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You’ll have to decide whether you’re going to take steroids ED vs EOD vs E3d vs EW if you take this path to performance enhancement.

What does this mean?

It has to do with the schedule of your doses.

These abbreviations stand for the following:

ED = Every Day

EOD = Every Other Day

E3D = Every 3 Days

EW = Every Week

Many things can influence these schedules—maybe your injection site is sore and you need to take a break, or you’re beginning to feel side effects that make you unable to tackle a daily regimen.

Whatever the reason, each of these cycles have their ups and downs.

Before jumping into any of them, you should closely consider the variations below.

Steroids ED vs EOD vs E3d vs EW

Pitting steroids ED vs EOD vs E3d vs EW and deciding which is the best is hard.

Some compounds are more suited to every day.

Others have long-lasting effects that make them ideal for more sporadic use.

Of course, if you’re serious about bodybuilding, you’re probably already leaning toward daily usage.

While this can net you some great results, be sure you know what it entails.

Steroids Every Day

Many bodybuilders believe that using steroids everyday is best.

These people will tell you that daily use is the most ideal way to keep your blood plasma levels of the steroid stable and provide the most consistent results.

But remember:

Each compound has a different half-life.

For example, Dianabol is a short-ester steroid, which means that it doesn’t take long to kick in. It also has a half-life of about three to five hours.

This means that it needs to be used more frequently to get the best results. If you took it every 3 days or every week, you’d be throwing a wrench into its potential.

Because of this, Dianabol is almost always used on a daily basis during steroid cycles.

Other steroids ideal for daily use are:





Testosterone Propionate

Steroids Every Other Day

On the other hand, you have long-ester steroids like Testosterone Cypionate.

This particular compound takes longer to kick in but has a long period of effect. Its half-life is around eight days, meaning it will take at least two weeks for it to be out of your system.

This is distinct from Test prop, whose ester kicks in quickly.

This helps us get at the meaning of EOD steroids

Testosterone Cypionate, like other EOD steroids is better suited for irregular use, including every other day.

When it comes to steroids, every other day simply means even on days where you aren’t dosing you can be confident that the steroid is still working to boost your size and strength.

Some of its effects:

Increased nitrogen retention

Increased Insulin Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1)

Increased muscle repair

These effects, combined with their long-lasting nature, are why testosterone is a staple of cycles everywhere.

But what if we spread our steroids out even longer than EOD?

Steroids Every 3 Days

?Much like an EOD schedule, an every 3 days schedule should only be used for long-ester steroids and performance enhancing compounds.

On top of Testosterone Cypionate, some of these include:

Deca Durabolin


Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Testosterone Enanthate

Steroids Every Week

Just like above, if you use steroids every week, you need to use long-esters.

These will keep your body developing even during times where you’re not using.

While once a week is the absolute minimum, you can still get some quality results if you choose the longer-acting compounds.

But you’ll find that most bodybuilders shy away from this schedule due to worries that they’re not hitting their full potential.

Side Effects of Steroids

The more frequent your doses, the higher the likelihood that you will experience side effects.

However, even cycles that use infrequent dosing have the potential to give you side effects.

Some of the most common are the following.

Heart problems

Liver damage or cancer


Swelling of arms and legs

Gynecomastia/”man tits”



Hair loss

Mood changes

Interference with cholesterol levels

If you want to avoid these, we recommend natural alternatives.

Natural Alternatives

If you decide to use CrazyBulk products, you’ll be using them every day for two month periods, with 1.5 week break in-between.

However, because they are natural and do not cause side effects, you don’t have to worry about this extended use harming your body.

These products are:









Still on the fence?

CrazyBulk tries to make things easy for you:

They offer regular sales and discounts, a “buy 3 get 1 free” promo that is always running, and ship to anywhere in the world for free.

Even if you’re in a country where anabolic steroids can be bought easily, such as India, they still give you an incentive to support the natural market.

And through this support, you will also be supporting your body in a healthy way.

You’re probably still wondering which cycle comes out on top in the comparison: Steroids ED vs EOD vs E3d vs EW.

Ultimately, it depends on what you’re using.

For anabolic steroids, daily use is favored by bodybuilders, but less frequent cycles are possible using slower acting steroids.

But if you take our advice and use natural steroid alternatives, you’ll be taking them every day for of two-months cycles.

After this, you will notice the amazing natural gains and a chiseled, fit physique that didn’t bring about any side effects.

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