Question about 1b-lsd

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I live in Virginia aka the strictest state where even 1p-lsd is illegal

My question is, is 1b-lsd legal in VA and what’s the potency compared to lsd-25? I’ve tried to find answers online but I can’t really come across anything that tells me if 1b is legal here or not

Technically none of these lysergamide RCs are legal in the US, because of the analogue act. If they WANTED to prosecute people they catch with 1p, ALD, 1b, ETH-LAD, AL-LAD, whatever; They could.

If a vendor will ship it to you you might as well order it. It’s a bull shit false assumption to think you’re any safer than ordering LSD25 from the dark side. But who knows. Lucky for you, and the rest of us, a letter with blotter in it is hard to find amongst a literal sea of regular parcels. There’s literally no way to insure safety. However, if they do find your shit in the mail it will likely just be confiscated and you’ll get a note from big boi papa G saying so. The real risk would be ordering again.

Definitely man, I still go with 1p personally most of the time because I always get better customer service and I spend like maybe 200$ a year on psychedelics so I don’t really need super great prices. Half a gram of a 4-sub, and 25 100ug hits gets me through over a year. I’ll take like 2 hits of blotter and 20mg of a 4-sub when I trip like once a month.

That is another reason I stick to RCs yeah; Consistent and trustworthy, substance, purity, and dosage. Testing your shit usually only goes as far as to tell you that there’s an indole on that blotter. You just assume that it’s LSD. But with the threat of a government just aching to have a reason to shut them down, RC vendors gotta stay on top of their shit.

I only trip like once a month maybe twice if it’s a special occasion so I wouldn’t say I waste that much on psychedelics either but the main problem I have with ordering 1p is that the southeast has a high seize rate especially if it’s coming the Canadians

Just got 4-HO-MET and 4-Aco-Met, 3-meo-PCE and some legal benzos here! I am happy, can’t wait for summer! 🙂 (and tree 1p as gift, never did LSD though

The 4-HOs and 4-ACOs are pretty indistinguishable from each other as long as that root tryptamine is the same. So you won’t notice much difference between 4-AcO-MET and 4-HO-MET. The only difference I’ve ever noticed is that the 4-AcOs have a longer come up time and you need a little more of them, maybe 10%. So I typically go for the 4-HOs if available. it will be neat for you to experiment tho

Also 3-MeO-PCE is the best disso I’ve ever had, take it in baby steps, it can go from 0-100 pretty quick. Weird dose response curve

Yeee-haw, thanks sounds exactly as I read before and thanks for all the insight. I tried 4-HO yesterday 21mg with some benzos before, have to taper (fucking alc), but it was amazing! I am happy when the other stuff comes! Have a nice day, thanks!

Edit: few days later tried 3-HO-PCE, I love it, Iove it!!!! Like ket that lasts 6h max, no comedown, mindset is light to non-existiant. Played the same hitman absol. Level time after time, so immersed. But don’t redose, that is scary bc. Of the opioid effect that is really not like ket in thats way. Also: snorted or oral, nearly nothing until it creeps from t+1-1,5 than can you resdose. Got heavy breathing, and i use 25g/d kratom, so toleramce, and some flualprazolam, c. 1,5mg, because i taper of benzo bc. of alcohol WD(not that much, 500ml spirit a day) but I am whiney pussy so I’d rather taper off in the a few days, from my 2 week benzo binge, during alc.wd.

Stay away from alc. I am happy that my wife is very understanding and helps a lot 💑. The time was actually kinda bearable.

I wrote this high and started tapering few days ago, as long as it’s a nice feeling. But nothing can replace alc, for me and it’s so destroieng(?), I got health problems, wife too. And I used it as an easy to optain antixylotic that you can take 3 angry shots and feel better. Alkohol wise my body is unharmed but I know why I am quittig alc forever now,27.

My wife and I (+ AWSOME STANDARD POODLE} are this year 12 years in a relationship, she is chosen one, otherway too. Our life is really shitty bc of her chron. health, but we are happy.

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