Should You Buy Hygetropin Online From China? [Read These Reviews]

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Before looking to buy Hygetropin, research the drug, classified as a synthetic human growth hormone.

While it’s not necessarily difficult to get Hygetropin for sale, always be aware from whom you’re purchasing.

Look at the reputation of the manufacturer, what other users have the say about a specific product, and most importantly, in regard to its safety.

Where To Buy Hygetropin

Hygetropin, due to its popularity (and cheap prices when manufactured by underground labs), is often counterfeited.

The drug is sold in vials containing different milligram strength solutions that are often designated by a specific color of the vial cap.

When looking to buy Hygetropin, you may find it listed (based on milligram strength) as:

HGH black top

HGH yellow top

HGH red top

HGH blue top

HGH green top

Always remember that the source of any drug – used without a prescription or “customized” by underground labs produces different results (or none at all) depending on its quality.

While Hygetropin is manufactured in China, the reputation of Chinese pharmaceutical manufacturers is questionable.

Especially when compared to manufacturing standards of pharmaceutical substances in Canada, Australia, Western Europe, or the United States.

Hygetropin Results & Benefits For Bodybuilders

Hygetropin is a synthetic form of human growth hormone manufactured in China. The body does manufacture its own growth hormone. Production and secretions occur in the pituitary gland, located in the brain.

The pituitary gland is known as the master gland of the body because it is responsible for maintaining or overseeing hormonal manufacture and secretions.

The actual ‘levels’ are tracked by the hypothalamus, also in the brain, that sends signals to the pituitary to either cease or increase hormone productions.

Synthetic human growth hormone is designed with the same chemical/foundational structure of growth hormone produced by the human body and contains 191 amino acids. As the name implies, it makes things grow.

Human growth hormone is responsible for more than stature. Human growth hormone is also involved with:

Muscle growth

Skeletal growth



Brain function

In medical scenarios, synthetic human growth hormone is recommended for the treatment of growth disorders.

Bodybuilders often buy Hygetropin or turn to other synthetic HGH to accelerate muscle growth and metabolism, with varying degrees of success.

Dosage & Safety

Safety is always encouraged with use of a human growth hormone product. Before looking to buy, be aware of Hygetropin fakes and poor quality products.

Accessing bodybuilding or muscle-building forum board discussion threads is one way to determine whether the quality of the HGH you’re looking to buy is effective, safe, and of good quality.

Finding effective yet safe dosage recommendations for use of Hygetropin differs among users. The most common dosage ranges between 2 IU and 10 IU daily.

The price to buy Hygetropin 200IU kits is around $350.

Side Effects

Side effects associated with Hygetropin vary, not only dependent on dosage and frequency of use, but on individual reactions to the hormone.

A number of factors can influence the severity of side effects such as:


Height versus weight

A person’s current hormone levels




Some users may experience mild side effects while others experience adverse reactions that are quite alarming. Among the most common side effects associated with Hygetropin:

Extreme numbness in the hands

Joint pain

Muscle pain – can be localized or spread throughout an entire muscle group

Nerve pain – can be localized or follow an entire nerve pathway

Localized swelling (edema) most noticed in the wrist, knee, and ankle joints. This swelling is triggered by fluid trapped in cells.

Before you buy Hygetropin, always carefully weigh the benefits of use as opposed to its side effects.

Some of the dosage recommendations for Hygetropin or other forms of synthetic human growth hormone are quite high and influence severe side effects that include acromegaly.

Acromegaly defines a condition of uninhibited growth of bone, muscle, and connective tissue cells, especially in the joints. This causes deformities and limited mobility in the hands, the feet, and facial structures.

In some cases, treatment of joint damage caused by acromegaly is not always successful and higher than normal levels of growth hormone in the body may lead to long-term health issues.

Before you buy Hygetropin from any source, use with caution. Accelerated levels of HGH in the body also contribute to imbalances of glycoprotein (cholesterol). They can also disrupt metabolic functions in the body.

Increased levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and decreased levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) increase the risk of plaque buildup inside the arteries.

This condition, atherosclerosis, contributes to cardiovascular system damage.

Hygetropin manufactured from underground labs around the world – even the Chinese manufacturers claiming to be legitimate and sell without a prescription – is not always of good quality.

Read Hygetropin reviews before buying.

In addition to the physical side effects caused by higher than normal levels of growth hormone in the body, bodybuilders who buy Hygetropin online must also employ caution and common sense when purchasing from underground labs.

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