Review of Eurotropin HGH by Euro Pharmacies (REAL or FAKE?)

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Eurotropin is another name for a synthetic growth hormone available to bodybuilders or athletes.

Pharmaceutical grade synthetic growth hormones from are only available with a prescription.

They are often available from underground labs without a prescription, although it’s not that common due to its high cost.

In addition to cost, any bodybuilder considering use of growth hormone to add to their anabolic androgenic steroid cycle should be aware of exactly what growth hormone does and what to expect from it.

Eurotropin Profile

The Eurotropin formula is manufactured by Euro Pharmacies, an “underground” lab – meaning it’s not government condoned nor regulated.

That means that the risk of getting poor quality products or fakes is high.

The Euro Pharmacies product is marketed as somatropin, belonging to the drug class of polypeptide hormones.

It’s known by a number of other names, simply defining somatropin.

Regardless of brand or trade name, somatropin contains (or should) a 191-amino acid chain sequence that is identical to the growth hormone manufactured by the pituitary gland.

Caution: Some underground labs manufacture growth hormone in a 192-amino acid chain sequence which can cause permanent damage to immune system function.

The modification of the additional amino acid triggers the autoimmune response by the body, which will consider that growth hormone to be a foreign substance.

This results in the body triggering itself to attack its own growth hormone.

The 192-amino acid chain sequence is often found (even marketed as the 191-amino chain acid sequence) because it’s a lot easier and a lot cheaper to manufacture.

Eurotropin is available in a number of vial solution strengths that include:

4 IU

12 IU

16 IU

24 IU

32 IU

Euro Pharmacies markets their product as effective for competitive bodybuilding, increased mass with strong anabolic properties and no androgenic potential.


One seller offering Eurotropin solution injectables 3.33 mg (10 x 10 IU = 10 vials, each containing 10 IU) sells for $400.

Eurotropin dosage recommendations are double the acceptable medical guidelines ranging from 6 and up to 32 IU daily. This particular seller states that the drug can be used anywhere from three months up to a year.

Bodybuilders using growth hormone for athletic performance enhancement or physique improvement average anywhere between 1 IU and 6 IU daily, with anywhere from 2 IU to 4 IU the most common.

Medical guidelines for introducing growth hormone into a child or adult (diagnosed growth hormone deficiency) averages .005 mg per kilogram a day and up 2.01 mg per kilogram per day.

Note: The milligram dosage equates to 1 IU and up to 3 IU daily depending on the condition being treated.

Because of the potential for side effects and adverse reactions, somatropin or any form of growth hormone, including Eurotropin, should not be taken longer than 24 weeks, with the average being six weeks when incorporated into a cycle.

Growth Hormone Function

Growth hormone manufactured in a laboratory is known as synthetic HGH (or hGH) or human growth hormone, more commonly known as somatropin.

Manufactured in the body by the pituitary gland, growth hormone is known as somatotropin.

Growth hormone is recommended only for individuals dealing with a growth hormone deficiency.

Growth hormone affects more than growth and has an influence on the number of body systems and functions including:

Bone strength

Cellular growth – growth hormone influences all cells in the body, and not just muscle or bone


Endocrine function and balances



Putting growth hormone into the body when levels are adequate based on the individual’s age and, gender, and needs; can contribute to a number of Eurotropin side effects.

Too Much Growth Hormone?

When using too high of a Eurotropin dosage, bodybuilders may experience some benefits, but not without the risk of side effects.

Overindulgence with exogenous growth hormone can trigger:

Chronic fatigue

Muscle weakness

High blood pressure

Changes in cardiovascular function that can increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, or heart disease.

Metabolic issues – as a hormone, growth hormone can negatively influence other hormone levels, including insulin, increasing the risk of developing diabetes.


Because of the popularity of growth hormone products on the black market, it’s also one of the most commonly counterfeited.

Much of the growth hormone manufactured and sold around the world without a prescription to athletes and bodybuilders today has a decent chance of being counterfeit.

Legalities of Use

In the United States, synthetic human growth hormone used for athletic performance is illegal.

It’s not a controlled drug under the Controlled Substances Act, but is defined under the 1990 Anabolic Steroids Control Act as a crime when it comes to distribution, possession, or intent to distribute other than for recognized medical conditions.

Legal charges and fines are noted in the Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act of the FDA.

Any form of human growth hormone is banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency and the International Olympic Committee and other sporting organizations around the world.

Before you buy Eurotropin or any other trade name of black market HGH, proceed with caution, not only due to physical safety, but legal ramifications.

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