Rectal O-DSMT is damn fine

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I‘m on 100mg O-Desmethyltramadol right now (plus 1mg Flu-Alp a couple hours erliear) and i can conclude that its pretty fucking good. Im Not reale experienced with opioids (just took some DHC and Oxy a Couple times).

So for anyone wanting To try this chemical i would highly suggest plugging it instead of oral consumption. From my experience its about 1.5 to 2 times as strong and comes on way faster.

Are there some people here who have tested this compound (prefferably rectal administration) and also have experience with “harder“/ stronger opioids like Heroin and can tell me how they compare to O-DSMT.

Have a good day/night wherever you Are guys! Sorry for my english btw, i‘m Not a native speaker.

I’ve never tried odsmt but I’ve tried tramadol and it’s ok! Looking forward to see some responses here

I actually Never tried normal tramadol(and Aren’t really intrested in trying it either because of the increased seizure risk) but its supposedly more stimulating and Not so much of a “Classic“/Standard Opioid feeling. Where as O-DSMT has close to zero activity on the serotonin receptors and only a Little effect on the noadrenaline receptors, as well as Binding way stronger to the mu-opioid-receptors.

I would hope it’s not too similar to normal Tramadol. I do generally enjoy Opioids I have tried Heroin-Oxy-HydroMorphone etc but have no experience with RC Opiates. Does O-DSMT also have SSRI properties? That’s generally why I don’t use Trams at all. Also my usual ROA is vaporizing via Aluminum. Would I be able to smoke O-DSMT using this method? Or would I have to snort or take it orally, I looking forward to reading your response. Thanks!

Oral and snorting works but i woudn‘t advise snortig because the drip is really disgusting and you have to snort quit a lot of powder.

Some people reported that Smoking this chem does actually work but it has to be the freebase version if im informed correctly. I Personally never tried Smoking it because my dsmt is in HCL form.

IV obviously works as well, Never tried it because I dont IV stuff, but there are a lot of reports of it working great. But it is supposedly not that much better than rectal administration.

My preffered ROA‘s are Oral or Rectal.

I’ve used to plug O-DSMT quite a lot, when it was available in Europe. It’s one of my favourite opioids and nothing really compares to it.

Btw oxy is approx. as strong as diacetylmorphine, so heroin isn’t “harder” or stronger than oxy

It is still available in Europe btw. Yeah your right Oxy and H are by Gramm nearly equally strong but at least when taking oxy you know how much you are actually taking and so the danger of an OD is reduced so I stay away from H even though it’s definitely cheaper.

I know two vendors, one that sells it for 70€/g which I consider too much, and the other one sells impure stuff, that maybe isn’t O-DSMT at all. That’s at least what my friends told me.

H ist not really cheaper, it’s massively cut, so I don’t get that much bang for the buck as with other opioids.

How would you compare the oral duration of action to the rectal duration of action? And how does the onset compare?

If one takes an oral dose of 30 mg, what would be a suited rectal dose?

Duration is pretty much equal maybe a little shorter but the comeup is much faster. Like in the Ballpark of 5 minutes to full effects, and first effects after 1-2 minutes in my experience.

A normal oral dose for me would be 100mg dsmt and like 60mg rectal. So i‘d say when you have good effects oral at 30mg try out 20mg rectal, maybe a little less. It’s always better to start low

Very interesting info.

I replaced Oxy with O-DSMT, even if of course it’s not the same thing, my tolerance was too high and it was pointless to increase dosage. O-DSMT allowed me to not feel any WD (and it even works to avoid WD of fenta analogues!)

I snort it (150-200mg, this is already a pretty high dosage, for people with low tolerance 50mg are enough).

There is a huge difference in batches quality from o-dsmt made in EU and the one made in China. The prices for O-DSMT made in EU is really expensive, we talk about 70EUR/g, and this is if you are buying BULK!

Chinese are a lot cheaper (i’d say 4x more cheap!) but the difference is really noticeable with the quality.

I will definitely give it a try with this RoA when my tolerance will drop a bit, I ran out of everything and I had to do a low-dosed Isoetonitazene Vape juice – even if with super low dosage, this shit killed my tolerance, I received some oxy, and I didn’t feel ANYTHING with snorting 40mg (Mundipharma brand, original blister).

Avoid Iso at all costs, not only because it’s insanely potent and dangerous, but it’s killing your tolerance completely.

Yeah I can imagine that it’s quite good for coming of stronger opioids.

Would you say that importing O-DSMT from China is worth it because of the price difference you mentioned, or is it not worth it due to the lower quality?

Never heard of this Isoetoniazene stuff you mentioned. Can you give me some info on it? When you didn’t feel anything from 40mg oxys this chem must be pretty fcking strong right?

Isotonitazene is an analogue of Etonitazene. potency is 60-150x. you can find some info on as well. But yeah, it’s only stuff for ultimative junkies, just extremely sedative and dangerous. Other than killing tolerance. Now I’m taking Proglumide to try bringing back my tolerance to normal levels, I hope it will work.

EU produced o-dsmt is definitely superior, but for such fucked up price, i’d buy oxy instead.

Well than Isotonitazene definitely isn’t something for me.

And this Proglumide? What kind of Substance is it? Does it actually reset opioid tolerance, cause than I’d be really interested in something like that! Can you give me some information on it?

Well yeah, for that price you could pretty much buy Oxy‘s but I’m trying more or less to stay on the legal side of the Law. And to my knowledge DN Markets are pretty fucked ATM, so sourcing Oxy‘s at the moment ist kind of a problem for me.

Not that I’m dependent on opioids (only on Kratom lol) but a “real“ opioid once ore twice a week is really nice as you will probably know

Proglumide really works, it’s one of the best potentiator you can find if you use it with oxy for example. I was able to feel the same effects with only 1/3 of my usual dosage by taking 400mg 30 mins before oxycodone.

You can read a lot about potentiator either on wiki or on bluelight forum. markets are getting back stable. but the rarities are as usual 😉 IMO DNMs, if you learn the basic opsec (always encrypt pgp offline) and learn to recognize the right sellers finding out / making sure they are using a proper stealth/decoy or even asking a custom decoy – are even better and less risk o be scammed on clarnet sites.

Yeah, my goal is anyway to “quit” with daily usage and just take a good potency opi to nod over the weekend

Odsmt is one of my favorite opis. The only problem is it’s one of the most itchy for me and I really hate that. But it’s a great all day high

I definitely agree. It’s quite an itchy compound compared to other opioids but tbh I don’t really mind it for me it’s kind of part of the experience.

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