Steroids and Hair Loss – Is It PERMANENT? (How To Grow It Back)

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People are worried about steroids and hair loss.

Androgenic alopecia is the medical term for the early onset of baldness in both men and women.

Many anabolic steroids like Dianabol, Anadrol and Trenbolone can increase the likelihood of premature balding in people with a genetic predisposition to the condition.

As a result, more and more bodybuilders are seeking out natural alternatives to steroids that do not cause you to lose your hair.

Hair loss in men and women is typically genetic, where you can trace that receding hairline or male pattern bald spot to a prior member of your family tree on both sides.

It is not caused by poor circulation, the wrong shampoo, or any of the other myths circulating on the Internet.

Steroids and Hair Loss – Reversible?

However androgenic alopecia can signal other physical illness including viruses, allergies and hormonal issues.

Women frequently lose hair at menopause, when hormone production lessens.

Alopecia areata is a type of hair loss caused by an autoimmune disease.

Treating hair loss caused by disease is often via the class of medications called corticosteroids.

Steroids are naturally produced in the human body and corticosteroids, such as prednisone, are human-made medications that help the body fight disease and illness.

Estrogen is one class of corticosteroid.

Ironically, another type, anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) can actually cause hair loss, if a person is predisposed genetically to male pattern baldness.

What’s the Difference – Anabolic VS Corticosteroids

AAS have a very different use from corticosteroids. The word “anabolic” describes the muscle building effects of steroids.

“Androgenic” is another way of describing male physical characteristics such as strength and big muscles. The third word, “steroids” simply refers to the class of drugs itself.

A typical example of an anabolic drug is testosterone.

The human body produces this hormone, and laboratories manufacture the chemical compound to treat illnesses that happen when the body is lacking. They come in many forms and they have been used extensively for more than 50 years.

While anabolic and corticosteroids are often referred to as the same, the effect is very different.

Corticosteroids are not related to the sex hormones like estrogen and testosterone, but instead are related to a hormone produced in the adrenal gland called cortisol.

Corticosteroids are used in medicine to reduce swelling and are lifesavers around the world. But these medications can have serious side effects including diabetes, osteoporosis and high blood pressure.

Anabolic steroids are used by performance athletes around the globe from baseball to football to build muscle mass, lose weight and increase endurance.

Just like with corticosteroids the results are incredible, but there can be complications from long-term use of these compounds including steroid use hair loss.

Steroids and Hair Loss Side Effects

Anabolic steroids will not typically cause hair loss as a side effect; unless, of course, you are already genetically predisposed to male or female pattern baldness.

If you look back at your family tree, did your Dad lose his hair as he aged?

If so, some of these more common anabolic steroids may put you at risk for the same problem:





The basic rule of thumb, if hair loss runs in your family, and the higher the androgenic rating, the more likely you will be to suffer permanent hair loss from steroids as a side effect.

An anabolic steroids hair loss prevention regimen would include avoiding high doses of these compounds. Again, it will not necessarily occur unless you are genetically predisposed to this problem.

They affect the body’s level of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in men prone to pattern baldness. It often has the opposite effect on women causing hair growth.

There are some supplements and physician prescribed drugs that should mitigate these problems.

For example, Finasteride and Azelex are used to treat male pattern baldness. N2 Shampoo has also been reported to help.

Athletes reporting steroid use hair loss like Barry Bonds hair are primarily concerned with the question, “Will it grow back?”

If you’re really worried it’s probably better to use these steroid alternatives instead. Results may not come as fast but they will be clean and have far less side effects.







Any CrazyBulk products

Anavar Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

Dianabol Hi-Tech

Steroids and Hair Loss – Will it grow back?

The answer varies by individual, in terms of your genetics as well as your dosage. Generally, choosing ones with less androgenic effects.

For example, Tren and Winstrol are high in androgenic effects, which, if you’re prone to baldness, will accelerate the problem.

Eliminating anabolic drugs from your workout routine entirely could cause the hair to regrow, depending on your individual genetic makeup. Some athletes choose to shave their heads smooth, an admittedly sexy look on some men.

This effect isn’t as acceptable for women in most cultures, of course, so prevention is key if you’re a woman on steroids and baldness or a receding hairline runs in your family.

These drugs give results – fast. That’s why thousands of athletes are using these compounds every day.

The key to using steroids and hair loss avoidance while growing bigger muscles is to actively work to prevent it by supplementing your body’s own natural defences.

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