Smoked Yopo Seeds (5-MEO-DMT)

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I’ve used DMT, DPT, and Salvia before, but this was my first time with 5-MEO-DMT.

So I bought a pound of yopo seeds off of ebay recently, scorched them in a frying pan, and pounded them into powder with a mortar and pestle. Then I added a bit of water and sodium bicarbonate(lime) and let it dry.

Tonight I smoked it multiple times. I started off filling just the bottom of the bowl a tad, to make sure I didn’t have any crazy reaction to the lime or seeds. It worked, and I felt a light sedation and body high, with no visuals, but a slight headspace.

On the second toke, I filled up the bowl, and took powerful tokes from then on out. The feeling of inebriation and sedation was much stronger this time, and I felt drawn to the child’s pose(yoga). I felt incredibly at peace, but I felt that it could have been much stronger. I was at a low level 2 out of 5 in Leary’s levels of psychedelic experience. I had virtually no visuals whatsoever, but the headspace was there. To me it felt like a much more sedating DMT with a similar headspace and no visuals.

I was not able to get to breakthrough, or even close. My understanding is that this is where the fun is at, but sadly the yopo seeds weren’t able to concentrate enough of the 5-MEO-DMT in order for me to achieve that state.

I’m wishing to fall into some pure 5-MEO-DMT at some point in the future. It feels like an immensely peaceful drug, and I didn’t experience any of the negative body effects others have reported at lower doses. Perhaps this is also due to my fasting? I have been fasting the past couple days.

Now I have a pound of yopo powder sitting around. I doubt I’ll make much use of it unless I can concentrate it further.

Go hit up some tribesmen and have them blow that shit up your nose with a bamboo straw

I use tobacco snuf with the traditional blowy nosey thingy pretty damn often. I have a feeling I would have to put a stupid amount up my nose to trip though. Possibly because I didn’t remove the outer seed coating, effectively doubling the dead weight.

You dont have to put a stupid amount. I mean stupid given how much it burns maybe. Lol I’ve done it several times. And if they’re good seeds you’ll have ridiculous oev for around an hour. 4 seeds worth will do the trick. Cook them and mix them like you were and dry it and chop it into a big ass line. Split that in 2 and one up each nostril. Spit the drip out so you dont get sick as easy. Its pretty clear head space too, more visual than mind fucky.

E.g. you can have a look around on the DMT Nexus about teks to further purify your product.

With peregrina reports differ regarding 5-MeO-DMT content. There has been analysis’, where they showed a significant amount, but many there who tested them didn’t find any relevant amounts.

One big problem is, that there’s no means to tell just from the look of the seeds if they are colubrina or peregrina.

Even to differentiate the trees is difficult, as there are only some fine details upon which you can differentiate them. So most A. peregrina that is sold online isn’t really peregrina, but colubrina. This may explain many reports of negative 5-MeO-DMT findings in peregrina. But there are also some who did an analysis of what was clearly identified as peregrina (and I believe them), but it lacked relevant amounts of 5-MeO-DMT. So likely there are different chemotypes.

But interestingly your report actually does sound more like a low dose 5-MeO-DMT experience, than a 5-HO-DMT experience. So I’m very interested about your findings. It would be a blast if you could register yourself on the DMT Nexus and report there. Someone there even analyzes your stuff, if you send it to him, which could prove to be very interesting.

I, personally have tripped on yopo seeds, the Bufotenine in them is the main active ingredient, I however made a snuff out of if, and I’ve heard that the snuff is quite a bit more powerful than smoking it, I wrote a trip report on it, if you wanna check my post history. Good luck man!

If you enjoyed yopo and were interested in pursuing a purer product I assume you could concentrate it with an acid/base extraction. That said afaik there’s generally more bufotenine than 5-MeO-DMT in yopo so it would definitely not be the straight 5-MeO-DMT experience.

does an a/b extraction seperate the 5 ho dmt from the 5 meo?

Actually AFAIR 5-HO-DMT has quite different properties than 5-MeO-DMT, as way more polar and so it’s not really difficult to separate them, but separating DMT and 5-MeO-DMT is quite more difficult.

But if you read the corresponding threads on the Nexus, you will get more info about that.

I personally never encountered proper peregrina seed which did contain any substantial amounts of 5-MeO-DMT, so I personally never had to separate them before.

Not in any effective way. The extraction pulls all of a plant’s alkaloids with pretty similar efficiency, especially if they are similarly basic (which bufotenine and 5-MeO-DMT are). As freebases they’re both going to dissolve into whatever non-polar solvent you use so the extract would be mostly bufotenine with a mixture of other DMT-like compounds depending on what was in the seeds to start with. I don’t think there would be a way to separate the two without some proper lab equipment like a liquid chromatography setup.

The natives use Calcium oxide(quicklime) not baking soda(sodium bicarb). Like others have said the outer coating needs to be removed. I put the seeds on low heat on a pan until they pop once like Mexican jumping beans.

Then you can just rip off the outer coating; it comes off easy. Powderize the seed and quicklime mixture and mix. Then add a few drops of water to the mixture and mix more. Let it fully dry and then shoot that up your nose.

Be warned it burns like hell. Most powerful psychedelic experience of my life comes from yopo seeds.

I did this back in college often. It smells like hell. But it kicked my ass repeatedly with strong experiences, particularly when combined with shrooms or something like that.

I remember it feeling Heavy like I was stomped on and hot as heck. Cosmic but sort of implied visuals.

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