Sean Penn Steroids Use–Is He Natural or Not?

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What do we know about Sean Penn and his steroids use?

Sean Justin Penn is a US based actor, director and political activist, who was born on August 17, 1960.

He began his acting career in 1974 as a minor character in the TV series “Little House.”

To retain his movie role, it has been imperative for Sean to maintain an attractive physique, which he claims to do by regularly visiting the gym.

Considering that he is 55 years old, most people have raised questions regarding his muscular body, some arguing that he uses steroids.

Why are there Sean Penn Steroid Claims?

People on steroid forums claim Sean Penn may have been using steroids for the following reasons.

Sean is an alcoholic who has been spotted in clubs on many occasions.

Forums discuss him being such a party-animal, inferring that he rarely has the time to work out.

Also, since he is in his fifties, they claim that heavy workouts would be hard on his bones and muscles.

What is his Current Form?

Currently, Sean has a very splendid physique considering his age.

He weighs 171 pounds

Is 5’8” tall

Body Fat 9% – 10%

It’s hard to find accurate information on Sean Penn’s body online.

Most of this information is from the account of his fans, some who claim to know him personally. There are many opinions regarding Sean’s body, with some people arguing that he attained his muscular body naturally.

However, there are those who remain convinced that it is unrealistic for him to have such a great body without steroids and that the only way he can maintain such physique is through the use of steroids or supplements.

Use of Dietary Supplements

Sean is believed to take supplements, which helps him during his workout sessions. These supplements help him train harder while at the same time, boosting his muscle mass result.

The use of supplements is seen as a natural alternative to using steroids, whereby they allow an individual to shred fat and pack muscle with fewer side effects.

According to some sources, Sean uses Force Nitro and Alpha Testosterone supplements.

This supplement combo is believed to be healthy and totally safe, which is why most bodybuilders and celebrities use it.

Are there any Signs of Steroid Use?

Most steroid users will have a bloated stomach due to excessive accumulation of water.

Examining the numerous shirtless photos of Sean Penn, we notice that his belly is hardly bloated.

Secondly, if Sean is on steroids, he could have bad acne on his face and body.

In all pictures of Sean on the internet, there are no such signs. Finally, steroids can affect the shape of one’s face, and does not seem to be the case with Sean Penn.

How Did He Get There?

Penn’s journey has not always been a pleasant one.

To achieve his physique, it took a lot of discipline and determination, whereby he had to follow a strict nutritional plan.

The first step was to identify a knowledgeable trainer, who would help him through the process. He was kept going by the enticement he got from a contract for the movie “The Gunman,” which was worth millions of dollars.

He could not afford to lose the film role, especially not because of his physique.

Verdict: Natural

There is no solid evidence that Sean Penn uses steroids, despite his incredible physique. The following facts can confirm this:

He weighs 171 pounds

Is 5’8” tall

Body Fat 9% – 10%

It has, however, been confirmed that Sean Penn has been using Force Nitro and Alpha Testosterone supplements, which helps him maintain his vigorous gym activity.

This is understandable, considering that he is 55 years old, thus not as energetic as the young body builders. The obvious conclusion is that the claims associating Sean Penn with the use of steroids are false and baseless.

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