Steroid Diet Plan for Cutting Cycle Results (& Foods To AVOID)

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If you want to get the most out of your steroids, a proper steroid diet plan for cutting is crucial.

All of the muscle that you put on during your bulking phase is great, but it will come with some fat too.

And that’s where cutting comes in: by putting yourself into a caloric deficit, the goal is to shed the fat that’s accumulated during your bulking phase.

But without the right diet, you can end up losing some muscle along with your fat, so you need to ensure that you’re following the proper diet regimen.

Good news for you, we cover this below!

Steroid Diet Plan for Cutting

The best diet for a steroid cutting cycle will aim to put your body into a caloric deficit.

This forces you to turn to the energy stored in your body’s fats and use them.

So how exactly do you do this?

The first thing to get down pat is timing.

Try and eat about five to six times a day at the same times to maintain a stable metabolism, which will help you burn calories easier.

There’s another benefit to this: it lets your body know that you have a steady stream of food available to you.

Your body’s response to this? It knows that it doesn’t have to rely on its fat storages.

Each meal should be spaced out be around three to four hours apart. Aim to eat your first immediately after waking up and your last around an hour before you go to sleep.

So let’s say you wake up at 6 am every day. A good timeline might be:

6 am

9 am

12 pm

3 pm

6 pm

9 pm


Eating the right carbohydrates and ensuring proper timing is also essential to maintain a steady metabolism, release energy slower, and decrease fat storage.

What exactly are the “right” carbohydrates? Typically, they should be complex, which basically means that they contain minerals, vitamins, and nutrients.

Some great sources of complex carbohydrates are:

Vegetables (quinoa, pumpkin, butternut squash)

Sweet potatoes

Brown rice


Whole-wheat breads or pasta

You can still eat fruits, but you should eat them around the times that you’re working out so that you utilize their energy right away.

Although this is especially important for fruit, in general your carbohydrates should be consumed around times when your training, specifically before and after workouts.

But here’s a critical tip for planning an effective steroid cutting diet: when it comes to the evening, focus on curbing your carbohydrate intake and getting them from vegetables.


OK, so clearly carbohydrate regulation is important when you’re trying to get the best cutting diet while on steroids.

So what’s on the steroid diet menu for protein?

Focus on lean proteins including the following:





Integrate these into each meal in order to keep your blood sugar levels steady and keep yourself feeling full.

Really, a cutting steroid diet will focus on preserving lean mass in order to get that cut look that you want.

Without proper protein intake, you can really throw a wrench into your cutting plan as your body will start turning to its protein for energy. Since muscle is comprised of protein, this isn’t good for your physique.


You might think that that should be the end of a cutting cycle diet plan, and that fats should be completely left out.

However, your body needs some fat in order to maintain healthy cholesterol levels, immune function, and keep your organs healthy.

In addition, they are important for regulating your insulin levels, which is especially important if you have insulin in your stack.

Taking all of this diet advice about carbohydrates, protein, and fats together, you should know there are some foods to avoid while on steroids, especially foods that are high on processed sugar and/or sodium. These include:

Prepackaged frozen meals

Fast food

Canned entrees like spam, soup or ravioli

White bread, and other breads high on processed sugar

Sweets (e.g., ice cream, candy, chocolate)

Sports drinks

Fruit juice containing processed sugar

Cured or salted meats

Certain condiments

Cutting Cycle

So what’s a good plan to start with?

A 12 week steroid cutting cycle is a good length, but it will depend on which steroids you use as some can be taken for longer periods than others.

The best cutting cycles may include Anavar, Winstrol, Trenbolone, Testosterone or Clenbuterol.

Start by following the eating times we’ve listed and coming up with some meals that integrate all of the foods we’ve covered.

With a cutting cycle diet like the one mentioned paired with the right workout plan, you’ll help ensure that your body is burning fat as effectively as possible throughout both the day and night.

You’ll also keep your insulin levels in check and maintain your levels of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which is especially important for those supplementing with this steroid.

And here’s another tip: high levels of carbohydrates curbs HGH release, which typically happens at night. This is another reason that you need to ensure that your last few meals are low in carbohydrates.

With the tips that we’ve provided above, you can easily craft the right diet for your cutting cycle so that your steroid use will not be wasted.

A proper steroid diet plan for cutting is just as important as one for bulking, and ensuring these plans are optimal for your body will help you cut down on that extra fat accumulated during your bulking phase while retaining hard, lean muscle.

After all, that’s the look that probably pushed you to try out steroids in the first place, right?

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