Steroid Lab Testing–Least EXPENSIVE Options Reviewed

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Making the decision to use anabolic steroids is one that can take you down a number of paths, one of which might be the world of steroid lab testing.

If you choose to invest in anabolic steroid testing, you have two main options: private companies or steroid test kits.

No matter which route you take, testing your compounds for purity is the only way to be certain of the quality of steroids purchased online.

One study showed that over 53% of steroids purchased online were fakes.

Steroid Lab Testing

The adverse risks to your health of taking contaminated or counterfeit drugs is just too high to consume steroids bought online without steroid lab testing.

If you do choose to go down the path of buying anabolic steroids online, you should consider testing them.

Either by purchasing a steroid test kit or investing in companies that perform comprehensive tests on your steroids.

Using natural alternatives to steroids, such as the various products available from CrazyBulk, is highly recommended.

These products are completely natural, possess ingredient lists and composition measurements that you can trust, and are completely legal.

You won’t need to use expensive testing to ensure they’re safe for you to consume.

Despite the availability of natural alternatives, some people decide to take illegal anabolic steroids.

These drugs might be against the law, but when you get a pure product they can be effective at boosting your gains in the gym – mind you with many side effects.

Anabolic Steroid Testing

If you’re in possession of a supposed anabolic steroid product that you purchased illegally, whether online or in person, you always have the option of submitting it for analysis to labs that will test steroids, such as Simec AG.

As a private and independent laboratory, Simec AG specializes in conducting “chemical and microbiological analyses under EN 17025 and GMP”.

This means they possess the expertise to conduct chemical tests and adhere to the guidelines surrounding these procedures.

Using the services of a company like Simec AG means that you don’t have to worry about learning how to use testing kits on your own and can be absolutely sure of the results that you get, as they are run by an expert team that understands the nature of pharmaceuticals.

However, this guarantee comes at a cost, as this is an option that is fairly steep in price. Luckily, for people looking for more affordable alternatives, there are other choices.

AnabolicLab Review

Anabolic Lab, a website that offers free results of their own professional tests on anabolic steroids commonly available on the black market, is a great example of this.

These steroid lab testing results reveal whether or not the content of black market brands reflect their label claims and uncover the presence of any microbiological contamination.

All lab results can be viewed directly on their website.

Is Anabolic Lab legit? If you read reviews of Anabolic Labs in community discussions, you will likely find those reviews to be generally positive.

You may find your steroid product in one of Anabolic Lab’s steroids discussions, in which case you may feel more confident in the product (even though things may vary from batch to batch).

For those that possess products not reviewed on Anabolic Lab that don’t want to spend the money required for testing, there are various kits available that can sometimes be of help.

Steroid Test Kits

If you have the initiative and want to save money, investing in a test kit is a great choice.

These affordable products give you the power to test steroids for purity almost instantly in your home.

ROIDTEST is an example of a brand that provides such kits.

Their products are all highly rated and versatile, with products that are designed to test all forms of steroids including oils and pills.

Each of their products are specially crafted for testing specific steroids, such as Nandrolone and Trenbolone.

Some of their products include:

Boldenone 2-Step Test Kit

Drostanolone 2-Step Test Kit

Methenolone 2-Step Test Kit

Nandrolone 2-Step Test Kit

Testosterone 2-Step Test Kit

Trenbolone 2-Step Test

Another company that offers test kits is LabMax. With a selection of standard testing kits, single steroid tests, mini steroid test kits, and full computer setups designed for steroid testing, there’s something for people of various budgets.

LabMax also sells single items separately. All of these items are necessary to test steroids for purity, including gloves, UV light, and vials.

Natural Alternatives

With so many underground steroid labs creating products that do not contain what they claim on their label, purchasing black market anabolic steroids can be dangerous.

Not only can they fail to give you the gains that you need, they can put your health at risk.

But as mentioned above, companies like CrazyBulk provide natural products that mimic synthetic steroids, giving you a legal, safe means to supplement your bodybuilding routine without risking criminal charges or damage to your body.

Each of their products are designed for specific purposes, including bulking, cutting, and strength, and can be stacked in specific combinations for your personal gym goals.

Some of their most popular products include:







These products contain natural, plant-based ingredients and compositions that mirror their labels.

They are affordable, legal, and effective ways of supplementing your bodybuilding routine to get the improvements that you want without using their synthetic counterparts.

Steroid lab testing is a smart move for anyone planning on using black market products.

Other options include Pharmacom Lab and RoidTest.

Steroid test kits and companies specializing in anabolic steroid testing are key to knowing what’s going into your body. However, when possible you should take advantage of natural alternatives.

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