Serostim for Bodybuilding–Results, Dosages & Side Effects

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Is Serostim for bodybuilding effective?

Serostim is one of many brands of synthetic or laboratory developed human growth hormone.

Endogenous or body-produced growth hormone, known as somatotropin, is manufactured in the pituitary gland, located at the base of the brain.

When the pituitary doesn’t manufacture adequate amounts, it causes a growth hormone deficiency. Short stature and other physical developmental and functional delays may occur.

In such cases, a physician may recommend treatment with synthetic growth hormone known as somatropin.

Apart from these therapeutic applications, this product has gained some notoriety as a bodybuilding drug.

But is using this brand-name HGH injection for fitness and physique enhancement a smart idea?

Is Serostim Used for Bodybuilding?

Serostim is not manufactured with the intention of supporting bodybuilders.

Serostim, as a legitimate and high-quality synthetic growth hormone, was, and continues to be, recommended in patients diagnosed with AIDS as part of anti-retroviral therapy known as HAART.

Serostim, in this function, has been approved by the US FDA for its ability to maintain muscle, increase development of lean muscle, and body mass, as well as boost stamina and endurance.

What about Serostim for bodybuilders?

Healthcare professionals do not recommend nor condone the use of any type of growth hormone for bodybuilding and physique enhancement efforts.

Growth hormone is extremely potent and must be used carefully and with discretion to avoid dangerous side effects.

In medical scenarios, it is available in a number of milligram strengths, and as a single dose or multi-dose injectable HGH form.

Serostim HGH Reviews

What is Serostim?

Serostim is one of over two dozen brands of legitimate and prescription-strength growth hormone recommended for patients.

The term “legitimate” is used because growth hormone substances are among the most counterfeited products also available for sale by underground labs through black-market resources.

Serostim is manufactured utilizing recombinant DNA (rDNA) technology.

These technologies require not only expertise, but time-consuming and very expensive processes in its manufacture, which requires a combination of two or more strands of genetic DNA to create a synthetic growth hormone, which is then allowed to proliferate.

The only way to ensure the Serostim HGH for sale you find is legitimate is if you have a prescription, which are not given out for bodybuilding purposes.

Serostim Dosage For Bodybuilding

The manufacturer provides specific dosage recommendations for use of Serostim for medical purposes, but does not provide information about dosage suggestions for nonmedical purposes, such as Serostim for bodybuilding.

Serostim – in patient treatments – starts at an average 0.1 mg per kilogram of body weight to be taken subcutaneously every day, specifically at bedtime.

This treatment recommendation is intended for a patient who has been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, and is dealing with muscle wasting or cachexia.

Bodybuilders commonly take substances in higher than recommended dosages, but this is cautioned against when it comes to Serostim and other growth hormone products.

This is especially true when any type of growth hormone is combined with an anabolic androgenic steroids for accelerated benefits or increased muscle mass.

Using hormone drugs like Serostim for bodybuilding when it’s not required can increase levels of HGH in the body that contributes to a number of potential side effects.

Some of these side effects are mild while others are more serious and long term.

Serostim Side Effects

Even in medical scenarios and under careful supervision by a physician, side effects of growth hormone drugs like Serostim do occur.

Some of the most common side effects associated with Serostim include:

Edema or fluid retention that causes swelling in the extremities, mainly the hands, the fingers, and the ankles. It can also contribute to facial and abdominal bloating known in bodybuilding circles as HGH face or HGH gut.

Muscle pain

Joint pain, sometimes to the degree that it inhibits mobility and range of motion

Nerve pain

Carpal tunnel syndrome

More serious side effects and adverse reactions are also possible.

Some of these can be quite serious, as Serostim, like other growth hormone products, does have an influence over numerous party functions and organs, and systems including:


Endocrine system functions including the manufacture and secretions of other hormones that work together


Serostim, and other growth hormone products do have the potential of negatively influencing the manufacture and function of insulin.

Insulin is a hormone responsible for transporting energy in the form of glucose to the cells.

Disrupting levels of growth hormone can create a cascade of disruptions and interferences with the functions of other hormones in the body.

Among the more serious side effects associated with use of Serostim in bodybuilding is the potential to trigger glucose resistance or impairment of glucose tolerance, as well as onset of Type 2 diabetes.

Other serious side effects with higher than normal levels of HGH in the body can include acromegaly.

Acromegaly is a serious condition which is triggered by the excessive and literally out-of-control growth of bone, muscle, and connective tissue cells.

Damage to wrist, ankle, and facial bone joint structures are a possibility, and may be irreversible.

CrazyBulk Supplements

Instead of using Somatropin injections for bodybuilding, people who prefer to achieve results in a natural way have turned to CrazyBulk HGH-X2.

This natural bodybuilding supplement is produced by CrazyBulk, who claims that as an HGH Releaser, it triggers the pituitary gland to release more HGH into the blood.

The supplement uses a blend of amino acids that CrazyBulk claims can help increase your body’s natural HGH production and may help with lean muscle gains, reducing body fat, weight loss and increased recovery from workouts.

Unlike using Serostim, bodybuilders do not need a prescription as this supplement is 100% legal over the counter. The company offers free shipping of all its products worldwide.

Caution is recommended with Serostim

You may see positive Serostim growth hormone results depending on expectations. At the same time, these positive benefits must always be considered with the very serious potential of side effects and adverse reactions that outweigh the benefits.

Serostim for bodybuilding is not recommended by the medical community.

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