Question about Benzo RC Warnings on bottle

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I just got my rc benzo diclazepam solution in the mail. On the bottle, it warns “deadly if ingested” with the toxic label. Is this normal? I knew the “not for human consumption” is normal but I don’t know about this lol. First time buying an rc. PM me if more info needed

Also, could I just put this in a lemonade or something or should I use it like tincture?

No not really normal (I have gotten a package saying that after the standard “not for human consumption”, but seems rare to me), and if it’s really diclazepam that would not be true unless you take an insane amount or use other downers concurrently. However I’d hazard a guess it’s just the vendor trying to cover their ass, whether for liability, legality, or both.

Well they are not 100% wrong, many, many, many substances are fantastic tools at normal doses, and deadly with an overdose. Some are just more forgiving on how much extra you can take before it becomes a problem. Benzo’s have a pretty long history and the safety profile is thought to be pretty decent as long as you are not mixing with other depressants. Mixing is very dangerous.

Also dont forget that the RC you bought is very addictive, and withdrawals can be fatal if you dont properly taper yourself off.

I see you said this is your first RC purchase. Do you have a milligram scale? Are you familiar with volumetric dosing? If you answer no to either of my questions DO YOUR HOMEWORK and learn how to use this particular RC safely.

Well, if you take it and die, and the vendor gets busted, they can be like “told ya” in court. Which probably won’t help them much, but better then nothing I guess. Or not. Wishful thinking. Point is, that warning should be treated just like the “not for human consumption” warning.

Of course, no one can publicly condone actually ingesting the substance. If sold as not for human consumption, it’s not to be consumed. What you actually do with it is of course up to you, it’s just that the vendor assumes no responsibility for your actions if they contradict the label.

That’s all it means.

Death is possible if used irresponsibly or mixed with other downer type drugs. But that warning is pretty standard with RC benzos not meant for human consumption. Take a look at the psychonaut wiki webpage.

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