SHOCKING Enduros Testo Booster Results [Reviews]

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Enduros Testo Booster appeared on the market a few years ago.

It’s a supplement aimed at increasing free testosterone in men.

It also promises to increase the visible results of intensive workouts.

Can it deliver on these promises?

While you’ve been working out, you’ve probably heard plenty of talk around the gym about the use of testosterone boosters to add to or in place of your steroid/test cycles.

Is it as good as they say as a replacement to HGH and anabolic steroids? Read on to find out.

What is Enduros Testo Booster?

You’ve seen and heard all those ads touting the next great supplement for weight loss, male enhancement, cures for baldness and other common miracle remedies.

Enduros Testo Booster falls into this category.

It is supposed to allow your body to release more free testosterone to support increased sexual libido, increase energy, build muscle mass and even increase the size of your penis.

It contains no federally controlled medication and therefore can be purchased without a prescription.

Is it Real Testosterone or a Supplement?

Enduros Testo Booster is a supplement, not real testosterone.

Different resources say it has different ingredients, so the reality is unknown.

One source lists ginseng, maca, goat weed, and saw palmetto.

Some of these have been used in holistic medicine for centuries to support fertility and fight urinary tract infections.

Another says the compound includes Tribulus terrestris which has been used in Indian and Chinese medicine as well to support good urinary health.

There are no studies or findings to support that any of these ingredients actually increase the level of testosterone in your body.

The product that is marketed from time to time through radio, TV and internet promotion is a tablet that is taken orally once a day.

If you see a product called Enduros Test spray, it is a male enhancement formula that is separate from the bodybuilding supplement.

Part of the mystery of supplements is that there are no FDA controls in place to ensure that the product you receive actually has the ingredients listed on the bottle or if they are at a therapeutic strength.

Having said that, Enduros lists Epimedium, Lepidium Meyenii, Tongkat Ali, and Mucuna Gigantea along with a collection of other ingredients.

None of the ingredients are toxic in the levels included and some may support general good health.

Where Is It Made?

The label says it is made by Enduros, which curiously has the same mailing address as a collection of other pharmaceutical companies who promote the sample pack/monthly supply trick the Enduros uses to hook its customers.

This means that it’s likely the actual pills are compounded elsewhere and packaged by Enduros for their marketing purposes.

Enduros provides both a Michigan and Florida address for company headquarters and returns respectively. Does that mean the product is made in the USA? Good question.

Enduros Test Booster Dosage & How To Use

While you might think that using Testo Booster during your cutting cycle will increase the benefit derived from your test shot, no studies have been conducted that support this conclusion.

The bottle recommends that you take one tablet once a day with meals and use it for the duration of your cycle, if you are on one. However, unlike your steroids and HGH, there is not a recommendation to suspend use between cycles.

Side Effects

Extreme exposure to Tribulus terrestris can cause damage to your liver, just as real testosterone can.

An overdose of Maca can cause hyperactive thyroid and an increase in estrogen levels.

Similar side effects for overdosing on other ingredients included in Enduro Testo Booster can also occur. Because you don’t know how much of any compound you are ingesting with each tablet, side effects can be uncertain.

Either way, side effects are probably going to be milder than taking real testosterone injections.

Enduro Testosterone Boosting Formula For Sale

This is the kicker. You can’t find Testo Booster on the shelf at GNC. If you want to buy it, you must first order a sample pack for “free” and pay shipping and handling.

That fee is usually between $5 and $10. Once they have your credit card information, you are automatically placed on their monthly shipping schedule and will be charged $119.99/mo. along with shipping and handling for a thirty day supply.

Like many other miracle supplements that are for sale in this manner, it can be difficult to cancel your subscription before you’ve been charged for two or more months of the supplement.

Ultimately, if you get hooked on Enduro Testo Booster and you enjoy the results, whatever they might be, you might keep taking it. Will a pro ever suggest you add it to your cycle? Not likely.

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