SHOCKING IGF-1 Reviews (Know The Pros & Cons)

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We all know that you sometimes have to take IGF-1 reviews (or any reviews) with a grain of salt.

Finding an unbiased informative review of any supplement product can be challenging.

You find websites extolling the astounding benefits of a particular supplement, and another warning doom and gloom.

It’s important to look for those that provide a balance. Very rarely is anything all good or all bad.

IGF-1 Reviews Bodybuilding – Hype or Truth?

You will find that a number of IGF-1 reviews are focused on bodybuilding.

Bodybuilding is one of the main attractions of this peptide hormone to athletes and bodybuilders preparing for competitions.

However, as a form of growth hormone, IGF-1 (insulin like growth factor-1 is for sale by prescription-only) injections are focused on treatment protocols for children and adolescents who exhibit failure to thrive or signs and symptoms of ‘normal’ growth.

New research has also determined that it is an important component in more ways than just growth.

Recently, deficiencies of IGF-1 and red blood cell magnesium has been linked to fibromyalgia. Normal levels of based on age average 235 ng per deciliter.

Individuals in this study (60) diagnosed with fibromyalgia had an average level of 59.33 ng per deciliter as well as lower levels of red blood cell (RBC) magnesium levels.

IGF-1 results are also under study in a potential treatment for Lou Gehrig’s disease, known in medical lingo as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

A recent article published in the Neural Regeneration Research Journal (“The neural protective effects of human growth hormone as a potential treatment for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis” determined that growth hormone supplementation did provide protection of neurons when it came to neuronal cells in vitro in labs as well as in vivo using mice.

More research is required to determine whether growth hormone therapy will be effective in this direction.

Studies from Tel Aviv University noted that IGF-1 receptors mediate activity in the hippocampus and that hyperactivity has been associated with conditions that can increase the risk for Alzheimer’s disease in the article, “Insulin-like growth factor linked to hippocampal hyperactivity in Alzheimer’s disease.”

This is all well and good, but when it comes to IGF-1 reviews, what do users have to say about how it helps build muscle, improve endurance, improve sexual performance, or any of the other claims made by manufacturers.

Many even claim that IGF-1 supplementation is the literal fountain of youth? What does the science have to say when it comes to bodybuilding?

IGF-1 Injection For Bodybuilding

When you type in the keywords IGF-1 and muscle growth, you’ll be directed to a number of websites that promote bodybuilding, enhanced athletic performance, boosting sexual libido and performance, and so forth.

You may be brought to particular versions of IGF-1, such as PEG MGF.

It’s no secret that growth hormone (GH), human growth hormone (HGH) and other products designed to boost muscle growth and libido (such as the newly popular deer antlers sprays), are highly sought after by bodybuilders and athletes and others.

An article published in the British Journal of Pharmacology, “Regulation of muscle mass by growth hormone” defines that some benefits in using growth hormone may provide beneficial for those with a growth hormone deficiency.

Today however, little evidence supports anabolic effects of growth hormone (GH) in the development of skeletal muscle tissues in healthy men and women.

Studies in relation to IGF-1 results in muscle cell cultures and animal test subjects do show a number of benefits, but studies are lacking in human subjects.

There is no doubt that hormones, metabolism, and weight-bearing exercise builds muscle. Testosterone provides anabolic effects that gives men greater muscle mass than women.

Medical researchers however, caution against extrapolating results of animal studies to human use. Basic physiology implies that muscle mass is equitable to body size, weight, and normal growth.

While some strength increases in growth hormone deficient patients undergoing growth hormone therapies for those patients did not see an effect in muscle mass.

IGF-1 Cycle As a Cure-All?

Exercise, weight bearing activities and a nutritious diet are all aspects of health and wellness that contribute toward development of lean muscle mass and decrease in fat masses.

Exercise and intensity of exercise stimulates the release of growth hormone, IGF-1 hormone, serotonin, and others.

IGF-1 reviews of the spray in regard to a wide variety of products promote some form of growth hormone for that fountain of youth we’re all looking for.

However, it is important to note that a pill, spray, or powder when it comes to bodybuilding efforts is not nearly as effective as many think.

Supplemental reviews that promote it as a miracle in a bottle or as a cure-all should be taken with a grain of salt.

It is certainly a beneficial hormone in growth and development, and using growth hormone supplements can maximize oxygen uptake, muscle strength, and respiratory thresholds, but it depends on individual body composition as well as metabolism.

When comparing IGF-1 reviews, follow up with your own research and be careful of side effects.

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