SURPRISING Tostran Gel Reviews–Know the Pros & Cons

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Tostran gel is a topical gel that serves as a testosterone replacement therapy.

It is used when a test determines there is a lack of testosterone in the patient.

It is administered to help avoid health problems due to a testosterone deficiency.

When applied to the skin, the gel is absorbed into the body and makes up for the lack of naturally occurring testosterone.

Tostran Gel Uses

Tostran gel is used to supplement the androgen testosterone to male patients who are experiencing hypogonadism, or a testosterone deficiency.

It addresses the symptoms associated with this condition such as:



Lowered sex drive


Hormonal depression

Bone loss


How To Take Tostran Gel

Tostran Gel should be taken once a day, preferably every morning around the same time.

Your dosage will depend on the amount of testosterone your doctor determines you need to supplement.

Typically, older males will need a higher dosage because testosterone levels decrease with age.

It’s important to listen to your doctor for the correct dosage and not to online reviews.

Tostran gel for bodybuilding is not as common.

Where To Apply

The gel is to be applied to your abdomen or your inner thighs. You should apply the medicine only to unbroken skin that is both clean and dry.

To decrease the chances of having skin irritations, you should alternate where you apply the medication daily. Rub the medication into your skin until it’s completely absorbed and the site is dry.

You should then cover the medicated area with loose clothing and make sure to wash your hands thoroughly.

It’s important to discard any medicine that comes out while you “prime” the pump.

You’ll need to press the pump around eight times before the medicine will be properly primed. Between each use, you should store the canister in an upright position.


How long does Tostran gel take to work?

It depends on what you’re using it for. There’s no rule here as it will also depend on the user. Some people see results in 4-6 weeks.

Tostran gel has some great health benefits to any male who is experiencing hypogonadism.

Over time, regular applications can result in the following improvements:

Fights impotence

Increases fertility

Increases sex drive

Makes patient more energetic

Fights hormonal depression

Combats bone loss due to low hormone levels

All hormone replacement treatments carry some risks. To minimize your chances of experiencing side effects, your doctor will prescribe you the correct dosage.

Patients should also adhere to the guidelines and instructions for correct application and usage of this gel.

Tostran Gel Side Effects

Some of the most common side effects have to do with superficial irritations from applying the cream itself.

There are other changes that can occur in your body due to the administration of hormones.

Skin irritations where the medicine was applied

Burning skin

Prickling skin

Dry skin



Itchy skin

Swollen hands

Swollen feet

High blood pressure

Changes in the prostate

More bodily hair growth

Breast size growth

Higher red blood cell count

There are other side effects that have been reported that are rarer than the common side effects.

If you experience any of the following, contact your physician immediately.


Excessive sebum discharge from your sebaceous glands, also known as seborrhea



Abnormal liver function tests


Libido changes

Erections that happen more frequently

Having a hard time passing urine




Weight gain

Muscle cramps

Pain in muscles

Fluid retention

Swelling ankles

Sleep apnea

Painful and/or persistent erections are rare but have been recorded from a small group of patients. If you experience any of these following symptoms, you should consult your physician immediately.

It’s also advised that anyone who thinks they have prostate cancer should avoid testosterone therapy. You should also tell your doctor if you have diabetes.

There have been rare reports of diabetics developing hyperglycemia while taking this medication.

Athletes should also know that using this gel would make any doping tests come out as positive.

When to Contact Your Doctor

There are specific signs of excessive androgen exposure that patients need to report immediately.

These signs will determine if your dosage needs to be adjusted so everything should be reported to your doctor.



Weight gain

Frequent and/or persistent erections



Changes in skin color

Swelling ankles

Trouble breathing during sleep

Trouble breathing during the day

Severe skin reaction to where the medicine was applied

To make sure you get the care you need, it’s highly advised to not ignore these changes and get help promptly.

Tostran Gel Price

Tostran gel online is for sale as well as in pharmacies around the world. In the United States, a 60g tube of Tostran gel is priced at around $139. In the United Kingdom, it costs around £53.

When your doctor gives you the prescription for this medication, it’s safe to order online or to buy from a pharmacy.

It’s important to have your test results first because men with normal testosterone levels will not benefit from this medication.

There are some online services that offer an online doctor consultation if you don’t have a physician.

However, the need for approval from a medical professional is the same if you are buying medicine from legitimate pharmacies.

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