Reasons for taking dissos

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So I’m not really sure how I feel about dissos. Almost everyone says that there worth trying but I’ve never heard those “psychedelics have changed my life” stories with dissos. I’m thinking of trying one of the 3-x-pcx ones or 2F-DCK.

I know Ketamine is incredibly effective at treating depression, but I’m not really depressed. Are there any other benefits?

I tried DXM once and all I remember was that extreme robo walk and the deep, calm feeling when I layed down and closed my eyes. The visuals were very intricate and I felt kinda floaty, but it was by no means a life-changing trip. I do remember having a few insights but I don’t think it was really worth it.

I’m curious what you guys think about dissos. I don’t believe I’ll get addicted, but if I’m buying, I have to buy at least a gram which is more than a few doses and I do not let anything go to waste. Any input is appreciated!

It’s fun. Don’t really need any other justifications to do drugs.

No the only way I can justify my drug use is if it gives me profound spiritual experiences and realigns my chakras bro

Fun has nothing to do with it!

Now excuse me while I snort a gram of ketamine in one line, I have to meditate on how this whole exchange has made me feel!

So my theory is that there’s a handful of distinct categories for drug use. I’m not educated but if I ever go into like psychology/sociology and do a PhD I’d want to do it on this subject.

Escapism: using psychoactive chemicals as an escape from reality. Whether due to trauma, feeling trapped in a negative mental or socioeconomic place, mental angst, etc this type of use sees drugs as a way to escape normal reality for temporary “relief”

Medical: kinda obvious one here. Pain relief, treating physical illness. This category bleeds into the next one and I’d consider them sunsets of the same category

Therapeutic/Entheogenic: using psychoactive chemicals for mental health. Whether it’s anxiety or depression medication or drugs used for “spiritual” purposes for improving ones outlook, this type of use is for improving the human mental status

Recreational: This one seems to have some overlap with escapism and I’m not sure if it could count as it’s own category (this is where the “I’m not an expert” part comes in). This type of use is to simply have fun. Connection to others socially, connection with music/art, connection with nature, etc can all be facilitated by psychoactive drug use and can be seen as simply the desire to have fun or feel good, comparable to enjoyable activities or tasty food

Honorable mentions

I don’t know if these are distinct enough to justify their own categories but they seem different enough to me personally so I’ll list them here

Psychonautical/curiosity: this would be use that’s about exploring the depths of the human conscious experience. Consciousness is a very mysterious and complex world and the use of specific chemicals to alter this reality in order to further explore this mystical depth can be a cause for use. Not to escape or for therapy and not purely just to feel good, this type of use might explain use of deliriants or generally uncomfortable psychoactives that might offer a new insight into the phenomena of consciousness

Self-medication: this is obviously a subset of medical/therapeutic use but it might be worth distinguishing between problems professionally diagnosed and treated vs problems perceived, analyzed, and treated by the user themselves

Technological: this would be the use of chemicals as a technology for improvement of performance. This could include things like steroids for improving the physical body or stimulants and nootropics which give a mental edge to the user. This would be like the Ivy league student using Adderall to get through classes that would otherwise be extremely difficult or out of reach.

Sorry for the wall of text but this is the first post that prompted me to flesh this out more. There’s all sorts of reasons why people use all sorts of different drugs. Some might be more favorable for certain categories but there’s also a significant amount of overlap

Wow, lots of information. This was really interesting to read. I always saw drugs as just a change of headspace. Any different headspace offers a new perspective, buy having the ability to actually grow from the experience is the only reason I consider doing drugs.

I had a few psychedelic experiences when I was younger and I saw them as a valuable tool for improving. I always researched any new drug before I tried it. Weed, ecstasy, many research chems, etc. They all showed me a new side of the world and I guess that would just be considered curiosity. I’ll probably get some 2F-DCK just to test out the waters. Thank you!

its the best escape from reality there is. id say its always a good idea too keep dissos in your stash.

when you have a really shitty day, youll be ready and its definetly better then alcohol when you have a bad day.

also nr.1 boredom killer

for me personally its just as important as psychedelics when it comes to exploring my mind and body. combining both can also get you to new places.

but id say the biggest point. its just fun and theres nothing wrong with that.

about the addiction part, for me personally its less compulsive and easier to handle then cannabis.

I might just be justifying my own drug habits, but I find dissos to be more functional at threshold doses. Psychs have their place, I really like them for micro-dosing. I also enjoy full blown psychedelic experiences for bonding with loved ones. But if I just want a minor head change for cognitive tasks, dissos all day.

They open up a new way of thinking and experiencing yourself.

Unlike psychs where you go into a different reality, with dissos you just escape it all into nothingness and it’s only your mind alone.

I think I prefer them to psychs. But psychs mixed with dissos (i.e. K-hole on the tail end of a lysergamide) is the greatest thing of all time. It ascends the realm of what is possible on either one alone.

Also DXM is one of my favorite substances of all time, but it took some lucky tries to get there. It’s very dose-dependent per person, and the speed at which you ingest it makes all the difference between a euphoric and dysphoric experience. (Look up DXM-to-DXO metabolism)

No fancy dissos in my country, and I assumed DXM was whack, but after blasting through 8 months of psychedelics on a weekly basis, I somehow managed to find 360mg of DXM to be surprisingly amazing.

Felt like being clean drunk a bit, vision choppy as shit, CEVs that were fucking spectacular.

So I combined 450mg DXM and 20mg 4-HO-MIPT and had the hardest crushingly confusing and warped trip of my dinky little existence.

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