Restandol Testocaps For Bodybuilding Reviews & Results

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Restandol testocaps are one of the many different synthetic testosterone medications currently on the market.

They are 40mg testosterone undecanoate capsules.

For any number of reasons, your body may need an increase in testosterone.

This is due to several medical conditions, but it can also be used to improve athletic performance.

Testosterone is one of the many hormones that control your body’s natural functions. For bodybuilders, the primary concern is to stimulate more muscle growth. The increase in testosterone may make training more effective.

It is important to remember that Restandol bodybuilding supplements don’t magically turn you into Arnold.

It takes years of hard work and discipline, as well as proper supplementation to get to that level.

Restandol Testocaps Reviews

What makes Restandol different from many of the other synthetic testosterone drugs available is that it is orally ingested.

Many other effective methods of delivering synthetic testosterone requires an injection.

For many forms of synthetic testosterone, oral administration does nothing. Your body just processes it through your liver, rendering it useless.

However, Restandol is sent through your lymphatic system. This dodges the liver and allows it to enter your blood stream.

Oral capsules don’t need any needles, are easy to take, and are much more portable. It does come with a few drawbacks, however.

When taking Restandol, you need to dose regularly. The effective ingredient, testosterone undecanoate, is metabolized very quickly.

With this short half-life, dosing needs to be done twice a day. For injectable steroids, once or twice a week is often fine depending on the type.

Your careful regimen with Restandol testocaps keeps your blood testosterone levels more stable. This is easier on your body, as withdrawal is a problem with testosterone.

Dosage Methodologies

Getting the right dosage is key in getting the results that you hope to achieve. Too little, and you are wasting your time. Too much, and your run a much greater risk of developing harmful side effects.

For most people, the right dosage is a bit of a guess. Doctors will generally start with a higher dose, to get your tested testosterone numbers up. 120-160 mg per day, for about three weeks, is a general starting point when treating medical conditions.

After the initial period, another blood test is recommended. The results of these blood test are used to gauge the amount of Restandol to be used as maintenance. This varies between 40-120 mg every day.

The Importance of Steroid Cycling

Bodybuilders that use steroids to get their best performance are not constantly taking steroids. Restandol is no exception. Cycling is used to boost performance at key times.

During a cycle, your dosage is high enough to increase your bloodstream testosterone levels. This is supposed to give you the boost to go hard and build muscle. This is a specific timeframe, usually 30 to 60 days, where performance is everything.

An athlete needs to give their body a break after that. Hard training is mentally and physically draining, even with the benefits bodybuilders believe they get from Restandol.

Re-cooping lets you recover. It also helps prevent some of the side effects seen with long term usage.

Testosterone Undecanoate 40 mg Capsule Benefits

Restandol is different from many other steroids on the market right now.

It comes in a lower dose, which can be a good thing.

It is also used in the bodybuilding community when you are close to competition.

While it does not hit max peaks for well trained and seasoned steroid users, it does serve a niche market of athletes.

The ability to absorb and use Restandol oral capsules is also a major thing. It makes it easier to take and is seen as a way to enter the competitive nature of some sports.

People who take Restandol may see an increase in muscle mass, strength, and training potential.

Restandol Side Effects, Risks, & Other Concerns

There are some serious risks with taking Restandol testocaps and other sources of synthetic testosterone. You minimize risks like these by cycling, but they are still something to be aware of. These include:

Painful/undesired erections


Heart, liver, or kidney failure

Psychiatric disorders (Anxiety, nervousness, irritability, etc.)

Skin problems including increase in acne, redness, and rashes

Lowered sperm count

Increase in body hair

Changes to libido

Finally, it is important to consider your sport of choice. While many competitive associations require steroid use to stay competitive, many do have a specification on usage.

Timing before competitions, type of steroids, and dosage recommendations are going to be specific to your association. Always check before using any drugs.

Finding Restandol Testocaps For Sale

Many people who need synthetic testosterone, like Restandol, receive a prescription. This is simply filled at a pharmacy. For bodybuilders or other people looking to find Restandol, online pharmacies usually have it available.

Check to see what the laws in your country say about purchasing testosterone.

Typically, you can buy Restandol online for $40 USD to $60 USD. This is for a bottle containing 30 capsules.

It is important that you know what you are buying. Some online stores have come under scrutiny for providing mislabeled drugs. Protect yourself by understanding what you are looking for. Be sure to use a reputable source, and check reviews before purchasing Restandol testocaps for bodybuilding.

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