Research chemicals in the uk and the psychoactive substance act 2016

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Anyone know if the UK has actually made any steps toward enforcing the psychoactive substance act? Many vendors still say they ship here and I haven’t come across any cases of people getting in trouble in real life or the media.

In addition to this, the blanket ban doesn’t even prohibit possession of personal amounts – just the distribution, and importation for human consumption. Surely someone in the UK could simply say they bought it as a collector’s item or simply out of interest and not get in trouble. Even this wouldn’t need to be said if only caught in possession and they had no evidence of intent to supply.

It seems strange to me that the UK has such strict drug laws, yet from what I’ve seen the actual enforcement of drug laws (even with well established and popular illegal drugs) seems to be very relaxed when it comes to personal quantities.

its only illegal once you consume it or have obvious intentions on consuming it if/when caught other wise “not for human consumption”

This may not be a popular opinion but I think the UK is actually quite progressive in policing around drugs. Even in an environment of very REGRESSIVE drug policy.

Enforcement of the PSA seems to me to have focused on places where local police have decided there’s an actual risk: in Lincoln for example they arrested loads of people because there was a spice / monkey dust panic with homeless people. Same in Manchester. And I know they focused on prosecuting people taking synthetic cannabinoids into prisons. I know this was a big focus in Edinburgh and Scottish jails.

So it might be a stupid catch-all law but the police seem to have discretion to where and when they apply it.

Unlike where I live now (Netherlands) which is the exact opposite. The policies around drugs are progressive, although not as progressive as people seem to think. But the policing is ridiculous “letter of the law” stuff. If you ever want an example of a meat head robot cop come and meet Dutch police.

Yeah this is exactly what I’ve been noticing. We have quite strict cannabis laws, and I know many people who have been caught by police with cannabis, but not once have any of these people had any legal repercussions with the exception of one friend who was caught twice whilst under 18 and simply had to go to a few meetings about his drug use.

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