Speedballin rc styley

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Hey, so I’m curious about an upper that will synergize well with opiates, specifically tapentadol.

I have that in surplus but coke has disappeared in my area, so I’m wondering what alternatives there are. I know nothing is gonna feel the exact same as a true speedball with dope and coke but something has gotta come close right? Bonus points if I don’t have to snort it (only have 1 working nostril now).

Thanks for your help!

I haven’t, I think I’m gonna try out nep first. I honestly have 0 experience with rc stims other than 2fma. What would you recommend though?

I’ve heard good things about isopropylphenidate. However, I’m only experienced with pharmaceutical methylphenidate. I have however mixed that with diamorphine and it was a fantastic speedball. Just like cocaine imo

Never hangovers. But definitely comedowns. I have ADHD so it actually takes me a lot more than the typical person to get a real high out of it. (I’m on Adderall now) but at the time I would go on Ritalin binges ranging from 100mg/day to 300mg/day and the comedown was basically me laying in bed eyes forcing themselves open while I think about how great it’d be if I could just die right then lol

Lol yeah that sounds shitty lol. Id assume with my complete lack of tolerance, if I keep my use of whatever stim I get very low I won’t have a big comedown problem. I’ve also heard bad stories about stim comedown so I wanna stay as safe as I can.

Honestly for me, this is purely for making music. I’m a junkie, I’ll admit that but I only touch uppers when I need to work but wanna be faded. So maybe something less euphoric and more functional might be perfect since I’m already lit on opiates.

Well, pure amp is pretty great in controlled doses if you’re not looking for a euphoric high. It’s good for partying when u wanna stay up without being tweaked out or overly stimmed. Also good for late work nights in your case. Maybe order a G. Lotta vendors from various DNMs will do small quantities if you’re a first timer and if you like it you order bulk for next to nothing. Like I said sounds like your best bet. It’s literally the cost of a grande crappucino from Starbucks per g

You’re probably right, it’s been a while since I studied the subd tryptamines, but if I’m thinking of 4-meo, than that means 4-ho-mipt is the one that’s similar to psilocyn right? Either way, not what I’m looking for. Probably gonna try out nep

4homipt is the one more similar to psilocin, yes. There is also a 4meomipt that’s similar to but less potent than 5meomipt.

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