Really strong reaction to 4 HO MET?

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Tripping on 20 mg 4 HO MET was one of the most intense trips I’ve ever had, and by far the most visual. LSD, shrooms and 4 aco dmt , all give me pretty mild visuals. But on 4 ho it was almost hard to see with how much there was. I smoked a good amount of weed too, but I do on all of my trips. People say they have a pretty light headspace but not for me. I had a really intense mindfuck. The only difference was, with 4 HO, I was actually comfortable. My high dose 4 aco and shroom trips were pretty uncomfortable and way more emotional. Definitely an awesome psychedelic. The only drawback was, it fucked me up the next day. The afterglow was really bad. Left me really dissociated, and hard for me to enjoy my family gathering :/. Still worth it tho, just gotta set aside a couple of days

I tripped on 30mg of 4-HO last week, I only experienced slight vasoconstriction during the come up, but no lingering sensation the next day at all. I did sleep for almost 10 hours after the trip so maybe that helped reduce the vasoconstriction?

I did 30mg of 4homet and the visuals were absolutely fucked… not a fun trip at all. For whatever reason the 4-sub tryptamines have a very uncomfortable body load for me that lasts for hours after I’ve come down.

Never have felt this way with this chem. I’ve actually done a bunch of it in one sitting and tripped for like 6-8 hours. I find it to be relatively light headspace and visuals kinda like wearing goggles that make the whole room have this colorful aura that looks like the northern lights.

Everyone is different tho. My buddy did some and tripped his ass off. Have u tried ALD-LAD?

The only RCs I’ve had are 4-aco-dmt and 4-ho met. I just started looking into more. What would you recommend next?

I only trip once, maybe twice a month. But I’m still a huge drug nerd so I wanna try more

I too had a shitty afterglow on a dose that was 17mg. Felt actually kind of numb for a few hours after it wore off. I couldn’t really get excited about anything, neither did I feel negative per say. Almost as if my feelings towards my environment were non existent. This lasted only a few hours not into the next day for me. At the beginning of the trip it was great. Very visual and felt like I had no headspace. Around the 3.5 hour mark into it is when the headspace came in, started to feel sad for some reason then started to get uncomfortable. Started to think the “what if I fucked myself up” train of thought, so I went back home (was walking outside in the park for the trip), laid down on the floor and listened to music. I didn’t smoke weed however so I imagine it wasn’t as visual or intense as it was for you. I got mine from the Canadians but it was powder.

If you store it properly it will last a very long time.

I have some from 2015 that I keep stored with desiccant inside a black mylar bag, inside a tupperware, inside my fridge. It’s turned slightly beige but is just as potent as the day I got it.

Exposure to air, light, heat, and moisture will all degrade chemicals.

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