Steroid Conversion–How To Make Steroids Usable In Injection Form

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Steroid conversion is often overlooked by bodybuilders looking to really amp up their gym game.

Sometimes, using steroids can be more complex than simply injecting a liquid or taking a pill.

It can require conversion procedures that, for the uninitiated, can be quite a hassle.

That’s not to say that conversion is necessary to take steroids, but for some it will be, and for these situations you’re going to need some knowledge to get you through the process.

We’re going to outline some common conversion procedures, as well as provide some examples of natural steroids that can help you get gains in the gym without the hassle of conversion.

Steroid Conversion

There are numerous instances where conversion is a necessary process for steroid use.

To convert correctly, you will often need the duration of action specific to each steroid hormone as well as their dosage equivalency.

These details will help you avoid the undesirable outcome of under-dosing or over-dosing.

Converting steroids need not always be a complicated process, but knowing what you’re doing is crucial to ensure that you’re using the product the way that it’s meant to be used.

GHRP-6 Conversion

GHRP-6 is a perfect example of such a situation.

A peptide hormone that regulates appetite and energy through its ability to mimic the effects of ghrelin, it increases the production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and helps bodybuilders pack on muscle, promote faster bone healing, and eliminate fat.

But here’s the kicker: it’s sold as a freeze-dried powder, typically in 5 mg vials.

In order for these vials to be converted into injectable solutions, it must be reconstituted.

What is reconstitution? It’s basically a fancy word for restoring a dried substance to its original liquid state.

Using GHRP-6 powder, it can be reconstituted by mixing it with approximately 3 mL of bacteriostatic water and then refrigerated.

And refrigeration is one of the most important parts of this conversion: the cool environment keeps GHRP-6 in its reconstituted form. Without such an environment, its protein structure will degrade and it will be unusable.

Trenbolone Oral Conversion

Trenbolone is a very strong anabolic steroid. In fact, it is considered by many bodybuilders to be one of the most powerful known to man with an anabolic androgenic rating of 500/500 compared to testosterone.

The problem is, it’s typically only available in pellet form in a drug called Finaplix-H, a veterinary drug that has never been approved for human use.

Not only does this make it illegal for you to use for supplementing your bodybuilding routine, it means that you’re going to have to do some extraction to get your Trenbolone.

Some people claim that they’ve harnessed the effects of Trenbolone in Finaplix-H through oral consumption, but its bioavailability using this method of use is likely very low.

So now you’re asking: how do I get Trenbolone out of Finaplix-H?

Each tablet was created to be injected into cattle, with 20 mg of Trenbolone Acetate in each.

Your first choice is to take the easy route and create an oral form of Trenbolone.

You’re going to need three things:



Long, thin metal

Now, use your piece to remove the Finaplix-H pellets from the cartridge and crush them into a powder as finely as possible.

And that’s it: now you can consume the powder.

But like consuming the pellets whole, you’re not going to get nearly as much Trenbolone as you would from injecting it, and it could even damage your liver.

Trenbolone Injection

In order to make a suspension of injectable Trenbolone, you’re going to need quite a few tools to do so.

Many Finaplix-H conversion kits can be purchased online, and bodybuilding forums are ripe with step-by-step guides on the process.

To put it simply, using the right tools or kit, you can extract an injectable form of Trenbolone from Finaplix-H pellets by dissolving them into an oil using vials.

These vials are then warmed and filtered over and over until a final solution of pure, potent, Trenbolone is left.

Natural Alternatives

All of this information is useful for steroid conversions, but what if you’re not chemically inclined? What if you make a mistake during the process and end up creating a product that harms you?

This is why choosing to use natural products such as CrazyBulk’s Trenorol is ideal.

No extraction, no scientific know-how, just simple capsules that give you results using legal, natural ingredients.

Other equally as effective and natural products from CrazyBulk include:









Converting Corticosteroid Doses

While not made for muscle gains like anabolic steroids, corticosteroids can be used during bodybuilding cycles to reduce inflammation and bolster healing when going hard in the gym.

But it’s very important to know how to convert doses.

For example, 25 mg of the short-acting cortisone is the same as 0.75 mg of the longer-acting dexamethasone.

Knowing the duration of action of these steroid hormones and their dosage equivalency is essential to get the effects that you want and avoid over or under-dosing.

Steroid conversion can be a complex process. It requires tools, a knowledge of science that ranges from beginner to advanced, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, your final product could be dangerous to consume.

Even if you get it right, steroids by their very nature are already dangerous for bodybuilding.

With the availability of natural alternatives that are completely legal, you can avoid the hassle of conversion and avoid the side effects that come with synthetic anabolic steroids.

There’s already enough of a risk that comes with purchasing bunk anabolic steroids online—why bring in the the additional risk of getting a steroid conversion wrong?

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