Smoked hexen and loved it

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Got a motel 6 and ditched the wife. Its hexen time

Swear to god no joke I immediately shit after I do a bump. No matter what. I’ve done bumps when I was constipated from Kratom just to take a big cleansing shit.

New here mind explaining the jokes/hype surrounding Hexen?

Hexen is an extremely compulsive stimulant that resembles cocaine in effects AT FIRST (and duration). It’s a drug which many people have a love-hate relationship with, and probably one of the least functional stimulants on the market right now due to its addictive potential, god-awful comedown, and short duration

I used to LOVE smoking hexen, but then one time on the last day of a bender I was crashing with no sleep/food so of course I took a fat hot rail and literally as soon as I exhaled I was no longer high from it but instead only had all of the negative side effects (paranoia, heart/chest pains, severe anxiety). I was so anxious I railed some ketamine, then tossed some kratom, then smoked some weed, then drank some alcohol all to try and calm myself down to no avail so I ended up laying down on the couch, clutching my chest, watching some Always Sunny to get my mind off of it, feeling absolutely miserable until like 4 hours later at 5am on a work Monday. And that was the last time I ever smoked a stimulant.

How does it compare to crack? I stopped cause I started getting super bad auditory hallucinations. Lol

I instantly get auditory hallucinations even after one hit. What did yours sound like?

Towards the end of my use, it was so bad I could hear police whispering behind my door saying things like “On three. One. Two. Three” imagining they’re about to bust down my door. Or I had one where I saw shadows behind my blinds and heard my family members actually open my front door and walk inside. I heard foot steps from multiple people coming down my hallway and that time I was so high I couldn’t walk so I crawled to my bed and hid under the covers and heard them say things like “it’s time to go back to rehab. We’re taking you now”. Another time I got so fucked up I had a minor heart attack and fell into the floor and couldn’t move my legs or arms but I thought i heard my neighbors say “call the cops he’s got a gun and is high on drugs in there acting crazy!”

So glad I’m sober today and not living that nightmare anymore.

What is hexen?

A research chemical

Hexen graduates from research chemical to full on schedule 1 drug in 30 days.

Oh I hadn’t seen that. Shame. I never tried it, still haven’t tried any rc’s knowingly unfortunately, but people seemed to like it so I hate that for them. Fuck the war on drugs

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