Summarizing my experience with 1P-LSD so far

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Ok, i guess not many of you agree with my view that 1P-LSD is vastly different from LSD. I actually feel that it might be weaker than real LSD but that’s what I think so far.

So a lil background about myself, I’ve dosed LSD maybe a 100 times until today but that was a long time ago. I haven’t done psychs for over a year and only recently got into research chemicals. This is my first time trying any sort of LSD analog, the only other research chemical I’ve tried before are the nbomes and I’ve done all of them in the series several times in the past. My experience with 1P so far has been half a tab a week ago and a full tab yesterday which I’m gonna be writing about below.

Lets get to what I thought of the trip itself:


Ngl when i say 1P felt much weaker than LSD, though i doubt its any different in terms of the drug itself i.e having any properties on its own. My theory is, it gets metabolized to LSD in the body, not sure how, but it does and it does this slowly.

Tolerance to LSD builds very rapidly, so that means if you take any more LSD 2 hours after your first dose, you wont feel it. This could explain why not all of the 1P gets metabolized to LSD maybe because the metabolizing doesn’t happen instantly and takes times, you don’t get hit as hard as you would with taking real LSD.

  1. Visuals:

Visuals were p much not existent with 1 full tab. Normally on a 100 mcg hit of LSD it’d be off my face and drowning in anxiety but I didn’t notice much(if any) anxiety with 1P.

The visuals just weren’t there, except for lights seeming brighter. The usual wavy textures with Lsd just wasn’t there. I could sense it was present but not as pronounced as it should have been. Sometimes when I tried to focus hard on it, the visuals would appear, reminiscent of LSD.

  1. Trip Length:

This one is weird, because if i trip on a single tab of lsd I could be sure that I could go to sleep T+8 hours. This didn’t happen with 1P, i found myself 12 hours later still rolling in my bed, feeling uncomfortable and just wanting to fall asleep but couldn’t. This agrees with my theory that 1P metabolizes into LSD but does it very slowly that you end up tripping for longer.

  1. Music appreciation:

I didn’t notice a lot of difference in this aspect because music sounded great none the less. Especially classical music which sounds beautiful on LSD.

  1. Peak:

This one is weird again, for the first two hours it was almost indistinguishable to taking LSD and that’s when it gets weird. T+2 hours I find myself falling into a void, which is quite normal with LSD. With LSD it gets more intense for the next 2 hours but with 1P, i felt the the trip remained stagnant in terms of trip intensity and for what should have felt like absolute mind fuckery for the next two hours, felt like some sort of tripping for the next 8 hours where I couldn’t tell if i was peaking or coming down.

Final thoughts:

Seeing that everyone loves 1P so much, I don’t want to say that I can be certain with all that I know with the 2 times Ive tripped on 1P so far but.. I won’t say Im wrong either. For this time, Im leaning towards thinking that 1P is just not as intense.

Honestly, how sure can you be about your sources, the tabs i received came in a vac sealed bag with “analytic sample only” and has 1P printed on the tabs. I can’t be more certain than this, now can I? But going purely based on my experience so far, I don’t wanna lie to myself saying that it is the same..

Honestly I did not like what I read about 1p-lsd.

4-AcO-DMT is fucking fantastic.

AL-LAD is the lysergamide that seems most interesting, and possibly 1CP-lsd as well.

There is no way to know if your LSD tabs were dosed heavily, or if your 1p-lsd were underdosed.

Have you tried taking an extra half tab?

Everyone says 4- Aco-dmt is exactly like mushrooms and i highly disagree.

Ive never done lsd. And only Had 1p so im curious its very different aswell to an experienced lsd25 user

Personally I prefer tryptamines over lysergamides. 4aco is next on my list 🙂

And no, I haven’t gotten around to trying more than a single tab. I might get to it sometime next month once my tolerance is back to baseline.

I agree that per tab, it’s generally it’s a bit weaker than what I used to buy in high school (’07-’09).

With 2-50-300+ ug, though, I am fully in it and can’t tell the difference at all. So maybe it takes a bit more, but I like the consistency. I used to get anxious because I never knew whether 2 tabs would be manageable or if it would slam me over the head.

I’d say the half tab 1 week earlier may have dampened the effects of the single tab since it was less than 2 weeks apart. Not saying 100% but maybe.

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