orally administered and a DHT derivative.

It is a relatively weak androgen and hence not recommended for replacement therapy.

Testosterone Profile

Testosterone is a naturally occurring sex hormone which is produced by male testicles and female ovaries.

However, there are some situations where this hormone is not produced in the right amount, and an injection of the same may be required.

For men, low levels of testosterone can lead to abnormalities such as bone loss and frailty.

Without testosterone, some conditions such as hormonal imbalances, impotence, and delayed puberty may be experienced.

For women, the injection can help in treating breast cancer and preventing it from spreading to other body parts.

This injection should not be taken if you have:

Severe kidney disease

Male breast cancer

A heart condition

Prostate cancer

Severe liver disease


Notably, testosterone is a steroid which is from androstane class and contains hydroxyl and keto groups at seventeen and three respectively.

This hormone is biosynthesized in a few steps from cholesterol. After that, the liver converts it to form metabolites which are inactive.

This action is exerted through the binding and activation of androgen receptor.

Comparison Between Proviron & Testosterone

Proviron is not an aromatase substrate and hence cannot be transformed to take the form of an estrogen.

As such, the drug has no ability of causing estrogenic side effects like fluid retention, or gynecomastia.

Because Proviron has no17-alkylated properties, the potential for hepatotoxicity is minimal.

However, there is a considerable risk of harmful effects on cardiovascular system which are similar to those of other steroids on the market.

In a nutshell, cycling Proviron together with testosterone is very useful when it comes to extending the output of testosterone and healing sexual dysfunction, which can result from excess consumption of bodybuilding steroids.

These drugs can be stacked together in the recommended dosages to ensure maximum performance.

Side Effects

Getting ripped and cut like a diamond is the appeal of steroids like Mesterolone and Test, but these benefits come at a cost.

Don’t be misled — there is no “safe” way to take steroids.

There are only measures to make steroid use safer.

As with any drug, there are risks of side effects.

Since Proviron’s mechanism of action is fundamentally androgenic, it’s side effects fall on the androgenic side of the spectrum.

These include:

Male pattern baldness

Severe acne

Accelerated body hair growth

Proviron can also put a lot of stress on the cardiovascular system in the form of reducing HDL cholesterol to dangerous levels.

Likewise, testosterone can also lead to decreased levels of HDL cholesterol compounding the issue further.

It also carries the potential for the following adverse effects:

Unnatural growth in male breast tissue that can resemble female breasts

Water retention, leading to an unappealing puffy and bloated look

High blood pressure

We understand the attractiveness of steroids.

They offer a shortcut to a lean, buff physique. Who wouldn’t want washboard abs like a model?

But at the end of the day, you may find your new look is ruined by cosmetic side effects like thinning hair, acute acne and the nightmarish “man boobs.”

If you are like a lot of bodybuilders and athletes out there, this is not a risk you are willing to take.

You can build a different kind of cutting stack with natural steroid alternatives and duck these dangers entirely.

The Proviron and Testosterone stack may be a faster lane to results than legal steroids like Winsol and Testo-Max, but you can absolutely get the lean, hard body you desire with the right supplement stack and some hard work.

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