Taitropin Review | Does It Work? Results, Doses & Side Effects

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Taitropin is a brand name of human growth hormone manufactured by underground labs.

It’s marketed as the “new” form of Kigtropin.

Whether it’s known as Taitropin or Kigtropin, human growth hormone (HGH or hGH) is a vital hormone manufactured and required by the body for adequate growth and development.

Before turning to products like growth hormone for muscle building or physical enhancement benefits, it’s important to understand how growth hormone functions in the body.

Taitropin HGH Reviews

What is Taitropin supposed to do?

It is marketed as a legitimate growth hormone product.

It is sold with suggestions that it can be used alone or when stacked with anabolic androgenic steroids.

This is a prime indicator that you’re dealing with an underground lab (UL).

As such, sellers claim that their hGH can:

accelerate development of lean muscle mass

enhance athletic performance

promote strength and endurance

Synthetic growth hormone, including Taitropin, Kigtropin, in addition to other variations of somatropin (synthetic hGH) are banned by sporting organizations around the world.

Regulations regarding use, possession, production, or sales are different around the world. In most countries, growth hormone is a prescription-only drug.

It’s recommended for the treatment of growth hormone disorders – not for bodybuilding or enhanced athletic performance.

Synthetic growth hormone (somatropin) is supposed to mimic the 191-amino acid chain found in body-produced growth hormone manufactured by the pituitary gland.

Amino acids are essential for the production of protein. Protein is the foundation of muscle growth, development, and in some ways, strength potential.

Review of Kigtropin (now Taitropin)

Kigtropin is a Chinese version of synthetic human growth hormone, formally available for sale as a freeze-dried white powder.

This powder was sold to individuals who then mixed it with various forms of liquid for injection into the body.

Manufacture and sale of this hormone by China began around 2011, marketed as somatropin.

Growth hormone manufactured by the body is called somatotropin and this manufacture and secretion is carefully regulated by the pituitary gland.

Bodybuilders looking for growth hormone will find various nicknames, brand names, and trade names associated with the generic term somatropin, so it can be difficult to differentiate between them, at least in regard to their legitimacy.

Bodybuilders should note that synthetic forms of hGH, including Taitropin, are among the most commonly counterfeited products on the black market.

Purchasing Taitropin

Purchasing Taitropin hGH is risky for a number of reasons.

Much of the growth hormone product available from black-market resources today is likely to be counterfeited, or at the very least, contain questionable ingredients.

Genuine HGH is expensive to make, not to mention complicated due to the rDNA (recombinant DNA) technology required.

Most UL labs are note equipped for this, nor do the makers have the knowledge required to do so.

A number of complaints found on forum discussion boards have questioned the legitimacy of Taitropin. For example:

Their product is a clear mixture (it should not be clear, but somewhat cloudy/milky due to break down of protein and amino acids that are supposed to be a main component of the synthetic hGH)

Low-grade ingredients (expired, contains bacteria, or is under-dosed or marketed as a certain milligram strength when it’s not)

Questionable ingredients (substituted or marketed as hGH when it’s HCG – they look much the same)

Packages received with lack of batch number or manufacturing date – not to mention the ease of printing labels that mimic pharmaceutical-grade product)

About the only way to determine whether the growth hormone you receive from an underground lab is legitimate is to have a blood test done to determine if your levels of growth hormone increased.

Bottom line: any bodybuilder purchasing a Chinese version of hGH like this or other brands such as Ansomone or TopTrope HGH does run the risk of receiving a useless product.

There are many reports of fake Taitropin on the market.

Users have stated that when receiving several vials of the same product, each vial’s components produced different results, another indicator that manufacturing processes and quality standards are insufficient.

If you are put off by the dangers associated with purchasing Taitropin, it is worth throwing out here that there are natural routes you can take to promote human growth hormone, such as HGH-X2 or deer antler spray (for increasing insulin-like growth factor 1, a hormone correlated with HGH)

Taitropin Side Effects

Side effects associated with exogenous (outside of the body) introduction of growth hormone into the body can contribute to not only disrupted hormone levels, but a number of severe and unexpected side effects.

Among the most common complaints of bodybuilders using Taitropin (Kigtropin) or other forms of underground somatropin include but are not limited to:

Welts surrounding the injection site (often an indicator of some type of bacteria in the solution)

High blood pressure


Tachycardia (accelerated heart rate)

Injection site pain (often an indication of low-quality ingredient

Other common side effects associated with any form of growth hormone (even for condoned medical purposes) include:

Joint pain

Nerve pain

Muscle pain (some users complain that the pain can be debilitating)

Before turning to products like Taitropin, be aware of the risk and likelihood of receiving counterfeit, questionable milligram strength, and low-quality product.

Some labs sell good somatropin, but when it comes to efficacy, results, and side effects, UL growth hormone often disappoints.

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