Somatropinne—Human Growth Hormone Supplement Reviews

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What’s the difference between somatropinne and somatropin?

Are they the same thing?

No, and knowing the difference is important for any bodybuilder or athlete.

Somatropin is another word for HGH, or human growth hormone.

Oppotunities for confusion abound, especially since the manufacturer of Somatroppine claims that the product contains a certain amount of HGH substances labeled secretagogues.

In order to fully appreciate the difference between these two substances, a very brief primer on growth hormone is required.

Somatropinne versus Somatropin

Somatropin, or the generic, synthetic form of growth hormone, is a prescription-only drug typically used in the treatment of childhood growth deficiencies, most of which are caused by medical conditions and disease processes.

In adults, a growth hormone deficiency may occur following injury, disease, or cancer of the pituitary gland.

Somatropin, because it functions in the same way as growth hormone, provides a number of benefits to users, such as:

Increased development of lean muscle mass

Enhanced metabolism, which contributes to weight loss (a few pounds), as well as reduced fat storage in the body

Increased synthesis of proteins. This occurs because of the 191 amino acids found in both endogenous (somatotropin) and synthetic growth hormone (somatropin). Amino acids are required for the development of proteins, and protein is essential in the development of new muscle as well as cellular growth.

Enhanced retention of nitrogen in muscles. Balances of oxygen and nitrogen and muscles prevents muscle wasting or loss, known as cachexia, often experienced by those with musculoskeletal degenerative disease processes.

Somatropinne is a nutritional supplement that contains a number of ingredients found in nature including but not limited to:

Horny Goat Weed

Hawthorn Berry

Mucuna Pruriens

The supplement manufacturer also claims that their Somatropinne is composed of special growth factors, nutrients, and hormones that are intended to naturally increase secretions of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-I) and growth hormone in the body.

The manufacturer also claims that Somatropinne contains tiny amounts of human growth hormone substances known as secretagogues.

However, the only mention of any kind of amino acid in the product is the 2-amino-5 pentanoic acid. Some equate this to arginine, although arginine is defined as 2-amino-5 guanidimopentanoic acid.

It’s not clear whether the manufacturer is specifying arginine or not.

Nevertheless, if that’s the only amino acid contained in the product, results may not be as high as intended.

The supplement is available in capsule form (60 capsules per bottle) with a 250 mg strength of its proprietary blend. The homeopathic HGH supplement markets itself as containing six potent growth factors and eight amino releasers, but information about these specific components are lacking on the ingredients label.

Instructions for use recommend one tablet in the morning and at the evening.

Growth Hormone in a Nutshell

Growth hormone (somatotropin) is manufactured by the pituitary gland, located at the base of the brain.

Synthetic or laboratory-produced growth hormone used in medical treatments as a replacement for growth hormone deficiencies is generically known as somatropin.

Somatropin is structured and behaves the same way that endogenous or body-produced growth hormone works.

It’s a prescription-only drug, recommended only for pituitary gland deficiencies in children and adults.

Somatropinne is an over-the-counter sports nutrition product that doesn’t contain any growth hormone, but nevertheless can provide a number of benefits to users.

Is Somatropinne Supplement Effective?

The efficacy of any nutritional sports supplement is going to be based on its ingredients.

Is it as strong as somatropin?

No, because it doesn’t contain any growth hormone. At the same time, it’s an over-the-counter product that doesn’t require a prescription.

In addition, its ingredients are much safer than injecting a growth hormone into the body that doesn’t need it for optimal function.

Most of the reviews found on the Somatropinne supplement are positive in nature, extolling it’s amazing, powerful, and potent benefits. However, many of these reviews don’t come with any specific information on how the product was used other than taking it as directed.

While Somatropinne may provide some support to the pituitary gland in regard to its primary functions and mechanism of action, it isn’t as potent as an actual injectable substance such as growth hormone or IGF-I, which is not recommended for non-medical use anyway.

Though it’s safer than injecting a growth hormone into the body, even over-the-counter supplements like Somatropinne can contribute to a number of side effects.

Side Effects of Somatropinne

Some users have of Somatropinne have complained of some relatively mild but frustrating side effects with use. Among those include headache, diarrhea, and muscle pain.

If an individual is sensitive to any of its ingredients, an allergic reaction may result.

Before use of over-the-counter sports nutritional products like Somatropinne, be aware that putting anything into the body that can influence hormone levels can contribute to unexpected, adverse reactions.

Among the more serious reactions of disruptive hormone levels is interference with the hormone insulin.

Growth hormone does have a huge influence over metabolic functions and the potential for increased or decreased blood glucose levels is a possibility.

Somatropinne is not somatropin. Note the difference but still use with caution.

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