SL-164 created today (analogue of methaqualone)

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I know there have been a few attempts at methaqualone analogues but I don’t thjnk they were worth bothering with or at least I never heard any rave reviews. Anyone have any more info about SL-164? It’s now on the market

it’s ba is too low orally. you have to vape it off the tailpipe of an ‘06 dodge ram pick up truck because it heats it to the perfect temperature and the ba is much higher. however be careful as i have been arrested numerous times for hot wiring strayers dodges. i bought my own and my arrest rate is down significantly.

They are currently consulting with their chemists about whether to synth those a-PVP analogs I posted earlier. Only one of those that I emailed to actually thank me 🙁

Also considering several opioids I suggested, but when I suggested some absolute gems they pretty much wondered if it’s worth it because they are only about as potent as Morphine 🙁 They would be very euphoric though.

What is the site that calculates the probable binding affinites from only a chemical structure?

I don’t wan’t to post the names, because who knows how many government agenceies are following this subreddit to ban new chems.

Should I perhaps delete the post about a-PVP analogs now that several labs have been notfied and will probably start producing?

I’ve done enough study in simulated / calculated drug design to know that you aren’t going to get anything useful out of tooling around yourself with an online calculator. Digging further through literature is much more fruitful. Drug design as performed today requires a lot of proprietary data and a lot of computing power.

SL-164 is an analogue of methaqualone developed in the late 1960s by a team at Sumitomo. SL-164 has similar sedative, hypnotic and anticonvulsant properties to the parent compound, but was never marketed for clinical use.

I am very interested….did Methaqualone literally a few thousand times but sure wish I had saved some. Actually did find a few bags of Rorer’s and Lemmons in the late 90’s in my parents house in the basement. In the early 80’s we didn’t know that the good times were about to end!

Hey man, I think we should look into this stuff. This and ethaqualone seem like the only two RCs really worth trying, maybe mebroqualone as well. We’ll talk more.

I was offered Etaqualone a few years back but turned her down due to the fact that I wasn’t using anything for a while….bad move I suppose. Yes Etaqualone and Mebro (also SL-164)seem to be the only good MQ options and Etaq has disappeared I believe. Both should surface again, mainly on Darknet although clearnet has carried it before.

I have been wondering about the Carisoprodol analogues as well…although if this SL-164 is virtually identical to Ludes we are in for some fun! Please share why Etaqualone disappeared…dm if you’d like. Other than the standard MQ problem of needing pretty many milligrams per dose I can’t see a problem with Etaqualone- but it certainly disappeared.

The vendor that sold it stopped selling it because they were concerned about their customer’s safety since overdosing on barbiturates and non barbiturate sedatives is pretty much a death sentence because nothing can be done if you take too much, you’re pretty much fucked…

It may come back one day though… That or one could ask for a custom synthesis if they have the money.

interesting, it makes some sense although it is still surprising. The LD50 for Methaqualone was pretty damn high…not sure if Etaq was much different. My guess is there were some people who combined it with Heroin/Fent overdosed and they didn’t like the heat. Any good oral Lude should make a comeback….Fentanyl kills. Ludes by themselves really don’t or I wouldn’t be posting..and actually I mixed them with everything imaginable.

For those of you who don’t already know this, methaqualone is the main ingredient in quaaludes. The same drug they do in the wolf of Wall Street. I tried quaaludes several times a few years ago and they are fucking crazy. They’re similar to Xanax except they don’t make you anywhere close to as tired as Xanax and they last about 5 times longer than Xanax. They get you stupid high though and you will do stupid shit you will have absolutely no recollection of the next day. I took 5 of them and blacked out for about 12 hours straight and did a lot of stupid shit in that time frame. Me and my friend got in a fist fight and got hit by a car while i was on top of him punching him. I then smashed out the windows of the house where we got hit by the car. Glad I diddnt find the guy who hit us because I had a metal crowbar or something and I guess I went house to house at like 6 am lookin for him. I don’t remember any of this but my friends told me it happened. I’m nervous to ever try them again lol. I probably would. If anyone finds a methaqualone analog that’s very similar to methaqualone please let me know.

200mg orally nothing felt, crosstolerance to benzo which I have a very high tolerance too might be at play here tho

Try 400mg on a completely empty stomach. If you eat before even real methaqualone it has a very minimized effect. So yeah try that and don’t eat anything that day until u take it. Maybe in the morning would be good. So snorted worked? And what made vaping bad?


Nah snorting I only tried a small bump but don’t think it worked, vaping it burnt rather than melted (in glass pipe) and was awful I never tried smoking methaqualone and I do know they smoke it with weed so might not be destroyed on combustion?

Anyways the taste was horrible and a tiny amount was very uncomfortable inhaling and didn’t feel very healthy and I only took like one puff so I’m not all sure but that didn’t have any effect atleast.

Yeah I was thinking I’d try 400-500mg today, I’ll report back.


500 mg and i can feel a mdma, ghb, ketamin, benzo all in one kindq mix.. Not intense but can draw features from them all kinda

Id say effects at 500mg were quite heavy, not really like a mix of said chems but rather i could draw connections to these chemical groups

Id say its likely eqhupotent and very similar to the original compound but ive never troed methaqualone so im not all sure

And the effect is closest to dissociatives in nature, i think. albeit very functional compared to real dissos bht also the potential for hallucinations feels lurking in the background

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