Pyros and Cathinones

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How do pyros compare to others in the cathinone class? I’m guessing less functional?

I’m probably about to try hexen and nep, which seem like standards around here, (and some 2-FMA for a friend who needs study aids) But I could probably grab a-pihp while I’m at it, but want to know what to expect. Worth it?

I recently got 10g of NEP and 5g of apihp and I think NEP is the best cathinone since there’s pretty much a nonexistent comedown and you can sleep easily after a binge. Apihp was like the NEP of pyros, vapes off foil and glass just as good as NEP plus I never experienced any bad side effects or comedown from it. Overall I think these are the best two if you want to some good euphoria (I recommend hotrails) and still sleep when you’re finished.

I liked hexen a lot when I had it. It was a pink color. There seemed to be 3 batches going around. One was white, one was pinkish/white, and one was like a nice pink that looked beautiful. I think that pink batch was the best RC I’ve had to date (next to 2-fma).

Hexen really depends IMO on where you get it and if it is a good batch. I’m not saying just because it’s white it’s a bad batch. But hexen, through my research, was incredibly nice along with 2-fma being great as well.

Keep in mind I have never tried NEP, but have heard from quite a few people that it is all around a better research drug. I also don’t know much about a-pihp…but a friend of mine told me it was a little lackluster.

I tend to go for longer lasting RC’s, but I accidentally ended up getting the wrong product (hexen) and it was terrific to research. I would have gotten quite a bit more but it sold out quick. FWIW I see more positive reviews for NEP these days than Hexen, but given the opportunity I would still get Hexen to test out.

I really want to try Hexen, though I hear it’s a bit caustic (Well, they all seem to be. I tried Ethylphenidate when that was going around and goddamn that hurt to snort). Did you snort it or eat it? NEP seems vapable which might be nice.

Hexen is the type where you want to redose all day, NEP you don’t get that bad of cravings for redose and what makes NEP better than hex is that NEP has a nonexistent comedown and you can sleep just fine after use. You can snort or vape but I prefer vaping off foil or hotrails.

insufflation, surprisingly didn’t fuck up my nose too bad. The batch I had was pretty smooth. The other ones did a little bit. Nothing too wild though, slight burn and then it disappeared. I was thinking about getting NEP but yeah vaping/snorting are really the only way to take it. I take my chems orally this day only. I do vape though… lots to think about… but as I have mentioned I like longer lasting RC’s to research.

actually now that I think about it, I binged one batch and the nose def was fucked the next day obviously (stayed up all night). It didn’t last too long though. It cleared up pretty quick. If you can get both get a g of each. Actually, I might research hexen a bit more.. it’s fun and redose was like once every hour fifteeen or so for me. Fun for a night with the fellow chemists lol. They agreed. Was not super moreish and the comedown after an all night binge was not bad at all when I was expecting hell.

They’re the same general feel imo, but the non-pyros seem to last longer and be less potent. Same stupid addictive, scatterbrained and psychosis inducing general properties imo.

a-pihp is a pretty subtle pyro but that makes it easy to overdose on and you won’t even be satisfied. Recommending looking at others like 4M-PHP, A-PHP, 3F-PVP, 4F-PHP

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